Planet Waves Horoscopes: October 29 – November 5, 2018

By Eric Francis


ARIES — You are an adult, and would be wise to remember that the things adults are privileged to do come with risks, and also with rewards. Most things in this general (and rather large) category of experience have the power to change you, if you bring yourself to them fully. You’re being drawn into some deep experiences these days, with all of the activity in Scorpio. This may include being close to someone who is on a personal quest, which is having a way of taking you with it. It’s vital that you focus on your own purposes, and your own personal mystery, and not be too distracted by the affairs of another. If this is a question about the availability of a past partner or love interest who has come back into your life, the only way to tell if this is a lasting situation is to give it time. Rather than clinging in any way, stay in the moment, be open to experience and let the future take care of itself.


TAURUS — Recognize the impact and the influence that you have on others. It’s deep, and it can also be a distraction. The only things you owe to other people are being truthful about your emotional and sexual reality (in all cases, appropriate to the level of intimacy that is involved). You’re on your own quest for independence, which means owning the prerogative to feel how you feel, and experience desire in an honest way. Where being truthful to others serves you is as a clarifying solution. Often being real about your feelings can “skunk” people — that is, give them an experience of who you really are. That, in turn, can create distance, or it can create deeper intimacy. Usually, the right thing happens: skunk medicine means attracting the right people, and repelling the wrong ones, based on the scent of your personal truth. Being real moves matters along, and has a way of setting you free from the past, which is an important purpose for you now.


GEMINI — Be cautious of any situation where there appears to be a tease involved — which could relate to money, or to the promise of work, or to some erotic situation. If there seems to be some promise made, where the fulfillment angle of things is sketchy, you might step back from the situation. Promises are not enough — and over the next few days, you might refrain from making any, as well as accepting any. Instead, keep the lines of communication open. Suss out the interest level of others, particularly if they’re in a position of leadership. Any work situation is a relationship, and that means there must be an exchange that goes beyond money. Listen and feel for signs of your own desire to be involved with something. If the rewards are too far in the future, that’s not a promising sign. If you’re interested in something for its own sake, that is a promising sign, on your part. Just be cautious if you encounter a tease factor, in anything you may do this week.


CANCER — Currently there is truly unusual cosmic activity in Scorpio, which is your 5th solar house. The morph of the 5th and Scorpio is about creative, experimental sexuality, which could overflow into your artistic pursuits and adventures. Given the diversity of planets directly involved (Mercury, Venus, the Sun, Atlantis, Tantalus and Jupiter), this setup could have many manifestations. Let’s take the theme of the 5th house as superseding all others. The 5th presents the challenge to most humans of proceeding in the spirit of exploration and experimentation. This is best led by curiosity, which adult life has all but extinguished. Those whom we call creative are actually more often curious and uninhibited about pursuing the hunger of their own mind and feelings. Curiosity is about a relationship to the unknown. You would want to know, which means starting from the place of not knowing, and wanting to find out. If you perceive this as dangerous, you will be in conflict. Any supposed ‘danger’ is likely just a perceived threat to your boredom or the predictability of your life.


LEO — You’re at a vitally important tipping point in your life. This alignment has been brewing for a while. You’ve been chasing it, or it’s been chasing you. The central theme is allowing for spontaneous change. This could mean change of identity, or of activity, though I reckon it’s much closer to the center of who you are. The theme is your ability to experience change itself, as a welcome entity; to embrace the willingness to experiment with reinventing yourself; and to connect your identity to your purpose in a direct way. Just about every question or hesitancy that you may have relates directly back to whether you think you feel secure. This is not a state of material reality but rather of your inner emotional life. When you feel confident in yourself, you will typically be more daring. Now, though, you have the opportunity to be daring when you may be feeling less than self-assured, or more likely, ambivalent. That alone must never stop you from actively participating in your own existence.


VIRGO — The core theme of your solar chart remains focused on what you say, or do not say. This translates to what you admit to yourself, or do not admit. You may have the sensation that by admitting one particular fact of your emotions, you will set in motion a series of events that changes your life irrevocably. This is likely to be exaggerated. Yes, one thought, or one statement, or one idea, can have tremendous power. However, when you find yourself backing away from an idea, that’s a sure sign you might want to turn around and go toward it. People play plenty of “I don’t want to know” kinds of games, even within their own minds. But denial is not your friend. It’s not now, and it never was. Wisdom is your friend; so too is knowledge. When you encounter the seemingly dangerous thought, that’s the time to reach for your notebook or sketchbook and mark the paper in some legible way. Do not update Instragram or Twitter. For now, keep it to yourself, so you can cultivate the idea actively — whatever it may be.


