Planet Waves Horoscopes: October 10 – 17, 2016

By Eric Francis

ARIES — The big break in one’s career usually comes gradually. Years of effort eventually lead somewhere, though usually the rewards are collected more like interest on an investment and less like winning the lottery. Then there are times when you must focus and push toward a specific goal, and sometimes that can result in an acceleration of results. That’s the phase you’re in now. Over the next 10 days you’re coming under the influence of an aspect that will drive your ambition. However, I suggest you convert most of that power into productivity, pragmatism and service. If you allow yourself to get into the mode of conquering or even competition, it could backfire on you. Therefore, I suggest you be extremely cautious around the issue of power, and instead, strive to make yourself useful. That can include setting specific goals, though you will succeed based on cooperation rather than on competition. That includes cooperating with people in positions of authority, whether you like them or not.

TAURUS — You seem to be facing a question of commitment. The thing to remember is that commitment comes from the inside. No matter what contract you might sign or promise you make, you will do what you do because you want to. You can sign a contract for a fitness club, but actually working out is a matter of your own inner drive. This applies to every facet of your life, particularly a relationship situation. You cannot be held to anything; you can only decide that it’s the right thing to do. You might feel like you need to filter out your own emotional needs in order to make room for those of someone else, but the real solution to such a puzzle is to work from a place of mutual desires, and yes, needs. You might listen to what people are saying and ask yourself quietly and carefully whether it’s true, and for whom. There is a meeting point between your interests and those of everyone in your life, no matter how special they may or may not be; that’s why they’re in your life. Your role is to find, and work with, that common ground.

GEMINI — You can afford to come out of your shell. In fact, it would seem to be the very thing you want to do the most, and being responsive to that will benefit you. For a couple of months it would seem that you’ve been lost in your own sauce, more concerned with a kind of inner reflection than with expressing yourself. Maybe it felt productive; maybe it was frustrating; I reckon you learned something important about yourself in any case, particularly about your insecurities. Now you get to collect the results of that work, which will come in the form of expressing yourself. That means a form of freedom you haven’t had for a while. Freedom is something you take, not something you’re given. This will require courage, and shifting out of some old patterns — though you have help, and you have incentive. Still, you’re the one who must take the seeming risk of expressing yourself, which means opening yourself up to the potentially significant rewards.

CANCER – It’s time to have a party. Your home is where the fun is. You’re a private person by nature, but that inclines you to do your socializing in your own space and on your own terms. Yet the party does not need to be any more than you — that is, celebrating your physical space, caring for it, and making sure you feel at home there. The forthcoming Aries Full Moon is suggesting some unusual and exciting developments in your career, and one of my theories of life is that work goes better when one is more grounded and comfy in one’s home environment. Home is the true foundation of achievement in the world, and it’s the thing that holds the ship upright when a good wind is blowing and the currents are moving quickly. You will almost surely be investing your time in a kind of breakthrough project as these days and weeks unfold. And as that happens, you’ll be grateful that your home is in order and supports you spiritually, emotionally and, most of all, physically.

LEO — As the Full Moon builds to a peak, I suggest you invest your energy three ways: one is listening, another is being articulate, and the third is listening. Your solar chart describes beautiful opportunities to relate to others. You also seem to have an emotional situation where you need to tune into a domestic partner or close relative. Take special care with this situation. Someone is feeling more than they are letting on, and they may have the feeling of being muted or unable to express their needs. This is why I suggest you listen for clues and bring subjects up delicately. To some extent this may describe you and your relationship to your feelings about someone you live with. No matter how questionable your emotions, all you really need is a dialog. Get the discussion going and all paths will lead to healing.

VIRGO — Pay close attention to money, in any form, particularly shared finances. There’s an unusual amount of energy moving through your chart and it’s just about all focused on the financial zones. This describes potential, and it describes risk. It’s up to you to balance the two of them. The thing to remember is that from the look of your solar chart, in any partnership, you’re likely to be the one with most of the wealth. So you would be taking most of the risk, but the rewards would be split evenly (since that’s your style). The prudent thing to do would be to limit what you invest into others, or into situations involving others. Preserve most of what you have, and take sensible risks when it comes to having more. The question in any financial or business partnership is: what are the parties bringing to the table? In some rare instances ideas are enough, but there’s little risk in that; and therefore, little reason to follow up the idea with work and focused intelligence.

