Planet Waves Horoscopes: October 3 – 10, 2016

Aries symbolARIES — You are entering new territory in your professional life. If it seems like you’ve been doing the same old routines this year, Mars moving across the achievement angle of your chart will be refreshing. One thing to be mindful of is being too proud of what you’ve accomplished, such as when presenting yourself to potential employers or clients. Rather, exhibit a calm, quiet confidence. Take the attitude of “I do my best to get results.” Next, you must understand the politics of every situation you’re involved with. Who holds the power? That’s a good place to start. Know who you’re dealing with. Over the next couple of weeks you must be careful not to be seen as if you’re staging some kind of overthrow or revolt. It would be too easy to get on the wrong side of people in authority, and equally easy to work with them to get the result they want.


Taurus symbolTAURUS — Old beliefs do not give way easily. The cost for that is living in the past. It’s one thing to seek information from what’s happened before, and to respect elements of wisdom gained through experience. But it’s another thing to inhabit the past, and this is often done through outdated beliefs. It’s now time for some updating. Scan your mind as you go through the day, and notice when you’re making a decision based on a belief that you have not updated recently. Now is the time to do a query, and determine what is currently true based on new information, and then respond. All of this demands that you not be lazy, which is asking a lot in the days of tap on the glass twice and sushi manifests at your door. Challenging and revising beliefs is work, but it’s only the preparatory step. The creative step is replacing them with a vision of what you want instead.


Gemini symbolGEMINI — Be mindful when conducting any negotiations, particularly if they involve contracts, matters of taxation or negotiating about finances in partnerships. You appear to be motivated to get a fair outcome, but don’t move too quickly. If you feel the discussion is proceeding in a way that is unfair or in which you’re lost in the maze, ask for time to get your facts right. Use your energy on inquisitiveness rather than fighting or resisting. And remember, this is not a matter of how hard you work, or having to earn something extra by your service. This conversation is at the stage of brass tacks; it’s now far less about opinion and almost entirely about power. To keep your power, you must be armed with facts and figures and keep your presentation chilled to just above freezing. People must deal with reality. Emotions get in the way.


Cancer symbolCANCER — The recent New Moon served as yet another invitation to take better care of yourself. By now you understand that this is not just a good idea; it’s the only idea. However, you don’t want to do that by neglecting work, which will just raise the tension. Rather, free yourself from work by being the master of your priorities and your time. This means making conscious decisions about what to focus on, and choosing to avoid the biggest time-waster of all: conflict. This would also hold true in your personal relationships. Others may be in a feisty state. It may be personal, it may not be; though you can help the situation by staying a step ahead of people on any shared responsibilities that you may have. As for the fun side of this astrology, people are likely to be more assertive about their desire. You may find yourself with one or more suitors, and with your options open.


Leo symbolLEO — You seem to want to get a lot of work done, but you might ask yourself what has already been accomplished — by others and by you. This will save you plenty of work, as it seems the bulk of what you’re trying to do has already been done. You might do a little research and determine the thing that nobody else can figure out how to do. There would seem to be something, which might have been considered impossible or too difficult to accomplish. You might know exactly what this is. You might need to figure it out; and once you do, you’re likely to discover that it’s not so difficult after all. Well, the passage of time, changing conditions and a new mental approach may be what’s helping the difficulty unravel. Be mindful if a task is taking too long; that will mean you need to reassess whether it’s necessary, check your method or find someone who knows more than you and get some information.



zodiac_symbol_Virgo_BWVIRGO — Mars has entered your fellow earth sign Capricorn, and that’s an invitation to adventure: creative, sexual, romantic or involving a business enterprise. It could be all of the above, since that’s what we want when we’re really living. All year long, Mars — the ultimate planet of self-expression — has been lingering in some of the most private corners of your chart. Moving into Capricorn, your solar 5th house, Mars is inviting you to hang loose and explore, experiment and take some chances. You might not like to admit this, but you tend to have a conservative nature; you’re more adventurous on the inside than on the outside. Now is the time to bring out those qualities and have some fun. To do this, you’ll need to go past the point of your own discomfort. That might mean coming out of your safe zone. It might mean taking the risk of being known for what you have to say. Or it might mean taking a more assertive role with someone you fancy.


zodiac_symbol_Libra_BWLIBRA – You’re approaching an important decision. It might seem like the decision is approaching you, though this is something you’ve been thinking about for a long time. Whatever it may involve, the key is to choose from a place of strength rather than one of weakness or lack. Once you commit to this, it will be easier than you think. Your main strength involves your resiliency. A lot has changed in the past month, and you’re working with newly accessible resources, ideas that are coming to fruition, and confidence that can only come from actual trials and tests. If you’ve made it this far, you have not just passed those tests; you’ve emerged into a new phase of your life. You are a bigger person than you once were, and it’s time to step into the new scale of your existence. Remember at all times: you actually have something to offer. You possess knowledge, understanding and a sense of potential that’s about to be realized.


