Planet Waves Horoscopes: October 23 – 30, 2017

Planet Waves Horoscopes: October 23 – 30, 2017


ARIES — The Sun enters Scorpio Monday, which will come as a relief — particularly if there’s been too much talking, and nobody saying anything. Scorpio offers you substance, and a solid basis for your exchanges with others. This might be emotional exchange rather than light whims. It’s about actual sex rather than whatever happens on the internet. And Scorpio will guide you through the changes that you want to make, starting from the inside out. That’s the thing about actual growth and progress: it rarely ever starts from some external action, like going on a diet or getting a new outfit. The commitment to change must come from a deep place, even beyond something that lends itself to easy understanding. There’s a mystery involved; and once you embrace that and stand face to face with the unknown, you will learn things that you never imagined possible.

TAURUS — The sign Libra is the angle of your solar chart associated with work and service. At the moment, you have lots of resources to draw upon. Your ruling planet Venus is already there, about to align with Vesta, the planet of service and devotion. And Mars has just arrived, giving you plenty of energy. The overall theme is fostering cooperation. This is a rarely acknowledged trait of Taurus, which is one of the original go-it-alone signs of the zodiac. That’s what makes you such an effective leader. As you get called into service, consider two things: One is that you need to use some diplomacy. People need to be lured into cooperation these days, and are easily offended. Second, remember to seek help and support from your peers, and from people who are older, wiser and have more experience. Then take what you learn, put it to work, and pass it forward.

GEMINI — This week, Mars and the Sun move in your favor, taking over two important houses in your chart: one devoted to creativity and play, and the other devoted to work and productivity. This is the perfect combination. Many other factors are working in your favor to make this one of the most exciting phases of the year, where you can get plenty done, and have fun doing it. Other factors suggest you will have the energy to help others with what burdens them, though without having to sacrifice anything. Therefore, while you’re busy crushing all the important tasks that will come your way, be generous with your time and your wisdom when it comes to assisting others with what they might need. You might find a way to create what’s called ‘an efficiency of scale’, and let your efforts multiply. You have plenty going for you. Do what you can, and what you love.

CANCER — If you had been waiting all your life for a beautiful planetary alignment, that’s the one that’s shown up now. The Sun, Mercury and Jupiter are in Scorpio, your fellow water sign. All those planets are resonating with your watery nature, and they’re also in the angle of your chart that’s about fun, exploration, pleasure, play and taking creative risks. You can afford to push your luck, and prioritize play over work. This will be productive: you’ll gain a sense of perspective, and you’ll therefore have a better idea what you need to do and what you don’t need to do. The world around you is in a somewhat frantic state. People are forgetting to have fun, and how to have fun. You remember; you are being reminded, and you have some lavish options. Those will potentially develop into work opportunities, reminding you how much it means to love what you do every day.

LEO — Planets are on the move. Mars has entered the communication zone of your chart, meaning that you’re likely to have stronger opinions than usual. You could dial your energy back halfway and still make your point brilliantly, though really there’s nothing to argue about. Even better, the Sun enters Scorpio early Monday morning, joining Jupiter and Mercury. This begins a year where the emphasis of your life is on your home and private world. Design your living space into the perfect environment to think, to create and to love. This inner refuge becomes more important as the world goes insane. You’re someone who is fully involved in life, and you need both the space and the time to rest, repair and regenerate. You also need dependable, wholesome sex, on your own terms. Yet that cannot get in the way of your deep, biological need to be totally at home, in the place you call home.

VIRGO — The planets in their courses are emphasizing two themes: one is taking care of money, in the form of doing what you can to bring in a little more of the stuff. That’s done with motivation, focus and spotting opportunities. This will be true even if you work a day job where there’s no room to maneuver. Once you have the impulse, the opportunities will be there. Second, you’re being encouraged to do something un-Virgo, which is to un-bottle yourself and pour your wine into the glass, where it can breathe. By that, I mean that a rare, beautiful alignment in Scorpio is encouraging you to reveal your deepest secrets, whether you share them with a close confidant or (better still) put them into writing. You need a record of this time in your life. And you will thrive if you open up your energy and truly enjoy and appreciate the interesting people around you.

