Planet Waves Horoscopes – October 30 – November 6, 2017

Planet Waves Horoscopes – October 30 – November 6, 2017

By Eric Francis


ARIES — Slow down and figure out what’s bugging you. No matter what, the situation is going to burn up energy, so you may as well get some good information about how to resolve it — and only you can provide that. Even if you sit with an excellent therapist for an hour, you’re still going to be the one who comes up with the goods. The role a therapist might play is to guide you away from denial and into affirmation of what you’re feeling. Your astrology strongly suggests there’s an ancestral angle, meaning that you’re addressing something that probably goes back a few generations. This is the perfect week to dip your bucket into that well, with so many planets in Scorpio, and much of North and South America celebrating Days of the Dead. Make amends with your ancestors. Let them take back what’s rightfully theirs. Thank them for giving you life.


TAURUS — You have quite a bit going on, and all of it’s relevant. Work, partners, projects and the world are all vying for your attention. You may need to sway into the direction of taking care of everyone else before you take care of yourself. Yet don’t go too far doing that; you have enough energy and presence of mind to be able to focus on your most basic physical and spiritual needs. Plus, there are enough people around you to get some help with things you don’t personally have to do. Stick to the tasks for which you’re most deeply needed, or that only you can do, and find someone qualified to do the other ones. You don’t like to spend money willy-nilly, though engaging professional help (such as from the neighborhood leaf-raking specialist, or the local wash-and-fold service) will take off some pressure and give you room to maneuver.


GEMINI — This will be one of those weeks where image counts slightly more than substance, particularly at work. Just make sure that you don’t tell any lies, and listen carefully to what others are saying, as the real message will probably come from between the lines or in signal form. Meanwhile, you have plenty that you want to get done: you’re bursting with ideas, and you have the energy and resources to make them real. So set your own agenda this week, while you keep up appearances and then maintain bare necessities. In other aspects of your life, that’s to say, the more creative zones, you’re onto something worth pursuing. It seems to be something where social, recreational and professional all meet up as one idea. In any event, you have absolutely no excuse to live a life of drudgery, or to experience a single minute of boredom. That’s just ridiculous.


CANCER — Count these as the best days of your life. Perhaps you’ve seen better and maybe you will in the future, though there’s something happening now that you may already be noticing. Or maybe you’ve overlooked it in the din and chaos of contemporary life. Stop and tune in. Feel your way through every day, and be grateful for the people who are around you. There’s more though: you’re in a moment of self-actualization, where someone who was growing and developing inside can emerge into the world in full color. You’ve been through very nearly everything the past few years, and you’ve learned more than you know. Be bold about expressing yourself and your ideas, and live like your life is an experiment. Invest yourself in your most glorious plans. You have the commitment, the energy and the talent to make them real.


LEO — In astrology there are points called the lunar nodes, and at the moment they are moving through your sign and your opposite sign, Aquarius. This describes the many ways in which you’ll be bringing your life into balance over the next year. This week, though, the planet Mercury meets the nodes at a right angle (technically called Mercury square the nodes). Mercury is reminding you how necessary it is that you express your feelings. This aspect also describes a turning point; and, inwardly, a tipping point or decision. Take this slowly, because it has the kind of potency to influence your life for a long time. Certain factors in your chart describe a tendency to slip into denial, yet others caution that you must be absolutely real with yourself at all times. Make sure the people you’re getting advice and information from are committed to honesty and accuracy; if so, they can help keep you focused.


VIRGO — You have the ability and opportunities to recover any financial ground you’ve lost this past year. Yet you’ll need to tune out people who you know have a tendency to lie or confuse matters, or to waste your time. Stick to your own agenda. You don’t really need help, and you’re plenty motivated to do the right thing. Yet you cannot be afraid to make difficult decisions that are based on a thoughtful, balanced look at the facts. Many issues that have been difficult to pin down and more difficult to describe are now plainly obvious, which means you can finally do something about them. Just don’t let anyone make your decisions for you, no matter how well intentioned they may seem. You must guide the course of your own life as best you can, and draw in the strength and confidence that comes from doing so.