Scorpio symbolSCORPIO — Mars has spent much of the year in your sign, connecting you with who you are on an emotional level. The rest of the year, Mars has been in Sagittarius, reminding you of your spiritual goals and your rather unworldly values. This has been a real test: of your integrity, of your willingness to live the truth of what you believe and, most of all, your willingness to let go of the past. Much of that has been conducted through ‘inner work’, and now that work is moving outward into your most intimate relationships, particularly with neighbors, colleagues and siblings. You simply must live the truth of who you are, rather than wish you could. You need to gain confidence that can only come from experience. To gain this experience you’re going to need to violate some protocols, and get past what you perceive as the expectations of others. You might not need to be bad, but your goal cannot be to be good; it must be to be real.


sagittarius-symbolSAGITTARIUS – It’s time to take action on the money thing. Once there was an astrologer named Lois Rodden, one of the best and most productive of our era. She said to me once, “Most astrologers say Mercury is the money planet. They are wrong. It’s Mars, because making money takes motivation, and that’s what Mars is about.” Mars has now entered the financial angle of your chart. This, after 10 months of retrograde and dancing around in your sign and in Scorpio, as if wondering what the next thing to do really is. Well, now the thing to do is business. You have a keen instinct for finances. You merely need to get past a kind of over-caution that’s not really befitting your swashbuckling soul. Yet you’ve been learning that the careful and reserved side of your nature — especially around money — must be balanced by boldness and imagination, and that’s the story of your life right now. Whatever it is, don’t wait for it to come to you. Go to it.


Capricorn symbolCAPRICORN — Mars ingressing your sign this week will have you feeling like your old self again, though in an entirely new way. The main message of this event is that it’s time to unplug fear as a primary force in your psyche. The fear might be there, but you have better sources of information. By fear, I mean anything from vapid anxiety to letting your idea of the worst-case scenario drive your decisions, from the insecurity that’s followed you around for so long to guilt about what you want. You’ve made some unusual choices this year; some have worked out, and others you’re still wondering about. You might count up the cost of what you’ve lost because you were afraid of something that never happened, and was not going to happen. You might seriously reconsider any decision you made based on the fear of some abstract prospect, on guilt, or on any form of denial. Here’s the plain truth: you’re bigger than all of that, not to mention better.


aquarius symbolAQUARIUS — Your motivation comes from inside you. You know this, you forget it, then you remember, then you forget. Now I’m reminding you. Something has just shifted around this area of your life, and you seem to have a newly lit fire under your ass. Here’s the deeper message: you need to make structural changes in your life. This is less about cleaning your desk and more about moving your office to the right part of your house for maximum efficiency. It’s less about sorting your paperwork and more about inventing a file system that suits your actual needs. Less about getting more clients for your current business than it is about revising your business model or plan. Structural changes will generally relate back to physical changes to your environment; alterations to your work pattern; fully conscious decisions about how you organize your time; and in particular, seeking and removing blocks to your progress. Don’t just turn stones over. Get them out of your way.


Pisces symbolPISCES – It’s time to make your presence known: to announce your existence and your ideas to whom it may concern or, for that matter, to whom it may not concern. You’ve certainly not been lying idle these past seasons, but you would benefit from being considerably more assertive about what you’re doing. By that I mean to the public, whatever you consider that to be: beyond your immediate circle of friends and clients. Do not be in any way daunted by naysayers, complainers or those who judge. It’s easy for you to take people’s negativity on board. That’s their problem, not yours. Assert who you are and what you do. Consciously seek out collaborators; people who helped you in the past may be available to help you again. Those who may have had less interest in the past may take an active interest now. This is one of those times in your life when it’s really worth having another try at things you wanted to do but could not quite break through.

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