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Planet Waves Horoscopes: September 11 – 18, 2017

by Eric Francis

ARIES – Before you try to solve everything at once, look for the one thing that might really be a problem. Put more time into thinking than anything else, retrace your steps and your mental process, and figure out what you actually need to fix. If you begin by tearing things apart, you’ll make them worse. If you take a step-by-step, pure-logic approach, you’ll get a much better result. The chances are that your thinking is more the problem than some device, system or service. So begin with your own awareness of the facts, and your own mental state, and move from there. If you’re feeling time pressure, note that this may be an illusion or based on a misconception of some kind. Construct an actual schedule plotting from the final time something must be done, and working your way backwards through the steps on the way to getting there.

TAURUS – There are many kinds of strength, and one consists mainly of keeping your heart open. You don’t have to be a hero, save anyone or anything, or prove your power in any way. Rather, bring your sensitivity and willingness to listen, and perhaps some of your confidence, and quietly await information about what to do next. If you’re in a situation where you’re waiting for the perfect suitor or candidate, you might consider coming up with a standard that’s easier to attain. Any need for perfection, since it’s not really possible to attain, is likely to be a ruse for making no choice at all. Make sure you’re applying your own criteria, rather than striving for what you believe is in some way acceptable to others. Once you’re thinking for yourself, the scenario will be much simpler and you’ll see a path to your goal.

GEMINI – If you find yourself stuck in a family situation, drama or household scenario, ask yourself: who are you angry at, and why? This isn’t necessarily for public consumption, though you need to know, because that’s what’s motivating you. And if you don’t know that, you don’t have much to work with if you want to resolve anything, or make any progress. Remember that you’re not angry for ‘no reason’, though it will help if you trace your thought process and your history with these people. You may find that others are trying in some way to dissuade you from how you feel or what you believe. While you don’t need to defend yourself, you must understand why you, personally, are concerned, because your primary responsibility is to protect your own interests. Don’t let anyone tell you what you would really do, if only you were more loyal (to them). It’s a false argument.

CANCER – If you want to feel better, focus your efforts on understanding what you eat, and what it does to you. You may be experiencing some kind of dietary disruption, perhaps due to travel, change in work pattern or via the direct intention of cleaning up your act. Take advantage of this shift, and start developing new habits. You don’t necessarily need to do this by the book, and even if you’re well-read, where diet is concerned, the ultimate call is usually intuitive or instinctual. Your body makes most of the choices, though now is an excellent time to get your mind into the dialog, at least as an observer. Even if you don’t go so far as to keep a food diary, logging what you eat and how you feel each day, pay attention to what you do; and be aware of such rudimentary facts as caffeine interferes with sleep.

LEO – Venus in your sign is giving you a boost of confidence that comes with being recognized and appreciated. You may, however, be falling short of appreciating yourself, instead filling in the blank with some kind of harsh self-critique. You’re not helping yourself by doing that, though you may believe the harder you are on yourself, the better person you are. While that could be debated, it’s not a formula for feeling good about who you are. It’s not a formula for self-respect. Consider that you could respect yourself for correcting your mistakes (rather than, for example, striving to be someone who never makes any). Ask yourself honestly: under what scenario would you have the opportunity to learn more? Gentle correction is the best way to proceed, which includes seeing the potential benefit in any error, and the potential unintended consequences of any seemingly good choice.

VIRGO – You might ease back on any endeavor involving labeling yourself. This is a temptation in a world where everything seems to be based on some official identifier or identity that proves something for some allegedly urgent reason. It carries through to the contemporary mania around branding everyone and everything. Soon we’ll all be ready to go on the shelves at WalMart! Seriously, though: whether you’re working on an actual marketing project, or are proffering yourself for some reason, or are just inclined to tag yourself, look carefully at what you’re saying. Does it really leave you enough room to be who you are, to expand your enterprises, or fulfill your purpose? You might start with those things, and let the naming take care of itself. Credibility is earned in far more ways than presentation. Anyway, you want to be a whole font, not just a logo.

