Planet Waves Horoscopes: September 25th – October 2nd, 2017


By Eric Francis

ARIES — Pay attention to who you meet this week, and don’t be intimidated by the great and the mighty. There’s an alchemy to your relationships at the moment, something that’s been gradually coming into alignment for a long time, and it describes encounters with unusual creative potential that might seem to manifest spontaneously. This is where being in the moment and setting aside any form of being star-struck come in. Recognize that every human being on the planet is, in a sense, your peer. However, it will help if you proceed with genuine respect, being honoured to meet everyone you meet, whomever they may be: the powerful, the seemingly meek, the young, the old. Know as well that your presence has an influence on the world around you, even if you never see the results. You bring something distinct to every encounter, including the ability to actually present yourself as who you are. That will work brilliantly, as long as you bring all of your listening skills to every meeting.


TAURUS — The creative process is said to be more about perspiration than it is about inspiration. You start with an idea, and you work on it till you have a clue whether it does what you want it to do. Yet there are also moments of intervention: for example, an experience of contact with a teacher or mentor; a collision with a member of your audience who says something (whether positive or negative) that gets you thinking in a new way; or some discovery that you might make. This week is rich with such teaching moments. It may also be rich with people you connect with and cultivate relationships with that last many years. Here’s the one thing to be cautious of: don’t be repelled by the seemingly weird, eccentric or non-ordinary people you may meet. Talent, success and brilliance often come in forms you’re not expecting or have never heard of. People who have indeed made their way in the world have almost always done so by emphasizing aspects of their character that others may feel are off-putting. For maximum benefit, set your judgments aside.


GEMINI — Remember that you’re no longer a child in a world of almighty adults. You are a capable, intelligent and resourceful person who is not, in truth, at anyone’s mercy. Yet you may feel like that from time to time this week, and it’s essential that you pause, catch up with yourself, and respond to others with your full mind. You may have moments where you misjudge your own intelligence as being less than what you really possess. You can sidestep that by not making any judgments at all; stay in the moment, listen to your senses, and ask any questions that you may need to. If you think of life as a process of exploration rather than as a planned trip to a specific destination, you’ll have a lot more fun. You’ll be able to indulge the creative freedom that is your birthright. Do what you can to guide all relationships with collaborators or potential collaborators in any form into the most daring and adventurous territory you can. The chances are, they’ll welcome the opportunity.


CANCER — The theme of writing has come up repeatedly in my readings for your sign, and we’re now at a peak of that energy. However you can do it, take time to yourself regularly, and sit with your notebook or a computer, preferably with your email and browser turned off. There are thoughts in your mind that you must get into language. This week, with an astounding three different opposition aspects happening (Mars opposite Neptune, Mercury opposite Chiron and Jupiter opposite Uranus), you have the perfect conditions for provoking your mind to action. The thing you may need to avoid are relationship dramas; remember that these are strictly optional. This will be good practice turning down the volume on the usual chatter that clutters up your creative bandwidth. It may help if you focus on a single project, develop that one idea, and drive it to completion, whether it involves the written word or some other form of personal expression.


LEO — Minor planet Ceres has entered your birth sign, which describes you taking a step up in the world. While Ceres (of ancient Roman fame) is usually considered in the context of food, she’s also associated with rising to a different social class. Don’t be in a rush to do this, however. Rather, notice the ways it’s already happened. When one transcends a limit of some kind, there’s not usually a pyrotechnics show. Rather, doors unlock and spaces open to which you did not previously have access. So, therefore, give them a try; reach out to people you’ve wanted to connect with; and do what you want until someone tries to tell you that you can’t. Your solar chart is set up such that accessing one place or group of people will open doors to the next and the next. You don’t need every opportunity, though. You only need the ones that you want the most, so it will help if you have an idea what your agenda is.


VIRGO — You’re rapidly approaching a series of transition points in your most important relationships, both personal and professional. You need to keep your wits about you, because Mars in your sign is now opposite Neptune. That’s suggesting you honour boundaries and limits, and remain sober (literally, avoid alcohol or mind-changing substances) when you expect to be in a serious conversation of any kind. You have a habit of underestimating your intelligence, then overcompensating later. You can avoid this by listening carefully and observing what’s happening in your environment at all times. Use the full faculties of your mind, and remember all that you’ve learned so recently, and much other knowledge that you’ve worked so hard to attain. One last: Try to set aside any tendency you might have to be passive, and take the initiative of getting the conversation going. Ask a question, express an opinion, introduce yourself. Say the one thing everyone else is afraid to utter.