LIBRA — Concentrate your energy, and focus on your very most important priorities. You may need to do some thinking about what those are, and one may mask another. After you’ve sorted everything out, you may decide the real issue is not so much about relationships or about money, but rather a spiritual matter that’s nearly impossible to put into words. The subject is how you feel about yourself, which is not supposed to be a matter of opinion. But in this world, with so many factors that seem intentionally designed to undermine self-respect, it’s something that you must focus on consciously. It would be great if we didn’t need to come up with reasons to respect ourselves, and eventually you’ll go beyond that. However, for the moment, look at all the reasons you can come up with. Consider your willingness to help those who need you, and investigate your devotion to truth.


SCORPIO — You seem to be living on two levels. One is plainly obvious; you know who you are and what you need to be doing. At the same time, there’s something about your relationships that’s veiled in obscurity. You may feel that how people see and experience you limits your potential. In that sense, you may feel like you’ve outgrown your current partnerships. That’s always a possibility, though if you investigate that potential, you may discover that the people who care the most about you are willing to give you the space and time you need, and support your process of finding yourself. Still, it will take some courage to get out of your safe zone and to truly trust that people will be there for you even as you transform yourself into any shape or size you need. Be who you actually are. Never use your relationships as an excuse for not doing so.


SAGITTARIUS — Look closely at your life, and ask yourself whether you’re happy with the direction that events are progressing. Take the time now to point yourself on the correct trajectory, which may involve making a series of small moves over the next six weeks or so. All of these decisions will add up to something, particularly if you start to make the connections. Note that a close partner is in a similar decision-making process, and may be leaving certain facts out of the conversation. It’s important that you not be angry about this. Nobody is intentionally hiding anything from you. Leave lots of space for others to share their personal truth, even if it seems a little late in the game. Actually, that’s not true: it would seem that a close partner is just finding the words to express their point of view, and this has not been easy. So take this one step at a time.


CAPRICORN — Once again your aspects are encouraging you to focus on justice, and make sure the right thing happens. This theme may come up over and over again; there’s plenty of injustice in the world, so much that it’s getting annoying. You may not be able to do much to fix the world, though there’s plenty you can do in your immediate environment, and among the people you know. Let this influence every decision you make. You have more influence and even authority than you may admit, though you might have to go against the grain or risk rubbing someone the wrong way to use it. At a certain point, it’s necessary to set aside the petty grievances of the ego, the little ways in which people claim to be hurt, and their resistance to change. That is, don’t tolerate these things in yourself, and don’t give them any needless emphasis when others bring them up. Just do what’s right.


AQUARIUS — Your whole experience of life depends on how you feel. This is true of everyone; though especially for you right now, your reality is “receptor mediated.” As the receiver of your own thoughts, feelings, sensory data and experiences, you decide what they mean, and you will make that decision based on how you feel. In the end, that works out to how you feel about yourself. Note that narcissism, egotism and being conceited have nothing — as in, nothing — to do with feeling good about oneself. Those are the toxic substitutes. Embracing and accepting who you are is a calm, steady inward state that does not require proof or demonstration. You will have proof enough when you see the world more benevolently, and you understand that your role is to help any way you can. In another era, your current chart would be about ambition. You’re in an excellent position to be of meaningful service.


PISCES — No matter how bright or dim you may consider your prospects to be, the time has come to face the future with open eyes and an open heart. This point of arrival is described in your long-range astrology, what’s happening right now, and a series of developments into next year. Stand on the solid ground of your sense of purpose. Don’t be deterred by the many people who live like there’s no tomorrow, and if there is, it doesn’t matter anyway. Rather, have the trust in existence and the faith in yourself to work for your vision. Take some time and some thought and clarify what that is. Imagine what impact you want your work to have in 100 years’ time, and then work your way back into the present moment. What would you do now, to get that result one century from now?