Planet Waves Horoscopes: September 17 – 24, 2018

ARIES — Give yourself room to be a little strange and unusual — or a lot. You will only know how much you can push the boundaries of normal if you experiment. Yet most of the edge we’re talking about is not social, but rather in your mind. Most of life is how comfortable you are with yourself, which translates to how you’re able to move around socially, influence the flow of events, and get what you want. With Chiron so prominently placed in your sign at the moment, that emphasizes difference — in particular, yours, from the people around you. One of the marks of our time is people wanting to be “individuals” but being frantic about actually differing or standing out. With Chiron in your sign, this is not going to work for you. Yet difference starts on the inside and then morphs to your exterior presentation. And that will be the theme of the next few months.

TAURUS — If you want to be free, study jealousy. This is not a matter of overcoming anything but rather understanding yourself, and your relationship to existence. The first thing to do is stop taking for granted that control and competition are a given, whether you’re feeling them or subjected to them. The second is to recognize that the matter goes as deep as consciousness itself, and some would say, far deeper. Actual jealousy is the feeling of being in free-fall, when your stomach seems to rise up. If there is control associated with it, it’s the kind that quickly morphs into no control. And this is the thing to form a relationship with. In our particular era in history (the Digital Age), the theme of society is control. Everything is expected to run perfectly and predictably. This is a serious problem because it is isolating from the experience of life; to actually live means to change and flow. See if you can find that space, even for a moment, of some thrill in having no control.

GEMINI — When in doubt, use science. Don’t just guess and hope you get it right. By science, I mean refer to empirical facts that you can write down on a list, track over time, evaluate and prove wrong. In the search for the truth, what is disproved is more important than proof; it’s far more solid material to work with. Then once you’ve eliminated most of the possibilities, the few you have left will be clearer in their intent. What is disproven does not cease to exist. What is demonstrated to be ‘not a possibility’, or unlikely to be so, forms the architecture of what we know. Then come the connections. The way to enhance your intuition is to assess clues without coming to a conclusion. The rush to assign meaning is the antithesis to your creative mind seeing interesting patterns in the facts. Stand with the unknown. Or sit with it, and sketch in your notebook in fine pencil, and curved lines.

CANCER — You are gradually learning the ways of power. And the first law of power is that influence is preferable, requiring much less energy, being subtler and overall more effective. It’s based in the realm of ideas rather than of force. And rather than applying new amperage, influence carries itself along the existing pathways of mind and society and colors both experience and perception. This is the medium to be working with now. Consider the value in every contact you have with others. Recognize that you are making an impression. Rather than letting that hamper you in any way, or back off because you don’t want to stand out, be aware of the basic psychic conductor you are, and let your ideas flow. The feeling you’re reaching for is akin to the experience of meeting a dog or cat: you open your heart and allow them to feel how friendly you are.

LEO — You are getting two simultaneous new callings, and may be wondering which to follow first. Under that theory, here’s how I would describe your charts: One calling is a pull to do something new and radical with your career. It looks like you want to bust free from conventions and habits you’ve had for a while, and like you want to get out of your comfort zone. The other is subtler, and it’s a calling to align with all of existence. You might be picking this up as spiritual, though I would say a better word is existential. The latter means being aware of your sense of time and place, and using your precious mind to align with the conscious universe within you and without you. This approach will give you the guidance you need; then, what to do will be obvious. Chiron is here to help you tune in. Uranus is here to set you free from the past, and make the unknown feel liberating.

VIRGO — You will have your most meaningful moments alone over the next few days, so make sure you designate space and time where you can be quiet and receptive. This may take a little extra effort here in the digital deluge. A few evenings, a day, a 24-hour span with no interruptions will do you good. Even if you can plan a whole evening with nothing structured, nothing capping your time and no special reason to get up the next morning — that, by the way, is how to have a “free” evening. Then bring your journal and a candle and let your mind open up. Let yourself drift to the place where you can feel how creative your thoughts are. Swim within to the spot where you contact your ability to experience feelings and make choices on so deep a level you can feel yourself healing, harmonizing and designing. As Dr. Arroway’s father said, small moves, Ellie. Small moves.