LIBRA — The astrology this week is so interesting, with so many things happening, that it’s difficult to describe or even suss out. Yet the Sun newly placed in your sign is conjunct a meaningful asteroid called Vesta. That gives you clear direction: hold the space around you open, and observe what happens. You don’t have to do much, or say much, or be anyone other than who you are. Your mere presence in any environment has an influence, and is a privilege that presents you with specific opportunities you would not have somewhere else. That’s a cue to take advantage of any and every place and time in which you find yourself, and to work quietly with the assumption that you belong everywhere that you happen to be. You don’t need to worry about final outcomes. At the moment the astrology is like a six-way cloverleaf with traffic moving in every direction. You can take the ride and see where you end up in a few days from now.


SCORPIO — Never judge your own performance. Any musician will tell you there are nights where you feel like you just cannot play, and you crushed it. There are other nights when you feel like a master of the world, and didn’t really pull it off. And all of these experiences are added to your repertoire and contribute to your skill. All you can really do this week is the best work you can, without any need to evaluate it. The one thing you can focus, though, is your sincerity. That’s your most important boundary in an environment where everything is in rapid motion, where opinions are flying, and where there’s no actual way to control the outcome. Your sincerity will guide you, and it will be a cue to others that you’re on the level. Correct any mistakes you might make. Quickly make amends if you hurt anyone. And plunge into life, with whatever creative tools you might use, and express yourself boldly.


SAGITTARIUS — This week, Jupiter in Libra and Uranus in Aries align in a rare opposition aspect. For a Sagittarian, this is pure inspiration, as if you could compose a symphony based on the clattering of pipes or write a brilliant drama from a few moments of dialogue you overheard on the subway. There’s so much action in the sky this week that to tap in anywhere will be like trying to capture a waterfall with a spoon, though you have a distinct advantage: Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter — the star of the show — is a large sign, associated with the very largest planet. You contain a cosmos of your own. If anyone can handle this energy, and make the most of it, it’s you. Yet you need to focus your awareness and be attentive. There are many factors in the environment that insist on both mindfulness and a spirit of participation, rather than merely observing. Of course, it will be interesting to watch, and there will be plenty to stoke your sense of humour. Much more is available.


CAPRICORN — We’re just on the heels of the Libra equinox, and the Sun has entered the angle of your chart associated with accountability, authority and public recognition. It’s also conjunct Vesta, one of the great goddesses of Roman times, associated with the stability of the established order. It’s as if you’re standing guard over something of vital importance, holding space for the right thing to happen. While you’re doing this, there’s every kind of movement, madness and a kaleidoscopic dance of the energies. Yet everything is involved with everything else. All the seemingly different bits are part of the same grand pattern. You don’t need to control any outcomes. Rather, be willing to take responsibility for your own destiny and your own choices. Practice the art of respect, and of self-respect, and allow yourself to become part of anything you want, or anything that seems available. Even things that seem out of reach, though, are only a wormhole away.


AQUARIUS — The one thing that could block your experience of this week’s rare and brilliant astrology is a too-serious attitude. Therefore, hang loose, and keep your sense of humour. Let go of some of your formality and adherence to protocol. You have plenty to spare, and can do with far less. Let yourself approach the world more like a child than an adult, which means allowing yourself to be impressed and amazed by things without analyzing or categorizing them. This will free your mind and open your heart to the magic that’s in the air. You may also notice the extent to which you judge yourself, and get a glimpse of how good your life can be when you suspend that habit. You don’t need to explain everything. You don’t even need to understand everything. Most of the very best things in life defy both explanation and understanding, and don’t need a theory to back them up.


PISCES — Despite the prevailing madness of the world, you may find that people’s idealism is running at an all-time peak this week. And not only that, you’ll be able to make contact with it in meaningful ways. So stay positive, and resolve to have fun doing what you do, being who you are, taking the opportunities that arise. There’s a special theme in your charts related to money. You’re a person with great ideas, and others have resources. This week represents many potential connection points between you and them. Now is the time to focus your business plan, even if in short form, and talk to potential investors, donors, contributors or collaborators. If you’re looking for the perfect timing of a fundraising letter of some sort, this is it. If you’re seeking help organizing your finances, now is the time. There’s a spirit of generosity in the air, and a rare moment when people may feel that the truth has the possibility of prevailing over deception. Be bold, be open, and be sincere.


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