Planet Waves Horoscopes: October 2 – 9, 2017

Planet Waves Horoscopes: October 2 – 9, 2017


ARIES — Amidst much other exciting astrology, including the Full Moon in your birth sign, Venus and Mars form a conjunction in Virgo, the house in your solar chart addressing healing, work and wellbeing. One easy-to-spot theme here is that your intimate relationships are finding their way to a useful place: the improvement of your life. The 6th is the house that describes the process of mindfulness. The image, therefore, is of being fully conscious in your encounters with the other, particularly of the other sex. Notice when you’re projecting your ideas and your values onto the people close to you, and call those projections back in. They don’t help you. Stay in the moment, rather than letting your mind run into the future. Whether you’re in an intimate partnership or not, the completion attribute of the conjunction is about understanding that you contain male, female and everything in between.

TAURUS — This week’s Full Moon in the most sensitive angle of your solar chart is a setup for feeling like you’re under pressure that you don’t understand, and cannot identify the source of. It’s an inner pressure, and it’s ultimately about self-discovery. Yet it might not feel that way, until you experience the breakthrough and the dust settles. That’s all likely to develop between Tuesday and early Friday evening, at which point the Moon enters your birth sign (or your rising sign) and suddenly everything makes perfect sense. Until then, you will need to monitor the reactive side of your nature. It takes a lot to get a Taurus fired up, though it’s possible; and this is the kind of astrology that can symbolize such feelings. Make a conscious choice to direct your energy creatively.

GEMINI — Much of what we call love is described and indeed predicted by early childhood patterns. Some authors describe this as the “love map.” Others describe it as the childhood constellation or family pattern. We see this come up repeatedly in our relationships, which often take the form of parent-child encounters. It’s possible to outgrow this, though it takes considerable mindfulness. The good thing for you is that perhaps more than any other sign, you can actually integrate your emotions using your mind, and that’s what you have the opportunity to do. It helps that the Aries Full Moon (which, incredibly, occurs within moments of Venus conjunct Mars) is across the most expressive axis of your solar chart. If you have any mode of creative expression — and everyone needs at least one — that will feed your spiritual and psychological process. Put your work where others can see it.

CANCER — One of those things you don’t read in astrology textbooks is how career-oriented the sign Cancer is. This is not just about personal aspiration, but also about taking the initiative to change the world with the work you do. That might mean innovating new dimensions in the field you work in: for example, not just becoming a programmer, but inventing a programming language; not just being a director but opening a theater. Cancer is one of the signs we count on for its natives to change the world, so that everyone else can experience the new dimension of reality that you open up. This week’s Aries New Moon describes you at your most original and energetic. You are already doing something with an influence and potentially even an impact. The thing about Aries is that it’s great at turning the ignition and getting things started. You’re the one who brings them to completion.

LEO — What we call the spiritual dimension of existence is not all love and light. Much of it is about learning methods of handling the darker emotions such as fear and guilt, living with deep questions, and resolving troubling aspects of the past. What we call spiritual is an approach to existence, which begins with being aware, and which continues with asking for help — whether of other people, or of your inner teacher. Over the next few days, you may go through a journey wherein you get to apply the skills you’ve learned. Think of this as a test or experiment. Do you respond lovingly, and mindfully? To what extent are you able to consider the needs and desires of others, and to perceive them as being related to your own? Are you willing to offer yourself entirely in the service of others, with no thought of what’s in it for you?

VIRGO — Venus and Mars, the planets that represent sexual and emotional polarities, are about to form a conjunction in your birth sign, which is a relatively rare event. This happens within moments of a Full Moon across the angle of your solar chart that addresses the kinds of commitments that emerge in intimate relationships, which often involve money, and others of which involve commitments associated with sex. There are two things going on in this pattern. One is the self-completion attribute of Venus and Mars getting together in your sign. The other is the potential tension, controversy or mirroring that happens when we form deep bonds with other people. This is all a reminder that whoever you relate to, and however you relate to them, your inner experience of yourself is what sets the tone. If you feel whole, you’re more likely to have whole relationships.

