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Planet Waves Horoscopes: Oct 8 – 15, 2018

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By Amy Elliott

This has been an interesting year so far, to say the least. Though you are now on more solid ground, particularly when it comes to interaction with others it would probably help to be cautious, and to remember that it’s neither appropriate nor possible to depend on someone else to bring specific outcomes into your life. Be prepared to listen and to compromise if there is any tension, especially involving jealousy or clashes of ego. Work with your partners to find a mutually beneficial solution, on an ongoing basis; there is plenty of time.

If someone is acting strangely, or does something unexpected, it’s unlikely to relate to anything you’ve done. Rather, more probably, there are hidden causes. You may, however, be in a position to hold space for others to experience and express any underlying feelings. Don’t try to force the issue: let people come to you in their own time and way. They surely will, if you can provide an environment as free from judgment (and pre-judgment) as it’s possible to get. This is almost always an invaluable service to afford another person.

Sometimes it’s useful simply to let one’s creative energy flow, and see what transpires. At other times, it’s best to have a clear aim in mind, even if you need to review it periodically and alter course. It would probably help at the moment to be sure you know what you want to achieve, and that you are making strategic decisions on where you focus the majority of your efforts, rather than following your nose and hoping for the best. If you’re feeling an instinct to rebel against establishing boundaries, try to work out where that might be coming from.

It often takes time and a lot of conscious work to become reconciled to past grievances, or to accept that certain things happened and one cannot go back to correct them. This is especially true of matters involving family: much of the time, this is home to the more difficult knots that take some unraveling. At some stage, though, it can be necessary for our own peace of mind to acknowledge that the past can’t be revoked, and that we can still make the best of the present. There’s a lot of love and support available in a family of choice.

At various stages in our lives, we rub shoulders with people whose acquaintance we didn’t choose — such as neighbors, or in-laws. The tension over a boundary fence or a Thanksgiving table has become almost archetypal; and these days it’s tempting to form up along party lines, and feel alienated from those on the opposite side. We need a better way of relating than this. You may be in a position this week to set an example in establishing some common ground, and building a tentative bridge. Make use of your sense of compassion.

Being too exacting with oneself can create a kind of inertia: however promising an idea sounds, it might not get past the first hurdle or two, because it’s not coming out fully formed. Try not to fall for this trap; rather, commit to doing the best job you can, and then get on with it. Where possible, cultivate faith in yourself and your abilities, and give yourself the space to grow. It’s tempting to place validation in the hands of others, but regardless of how willing they are to encourage, this won’t go far unless you’re open to being your own best friend.

This week’s New Moon in your sign accompanying Venus newly retrograde implies that over the next few weeks, you might be reviewing your relationship to who you are. You may be asking yourself some profound questions regarding your identity, and your vision for who you wish to become. The issue of wellbeing is perhaps central to this — especially if, at times, you tend to ignore your needs in favor of supplying succor to others. Try to look for the scenario in which you can do both, and don’t be afraid to clarify what you need.

In a culture that often meets desire with shame or guilt, it’s not surprising that many people conceal their deepest, most compelling passions even from their own everyday thoughts. What would it be like if you could visit your desire nature without any sort of judgment? What ideas might you acknowledge to yourself? Venus and the New Moon are inviting you to plunge into that space now; remember, one of the delightful things about fantasy is that you can do anything you want in the confines of your mind. Give a loose rein to your imagination.

You seem to be pondering some changes, particularly in terms of your place in the world and among your community. One point you might wish to consider is whether your current skill set is being fully utilized, or if your time might be more efficiently employed. If you wish to learn an entirely new discipline, that’s another question you could decide on. Keeping your ideals in mind may be a useful means of focusing your thoughts. Also, if you’ve been putting aside a specific ambition because of present commitments, try reviewing that now.

It would seem many people tend to regard those supposed to hold a certain amount of power in society with almost innate suspicion and some hostility. Part of this perhaps involves the natural inclination to revolt against authority. Yet it’s worth remembering that our parents or our bosses, for example, are human like ourselves; the same goes for people in our lives whom we see as more privileged. In these kinds of relationships, as with anyone, it helps to understand that you’re interacting with a whole person, and treat them accordingly.

Do you sometimes criticize yourself unfairly, or insult yourself in language that you’d never dream of using on someone else? Do you ever apply impossibly high standards to your actions or thoughts? Many of us do this, forgetting that we need kindness and mercy just as much as everyone else. Try to be more equitable in your treatment of yourself. Pay attention to your emotional wellbeing, and to how you speak to yourself: if you usually frame something negatively, what happens if you flip the script to focus on your strengths? Remember, you contain a divine spark within you, and can trust you are capable of serving the greater good. 

As a Pisces native, you probably understand better than most how we all depend on one another, and how much friendlier the world is if we act in the spirit of cooperation rather than competition. The tendency of modern society is to see things in the binary language of the digital plane; yet we have not quite lost all sense of nuance or subtlety, and you especially have the ability to see through the veil of polarized thinking and oversimplification. Keep on maintaining and honing your mental clarity — just now, it’s a gift of incalculable value.



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