Planet Waves Horoscopes: October 15 – 22, 2018


It can be easier than you think to misinterpret what someone says or does if it falls outside of your expectations; even (perhaps especially) when the person is close to you. We all have moments when our buttons are pushed and we feel a strong urge to lash out. Try to avoid reacting impulsively, and try to set out with an attitude of trust, and giving others the benefit of the doubt until there is incontrovertible evidence that you should do otherwise. If you get a sense of being provoked, weigh carefully the consequences of any possible response, remembering that there are things you cannot undo once done.


Uranus in your sign may already be working its influence in your life. At times this can feel exhilarating; at others, downright unsettling. At heart, Uranus has a knack for bringing the unexpected, and waking us out of complacency or stagnation, much like cats do in the morning with their unsuspecting humans: you might want to stay in bed, but that cat is going to get her breakfast. The accompanying challenge is to make the best out of each day even when things don’t quite go as planned, which will likely take practice. Over the coming months, you’ll have the opportunity to get used to this new way of being.


Keep your mind on what’s most important to you. Distractions are ubiquitous and most websites these days are rabbit holes. You have too much on your to-do list to lose time wandering in a labyrinth of links, or getting stuck in arguments with random online entities who are too entrenched in their viewpoint to engage in a rational debate. In addition, be wary of any impulse to compromise the accomplishment or goal you’re seeking in exchange for an easier one, even if that might get you quicker rewards. You have the capacity to reach for the skies, and if you maintain your focus you’re very likely to get there.


Like many people these days, encouraged by seven- or ten-point lists and therapy-by-soundbite, you might be inclined to seek quick and simple answers to any challenges you may be facing. It’s not necessarily the case that every real solution to emotional or spiritual issues must by nature encompass many years. However, that work which in particular involves breaking out of early programming is often complex, multi-layered and long-term. This process can even be life-long. Yet keep forging your new understanding with the universe — if for no other reason than dedication to finding the truth.


In almost all the consequential choices we make, and a good many of the lesser ones, there is an ethical element: a decision as to whether we obey our ego, or listen to our higher beliefs and impulses. There is, unfortunately, no metric for determining which is which; one way to suss this out in a specific case is to weigh up each option and see how it makes you feel. That will help you trace where the ideas originate, based on similar choices you’ve made in the past. Try to keep an ear out in general for the voice of your conscience — which is not, by the way, the same thing as guilt — and consider the guidance it offers.


This week, try to figure out what it is you’re not saying. That includes any time you mount your hobby-horse and wax lyrical on a subject you know well or are passionate about; any time you feel provoked into an argument; or any time you experience emotions that seem too strong to articulate. These are all ways we trick ourselves into not communicating what we really need, want or feel. Even if the difficulty seems impassable, there’s usually a way to break it down into bite-size chunks. Consider what you already know. Write down as much as you can, if only for yourself; then get to work on the analysis.


Venus seems to be inviting you to view the world in all its rich complexity and nuance; to notice the subtle interplay in the colors of the sunset, to hear the movements of sound and rhythm in music, to see and feel the endless variety in permutations of the human character. It’s very easy to look at any issue simplistically, in binary terms; however, the reality tends to be rather different. Try to view any topic under discussion from as many perspectives as possible, and comprehend likewise the multiple layers of feeling and thought underpinning your own response. This is seeing things as they really are.


Uncertainty is not an easy sensation with which to sit, and introspection is not an especially comfortable task. Yet the recently completed retrograde of your classical ruler Mars has given you some practice at looking within and holding space for ideas you might not previously have considered. Mars has now handed off this task to Venus, retrograde in your sign until it re-enters Libra Oct. 31, then stations direct mid-November. Part of this next phase of operations for you involves reviewing the boundaries between you and the world: where your life intersects with others, and at what point you establish your separate identity. Let these ideas develop for a while.


There are plenty of problems in the world that need fixing, and thus plenty of causes you could take up. However, be discerning in your choice of where to devote significant portions of your energy. In particular, watch for language or imagery designed to sway the emotions rather than engaging you in rational dialogue. You need clear information on the issues, and it’s perfectly okay to decide that you don’t know enough and need to learn more, or to examine possible flaws in an argument, however well-intentioned. Your own experience of the world is also a perfectly valid, if not intrinsically complete, source of data.


As part of a culture steeped in the Abrahamic tradition and infused with Greco-Roman values, pretty much everyone in the West is brought up in fear of that nebulous beast known as sin. In an orthodox sense, this is a concept that goes far beyond that of actually harming people: it includes natural human impulses and feelings that we all sometimes have, such as pride in our achievements, or desire, which has the effect of making us all guilty in some form. Whatever your personal beliefs, or whatever you might think of such ideas, perhaps ask yourself how far you can benefit from an ideology that operates mainly through shame.


If you feel yourself getting caught up in a heated discussion, try to take a step back and cool off, until you regain your equilibrium. There are certainly times when anger or passion are appropriate responses, though in the arena where such conversations are normally taking place, it can be difficult to avoid wasting energy on an argument that ultimately goes nowhere. Similarly, engaging in these forums is a neat method of distracting oneself from one’s personal journey and healing process. Try to ensure that your intellect holds the reins as much as possible, and don’t hesitate to withdraw from a debate if you need to.


Keep doing what you must in order to maintain your wellbeing, emotional and physical; this is a crucial yet often underrated factor in spiritual and personal development. Take sufficient time to yourself, and continue to be discerning about the company you keep; you would benefit from those with whom you foster your most intricate relationships being wise, cordial and helpful. Most especially, their presence should improve your self-esteem and confidence rather than denting it. This is also a useful principle to apply to food: try to consume what nourishes and sustains you, rather than makes you groggy or moody.


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