LIBRA — If a relationship seems to be manifesting in some exaggerated form, it’s probable that the seeming issue has nothing to do with what’s actually going on. It will certainly be convincing that what you think you see, or think you feel, is the real thing. There will be clues that something else is going on, including the projection of gender roles. You might hear yourself describe the way that women act generally, or that men act; you might in some other way see these qualities as being outside of yourself. What you are being called to do is experience them as inside yourself, and own your own perceptions, ideas and judgments as interior realities, and not project them onto anyone or anything. This may be one of the greatest challenges of consciousness, since so much seems to exist outside of ourselves. As A Course in Miracles suggests, perception makes projection.

SCORPIO — What people reveal about themselves to their peers, or how they present themselves, is different from what they imagine that they are, particularly in their erotic lives. Have you ever considered this little disparity? It’s often chalked up to there being a difference between fantasy and reality; or, ‘I would think that but I would never do that’. Yet these seeming fantasies are often more than just that, especially if people secretly identify with their unspoken desires. The question of the week is, what about yourself do you know privately, and what do you reveal openly? To whom do you reveal it? You might start with those closest to you, who you know would take an interest in the real you, rather than the official presentation. There is a matter of integrity involved. You will feel better when you treat your whole self as a whole person.

SAGITTARIUS — It’s probably been an interesting week or two. Your official planet, Jupiter, and Uranus, are still in their rare 180-degree face-off. This is awakening you to your potential, and prompting certain long-overdue changes in your life. In a word, Jupiter-Uranus is about progress. The key to Jupiter and indeed to Sagittarius is about going beyond optimism. Uranus is squeezing the potential out of Jupiter like the new, improved electric orange-juice machine. That jolt of current coming from Uranus is updating your brain and reminding you to actually do something with all the skills and resources you’ve accumulated or developed. You may find yourself making fast decisions this week as the Moon and Sun approach their opposition aspect, in the form of the Aries Full Moon, which is Wednesday. Whoever you are and whatever you may do, your creative prowess is at an all-time high. Indulge your talent, your passion, or your pleasure, as you will.

CAPRICORN — The Sun and several helpful planets are now in Libra, your house of career. This will feel good to any Capricorn who wants to rise up and make their way in the world. Yet to make the most of this astrology, you must be decisive. Two aspects involving Libra — the opposition of Jupiter in Libra to Uranus in Aries, and the Aries Full Moon — are granting you the confidence to make the kinds of professional decisions you need to make. If there’s any extra hint of hesitation, it may be coming from the idea that there’s some kind of sacrifice involved: that to succeed, you must give something up. Yes, it’s true that professional writers get used to spending many beautiful, sunny days indoors, completing their work. To master one musical instrument, you may need to give up learning another. Everything comes at a price. The question to ask is: is it worth it?

AQUARIUS — It can take a long time to get the details of a relationship right. It’s easier, though, when you come from a spirit of generosity, and when you don’t keep score. Everything does not have to be even-steven, and as a person who has a lot (you do), you can afford to be gracious and forgiving. You can afford to set aside your expectations and observe who a person really is, and how you feel about them. It helps to receive what is offered to you and, as a gift to someone you care about, help them feel like they are a generous and abundant person. Let this be especially true in the most local aspects of your life. Rather than thinking about what’s going on at a distance, or what might happen far in the future, focus on your immediate environment, the people who surround you, and the needs that they have.

PISCES — The theme of finances, and of being true to your values, persists at full strength this week. Let’s take the second one first. You are someone who must live your truth. It seems optional for many people you know; for Pisces, it’s a specific life calling. There would seem to be an issue in that so much of what you hold dear does not seem to be in demand, or to sell for a high price. Yet that’s true of almost anything that is, today, considered precious and is in demand. You must use your intelligence, your creativity and your charm to make sure that you do what you value, and that others value what you do. This may be the second most important skill of any artist or talented person, after the primary work itself. You must have fuel to burn, a roof over your head, and a sandwich in your hand.