LIBRA — Mars enters your sign this week, joining forces with Venus, your home planet, and Vesta, an influential asteroid. You will need to strike a balance between driving the story forward, and letting the story unfold. You have equal ability to go for it, and to be open to what you want coming to you. Remember that you have these options, particularly if one or the other is not working. As for Vesta, her presence in your sign is a reminder of your role as one who holds space for the right thing to happen. You don’t have to influence the outcome in any way other than to keep the area clear, both physically and mentally, and be a kind of guardian for truth and justice. You might be called upon to intervene; your mere presence and awareness might be enough to guide key events to the right outcome.

SCORPIO — The Sun’s ingress into your sign early Monday begins a truly extraordinary time in your life. Jupiter arrived in Scorpio earlier this month, to stay for a year, followed by Mercury. There hasn’t been this much mojo coming through Scorpio for many years; you might have the feeling of remembering all the good things you’ve forgotten, discovering how much you’ve learned, and feeling like you’re standing your full height. I suggest you make peace with the fact that you’re an influential person, one who has the power to make the world a better place. You also set an example for how to live fully. You don’t need partners or to be part of a tribe to be a whole person. You are complete unto yourself. It would be better if you stood apart, and held to your own course in life, and then met up with others from that position of strength.

SAGITTARIUS — This week, the Sun enters Scorpio, and it will soon make a conjunction to your ruling planet Jupiter. This is affording you protection, and it’s waking you up to the truly beautiful potential that you possess. Once that happens, be sure to stay awake, and dare to do the impossible. The thing is, you just might succeed; especially since just about everything (as in every last thing) that we now take for granted was in fact considered absurd, ridiculous or stupid right up until the time it existed. As previously mentioned (and as will be mentioned several more times), Saturn is passing through the late degrees of your sign for the next six weeks, forming a conjunction to the Galactic Core. This is a period of achievement. Finish the projects you’ve started the past three years, clear your runway, and get ready to take off for new horizons.

CAPRICORN — This week, Mars enters the angle of your solar chart associated with fame, reputation and success. This is called the 10th house, about which I have my own theory. More than anything, it’s about accountability. That’s to say, it’s about taking responsibility for your life and for the wider life that surrounds you. The world does not need more celebrities, and it could do with far fewer people oriented on power. We would all be better off with people who set the example of integrity, and who understand the awesome power of decision. People respect you, and they look up to you. Therefore, go the extra mile and make sure that your actions are exemplary. Mars and other transits will contribute to your feeling more visible, and therefore more vulnerable. There is nowhere to hide. You are in a rare time of life when you must be known for who you are, come what may.

AQUARIUS — This week’s astrology is a study in ethics. Your solar chart describes you in a position where you can do just about anything you want. You’re in a position of unusual influence, and people see you that way. You’re visible, and you know how to make that work for you. Yet Venus, Mars and Vesta, moving through your 9th house of spiritual matters, law and justice, are urging you to be judicious. Take a balanced view in all things, and consider everything to be a matter of relationship. That is: today, every choice you make influences many people around you. You have the ability to make that influence positive, constructive and cooperative. You can also go off on your own and pretend that nobody really matters, which is not really your style. Yet with the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter going over the top of your solar chart, you’re in an unusual state of being, and you must take unusual precautions to ensure you do the right thing.

PISCES — While it’s rare that anyone is satisfied with every aspect of their life at once, you’re coming close. A series of transits, mostly featuring a grouping of planets in your empathetic water sign Scorpio, is providing you with some actual successes, which will magnify as the week progresses. To the extent that you’re succeeding, you’ve earned every ounce of that good fortune. To the extent that there are things you need to repair or correct, keep a positive attitude, and know that something is not really a problem unless it has a solution. More than anything, look toward the future. You are getting a glimpse of what’s possible, which means that you’re looking at potential you can actually manifest. Mostly, this will happen based on the decisions you make. Be sure to only consider the options you really and truly desire, and then choose the ones you want the very most.