LIBRA — You may be obsessed over financial matters, though I assure you that’s not really the issue. Your ‘true worth’ is a metaphor for something else. It’s not $50 or $500 an hour, that’s for sure, though this confusion is commonplace in our current version of the world. Your true worth can only be accessed when you’re true to yourself. Doing so can shake you up, and get you to make a decision, which is why it so rarely happens. This involves the abandonment of various ‘shoulds’ and allowing your actual needs, desires and intentions to percolate right to the surface of your mind. Your values are not set in stone, or set at all. Your life is an inquiry, an adventure, an investigation of reality. It’s not that the truth changes, but rather that you are in the process of getting closer to your core, and closer to the possibility of making a real discovery about yourself. The question as I read it is this: what would you want, and what would you prioritize, if nobody else’s opinion mattered?


SCORPIO — Your life may feel like one revelation after the next, one crisis after the next, or both. By now, you could even have the feeling that you’re learning something about yourself. Your awareness is, in some significant ways, pointed inward, as Venus continues its retrograde motion in your sign. Yet the deeper question is one of power: that elusive thing that is so easy to covet, and to imagine will give you something that you don’t have. The problem, though, is that it’s so rarely the real thing. More often, people who refer to this term or concept are talking about force, or the ability to manipulate, or knowledge that can be used for its leverage rather than its ability to enlighten. Since — if you are on a sincere growth trajectory — you want none of those things, you might consider what they’re a substitute for. Perhaps that is self-knowledge, and the ability to understand yourself well enough to make choices that work for you. And in that, few people ever get it right all the time. It is, however, worth the effort.


SAGITTARIUS — You will feel better when Jupiter arrives in your sign on Nov. 8. However, for the moment, it would be worthwhile to really experience the once-in-a lifetime astrology that’s happening right now, with Mercury, Venus and Jupiter all in your 12th house. The 12th usually has an intangible quality, like the void where all of your secrets about yourself end up. That, along with family secrets, ancestral material, forgotten people and missing people, as well as socks, lighters, and guitar picks. Now, however, your 12th is overstuffed, including the presence of your ruling planet Jupiter. This describes some unusual potential, which is gestating as we read/write. What do you feel coming? What is your sense of the possibilities? Can you consider them openly, with all of the chaos and consternation in the world? Your worst fears are rarely true, which can also be said of your greatest hopes. However, at the moment, you carry some unusual protection, you have access to your own hidden wisdom, and you’re in a good position to consider what you want to do with this rapidly approaching next phase of your life. Think generously.


CAPRICORN — Pay attention to who and what you’re avoiding, particularly, any time you say, “I don’t have time for that” (meaning, a person). You may be substituting projects for people, seemingly because they are so pressing. Yet the underlying matter may be an avoidance of contact with people you feel vulnerable to, or even potentially so. This is a sly and slippery subject in our world, where there is seemingly so much to do, nearly all the time. However, this appears to be one of several barriers that you have put in place, which you can justify a number of ways, including having “good boundaries.” The thing is, functional boundaries are flexible; they open and close, lock and unlock. That includes time, which is the ultimate framework of our reality here on the Earth plane. Another is priorities: notice what you suddenly have all the time in the world for the moment it shows up as a possibility, and ask yourself how and why that is. It’s a basic fact that you need people, and they need you.


AQUARIUS — You must dance with your desire, your assertiveness, your aggression and your anger. All of these things exist; one can deny them but that does not make them go away. By dance, I mean move with the rhythm of life, sensitive to the movements of those around you. It’s not always appropriate to pick someone up or spin them around; sometimes it is. Be aware of your circumstances, how the people around you feel, and what they want. That does not dictate your needs or wants in any way, but rather will allow you to feel your way into opportunities for collaboration and mutual benefit. Be graceful when expressing your desires, which also means clear in your movements and your intentions so that people can count on the fact that you’re being real with them. In dance, one must lead, or follow. Even when following, you must be firm and attentive, rather than limp. When leading, you express confidence and act as a guide, without being pushy. Keep your ears on the rhythm and move with your whole body, not just your feet.


PISCES — It’s still too soon to see most of the benefits of the unusual events of the past year, though they are beginning to manifest as wisdom and a new depth of spiritual integrity. That’s another way of saying being in contact with yourself. This is never something you can just take for granted. It’s a state of being that requires constant upkeep. Ethics are never a given; there must be an ongoing evaluation of what is right and what is wrong, who is impacted, and that line where your responsibility ends and someone else’s begins. That said, prior to what we might call a period of accomplishment, you have some deep questions to ask yourself, and investigate thoroughly.  One is the way in which your mother’s psychology impacts you to this day. She has left you with a hidden legacy, which tends to cloud your ability to have a vision for your life, and to be your own ally when it comes to matters of power and authority. There may have been some wisdom contained in her position, though that does not undo the damage. Only you can do that, beginning with awareness of the issue.



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