Planet Waves Horoscopes: September 16 – 23, 2019


You seem to be blessed at present with unusually clear insights into where you’re headed and what you want. If you wish, you can pursue a fairly single-minded course and probably span a large distance in a short period of time. That said, it will be useful to double-check your route for any potential snags, especially where ethics are concerned. There may be more than one way to go about your business, and without capitulating to unreasonable demands, it helps to be considerate of other people’s situation and feelings. If in doubt, look for a scenario in which everyone wins. This approach will benefit you in the longer term.


Over the last few weeks you seem to have had something of a wild ride emotionally. This may still be happening, though it would appear the more intense turbulence has settled down. What these experiences mean for you, only you can determine. At least in part, however, one thing that appears to be emerging for you is a new understanding of your influence within relationships of all kinds. You may have previously underestimated the weight of your word or your desires. You might have felt invisible or as if you were shouting into a void. Now you know you are in fact clearly seen, heard, trusted and loved. That is as it should be; just keep it in mind.


Recently you’ve been undergoing a process of inward change, though this hasn’t necessarily been recognizable as such. At times you’ve perhaps felt discomfort, as if suddenly discovering you’re wearing ill-fitting clothes or sitting on a hard surface. You might also have noticed differences in your environment; yet these are likely to have emanated from you, as opposed to happening of their own accord. What this effectively boils down to is that you’re having the emotional equivalent of a growth spurt, and your horizons are expanding accordingly. At some point, you will probably find you’ve adapted. In the meantime, be patient with yourself.


It’s generally a highly useful rule of thumb in close relationships to be explicit about how you’re feeling. True, not all partners or friends welcome this approach. There seems to be an ongoing expectation instead to bury our real sensations in order to keep things smooth, or that significant others should be able to second-guess our mood if only we drop enough hints. Part of this is often based in the fear that we’ll be seen as selfish if we ask directly for what we want. Yet all that happens if you push aside something important to you is that resentment starts to build. A far healthier approach is to drop any pretense and just be honest about who you are.


If you need it, cut yourself some slack. So much these days seems to be a mad rush, though at least some of the time the rushing takes place in a maze, and then it’s ridiculously easy to wind up facing three walls of privet hedge. If you get confused, I suggest you stop, check your bearings, and remind yourself what you’re aiming to do. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, or for a friend’s perspective, if you want either. You may feel like you’re expected to carry various loads for loved ones or colleagues, though you’ll probably be pleasantly surprised if you ask them. In any case, it’s important that you practice fairness to yourself, and be open to reaching out.


Though the world might not yet observe the difference, within yourself you’ve come a long way in the past month. Your next step is to make those gains manifest in the external world, and build on them. This will first require you to cement your understanding of what has taken place: what you’ve discovered about yourself, and what it all means to you. Then you need to ensure you don’t forget it, and lapse back into old habits. One important facet of this is you now recognize more easily when other people’s changes of mood and behavior are about them, rather than about you. As a result, you have a far clearer sense of your autonomy, and can use it accordingly.


You may well feel as if you’ve lately taken part in a mammoth wrestling match with your own psyche, and are only now emerging. While the experience perhaps felt draining, you have learned a good deal and are on much more solid turf. It appears you’ve succeeded in breaking through specific habits of mind that were getting thoroughly in your way. This should make forward motion a lot easier, along with your new gravitas and added maturity. If you’ve previously lacked the chutzpah to follow your own path regardless of permission or approval, that will likely be a lot less difficult. There are only so many damns one can give, after all.


Certain matters that may currently appear confusing or lacking all the puzzle pieces might appear in greater clarity if you shift your perspective somewhat. Recently, you’ve begun to see how you can do that, and approach the issue from directions you might not previously have recognized. Yet you’ve had quite a lot of practice lately in understanding how things are sometimes far from what they seem, and in holding space for unusual possibilities. During the next few weeks, you’re likely to make significant progress in opening up your perspective. Keeping track of your thoughts will help. Notice when you change your mind, even in a small way.


Subjectivity is often decried as a less valid method of looking at issues than objectivity; though in reality the former is all we have, and the latter may be impossible for humans to accomplish completely. Your reasoning about the world around you is almost certainly biased in some way. There’s nothing wrong with this; all you need to do is acknowledge said bias and make allowances for possibly being mistaken. When it comes to your own life, conversely, your primary knowledge of yourself is usually the best indicator, as are your instincts. Others might offer good and useful advice; whether or not you follow it is your decision alone.


Your ruler Saturn has begun the final leg of its journey to connecting with Pluto, which will happen in late December. For you this is likely to be the culmination of many, many months during which you’ve developed a better knowledge of yourself than some people ever reach. True, you can still surprise yourself; yet all the same, you’ve gained an invaluable maturity, especially in terms of understanding your potential. You now need to ensure you retain your awareness and continue to act in accordance with it. The time has long since passed when you could afford to trip yourself up. Now you have far more important calls on your energy.


Pay attention to your instincts, which are currently finely tuned to an unusual degree. Check in with them often, and especially when you encounter any scenario that may be unfamiliar or potentially challenging. You are likely to be one of the earliest to know when something is amiss, or when an element of your surroundings has changed. This is even more the case when it comes to your wellbeing, particularly emotional. Notice any time you feel more liberated and happy, and likewise whenever you feel drained or under the weather. Use the patterns you see to direct your energy and resources in a way that’s optimally healthy for you.


One immensely useful tool for making relationships easier is tackling our propensity for projection. This is especially true if we are in the habit of idealizing partners: assuming that they possess specific qualities, or putting them on a pedestal. It is surely more helpful (and more accurate) to treat one another as rational, imperfect, equal human beings. The difficulty generally consists of letting go of agendas, owning up to the truth of your feelings, and recognizing that others have free choice whether to respond to you. Yet with sufficient effort and determination, it’s possible both to make rapid progress and to understand the substantial worth of this approach.