LIBRA — Money is not about luck. It’s more about skill, drive and passion. It’s said that some people attract resources to them; that may be true, though more often people who apply some tenacity and set concrete goals are the ones who tend to be better funded. Then there is the role of partnership; any economy involves an exchange. One of the things that makes yours a sign associated with relationships is the presence of Scorpio on your 2nd house of resources. This is not about “what’s mine is mine, and what’s yours is yours.” Far to the contrary, what you have is what you gain through involvement with others. This must be managed with a little shrewdness and a lot of compassion. You also need to know what part of the equation you bring, and that only you can bring. This will help you understand your value in any exchange. Right now you have more to offer than you may imagine.

SCORPIO — Venus in Scorpio emphasizes the female from an angle that our society tends to deny entirely: the biological, hormonal, instinctual, pheromone-based level of existence. We spend a lot of time, energy and money trying to blot this out, cover its scent, and pretend it does not influence us, and try to substitute it with something wrapped in plastic. The extended visit of Venus to your sign associated with the forthcoming Venus retrograde, which extends through early January, presents you with an opportunity to go deeper into your awareness of this dimension of who you are. Retrogrades ask questions more than they make statements. They point us toward the past rather than toward the future. And most of all, retrogrades point us within ourselves, on a quest for some deeper inherent reality. This is about the need to disconnect with the outer landscape and reconnect inwardly, and upgrade your self-awareness and self-value. This is about you and your interests, not others, or their business.

SAGITTARIUS — Accept the protection that you have, and use it to offer the gifts you want to share. The world is a harrowing place at the moment, and so far as I’ve read from history and heard from my elders, it’s always been pretty strange. Yet you are blessed with guidance, with drive, and with a kind of buffer around you that protects you from most of what the world dishes out. Make sure you work with at least one or two tangible goals or desires, which will provide you the seed crystal for direction. And make sure you allow your energy to flow. That means your passion, your desire and your curiosity. These are the biological power sources for your imagination, and giving life to your idea of what you want your life to be. Ideas are not enough. Concepts are not enough. The magnificent vehicle that you are needs fuel and needs a driver. Both come from you.

CAPRICORN — There is something you have that you won’t value until you share it. You may hardly notice it, or think it’s a thing of the past. And it would seem that you feel a kind of evolutionary calling to bring this personal quality or asset into your relationships. Yet that will require you to open up and take a risk, which is another way of saying be vulnerable. This also calls on you to accept the possibility of rejection, and to hold that possibility open long enough to actually be accepted, which is not an instantaneous process. And whatever it is that you’re offering is in its own process of change, and growth, and self-creation, just like you are. Current aspects may have you being a little more bold than usual. Take advantage of that, and do your best to treat others exactly like you want to be treated.

AQUARIUS — Mars has re-entered your sign after a few weeks in Capricorn at the end of its recent retrograde. This will give you an opportunity to reframe certain issues that you’ve been confronted by all spring and summer. To reframe means to see something in a new context, and maybe look at it in a new way, in a different light, and from another angle. Make sure you do all of these things actively. They might happen on their own, though at minimum you must actively bring your awareness and perception, and take a light touch on judgment. This especially includes self-judgment, which you may have a tendency to do a little more harshly than usual. There are many days when it might seem difficult to proceed in a spirit of love. Yet that option is always available, and will feel good and be the most helpful to everyone.

PISCES — What do you want from your relationships? Do you know, and do you acknowledge it? I am speaking in plural terms because we all have many points of relational contact, though also we often want everything from one person, an ideal situation. When those efforts are frustrated, typically the strategy is to take a fallback or compromise position. I suggest you be more practical, less idealistic and less romantic. What do you need, what do you want, and what’s the underlying motive? Know when you’re trying to fill in a lack, and when you’re wanting to build something new. These things can masquerade for one another, and it would be helpful if you were to sort them out. Once you start asking questions, you may discover that you’re uncertain, though this is not the floor falling out beneath you. Hang out with your inner unknowns. Then look around at the world, and you may notice something new.