LIBRA – You’re experiencing some of the most vibrant, alive astrology in many, many moons. One thing I’ve noticed is that sometimes even the very best aspects can get mixed results. So I’m here to tell you what’s available: a whole world of possibilities is right within reach. You’re likely to be attracting interesting, exciting people. Let them shake your tree a little. You don’t need to be conservative or withholding — you have plenty to go around, and the more you share the more you’ll realize you have. As for what dark streaks might be coming through, the thing to watch for is jealousy in any form. It’s most likely to be sexual or emotional, and it’s the thing you want to address first — if you happen to be feeling it. Be generous with people by reminding them they are free to pursue their lives, their interests and their pleasure. Those who come to you as part of that quest are the people you want to share your time and space with.

SCORPIO — A truly unusual mixture of energies simmers down your need to speak up for yourself. You are processing some deep feelings, and if you don’t express them, you’re likely to explode. That would not be productive. Yet if you’re able to say, ‘I think’, ‘I feel’, and ‘I want’, you will be a much happier person. By ‘say’, I mean, ‘say calmly but sincerely’. The problem with most emotional communication is that it happens close to the boiling point, where there’s a sensation of needs being neglected. Where this elusive thing called needs is concerned, though, it’s essential that they be as self-met as possible, and that relationships be more the purview of voluntary fulfillment. This reverses the usual logic. There are still actual needs in relationships, and to the extent that is true, you need to learn the language of emotions, and gain enough clarity to say what you mean and mean what you say.

SAGITTARIUS — This is your week to be a star, or rather, to become one. You have a positively gorgeous alignment of planets in the sweet spot in your chart, which is Libra. It’s your most social angle, and also the one that describes legitimate respect for what you do in the world, and the proceeds from business enterprises. All of these things are glowing with opportunity. What will add something to the equation is your willingness to take creative risks. Smash the mold and do what you think is shocking or stunning or unusual or weird. Whatever you do for art or pleasure, do it in a new way. Challenge yourself to come out of all your safe zones and formulas and let yourself stretch, burst or explode. This is how you’ll reach into yourself and make contact with that deeply original core you contain. This is not territory for the meek, mild or timid; thankfully you have nothing to worry about there.

CAPRICORN — At the moment, there is an unusual conjunction happening in your sign: Mars, the planet of energy, drive and desire, is meeting up with Pluto, the planet of soul and transformation. This is happening after a long buildup — something that’s been developing all year. This is a description of you coming into a new level of your existence, a new idea about who you are, and what you might think of as an increase in your personal power. Yet you must handle this with care and caution. Your words count for three times the potency as usual. Your emotions are exponentially stronger. As this develops over the next week or so, you must practice consciousness and restraint, and be selective about how to express your energy in healthy ways. No doubt some of them will be sexual, because you’re finally making contact with what you want, and are willing to admit it. But be kind to people, and try not to burn anyone as they touch your gorgeous flame, or get touched by you.

AQUARIUS — Lately I’ve been reminding you to open your mind and consider the possibilities for your life. Clearly you need and want change. There are basically two ways for that to happen: some event occurs to you and you’re compelled to deal with it. Or, in the alternate, you unfurl your imagination and expand your vision and move into it. Right now your chart is perfectly suited for doing just that. The thing about a vision is that it must exceed who and what you currently are. That presents a real challenge for many people. For example, they might wonder how they’re going to make that thing they want to happen. That’s exactly what not to worry about right now. It doesn’t matter how you’ll get there or even whether you will. What matters is getting your ideas flowing and being real about what you want to do and become. Of note, certain aspects are doing their best to help you dig out of any old ideas you might have about yourself, or that you inherited from your elders. This is demolition work, but don’t let the noise frighten you.

PISCES — Pluck up every drop of your confidence and get ready to meet the world. The laid-back, ‘whatever happens’ attitude of Pisces is officially retired. You’re discovering that you’re a person of considerable determination and ambition. You’re discovering that you have ideas and plans and that it’s time to put them into action. That time is not in the future. It’s now. You must make friends with your own power, and with people you perceive to be powerful, without compromising your integrity. What that means is being a whole person, and being who you are, all the time, in every circumstance. Not everyone will like that, though it’s not actually your problem. If you cut through the fog and bullshit, which you seem to be doing brilliantly, you will connect with the people who want to work with you, who can help you and to whom you can be an asset and a resource. This is a moment of forming bonds and partnerships that can last a lifetime. Yet that comes from one quality only, which is being real.

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