LIBRA – People often project their parental issues onto their boss. And for their part, those with people reporting to them do indeed play a parental role, in the form of looking after, supervising and perhaps even taking care of their team. These dynamics may be prominent in a number of different forms this week, so keep an ear out for them. What you want more than parent-child relating is the adult-to-adult mode. Any party to the discussion (for example, someone in a parent or child role) can make the move to bring the interaction to this level. That’s done by making straightforward requests, fulfilling what you commit to, and being willing and open to negotiate. Parent-child dynamics have less flexibility; adult-adult dynamics are entirely subject to creativity and choice, though that requires a choice to respond creatively. Use simple exercises, such as, “What are our options?” or “What is an appropriate goal?”

SCORPIO – There are some people who are subject to trends and public opinions, and there are those who make these things. At the moment, you’re on the more influential side of this equation. What you do sets patterns; and then those patterns repeat, take root and expand. Who you are and how you feel affect the people around you. What you demonstrate is what may be considered possible. And your take-no-prisoners approach to ferreting out the truth is an example to some and an annoyance to others, which is fair enough. Therefore, persist in establishing patterns. Try not to get stuck in what came before, or where people’s minds are seemingly lodged. Rather, stay with the messier, more adventurous process of formulating new ideas. To that end, allowing your curiosity to drive you more than your intellect is the path to fun and freedom of thought.

SAGITTARIUS – There are two sides to your nature, where work is concerned: the big-picture visionary, and the obsessed taskmaster. At the moment, your astrology is leaning heavily in the direction of wanting to get everything done, impeccably and immediately. That’s well and good, except your other role is more important: being the idea person. It’s likely that someone close to you can herd the kitty cats and tie up the loose ends of projects. If you cannot delegate the stage management task, you can ease back on it, mainly keeping track of time, of the time things actually need to be done, and who is doing the doing. Ensure that your communications are efficient and complete, so that you save misunderstandings and thus conserve energy. The mental posture you need is the big wide scene, the long arc of time, and your gift for orienting on the future you want to create.

CAPRICORN – Every now and then, the charts describe a metaphor of going to a higher place to take in the view. Perhaps visit a hilltop, or take in an interesting vista from the highway. You might visit the observation deck of a tall building, or even tool around in someone’s Cessna. Whatever it may be, let it involve taking yourself to a place where your eyes can see the horizon. That scene implies that there is one, and that there’s also something you can see. There’s some parallel related to a talent you possess and may have developed. In order to see and experience this for what it is, you’ll need a higher perspective, which could come in the form of an experience, or of allowing your imagination to draw yourself into a positive and fulfilling future existence. You don’t ask too much from life, but rather far too little.

AQUARIUS — Let events this week nudge you forward, or perhaps lift you into flight. You have support coming from many different directions, which is excellent if you remember that you’re the pilot of your own craft. Now that you’ve established the credibility or validity of what you do, you may be discovering that these endorsements didn’t matter so much anyway. You are who you are, and that is your real success. Still, there are advantages to having a measure of popularity, especially if you recall that your most important fans are the ones closest to you. Any potential admirers ‘out there’ matter rather less than those who provide you with love, energy, ideas or coffee. Though no other astrologer would ever say this to an Aquarian, never fall for the belief that you’re boring.

PISCES – The world seems much more available when people meet you halfway. Your chart describes this beautifully at the moment, with Mars in your relationship house representing those who might seek you out for some purpose. Your role is to understand what that purpose is. While everyone gets a fair hearing, the balance factor is that you don’t have to assume everyone has the best intentions. Don’t assume anything: rather, allow people to announce themselves by their actions and to a lesser extent, their words. Yet you must be perceptive, and take the small cues and early signs as being meaningful. Consider that people are signaling to the world who they are at all times, because they cannot help but do anything else. You do the same, though as your own inner being, you can consciously choose what you broadcast and what you project. Orient from that point of awareness.

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