Planet Waves Horoscopes for November 28 – December 5, 2016

By Eric Francis

aries-vq-225.jpgARIES — You need a new perspective, and it looks like you’re about to get one. You’ve been so consumed with your own changes and developments the past year that it’s been difficult to see much past that. Now you’re getting a view over the edge of your own horizons. This will give you some space to consider your possibilities without feeling pressured or cramped. The picture in your chart hints at a few other ideas. One is to go beyond seemingly concrete notions of right and wrong. There are many shades, hues and colors to explore. Another involves whether you want or need to consider the interests of a partner in your future. I suggest you question this especially if you’ve taken the answer for granted in the past. An example of this would be never traveling without a partner. Maybe it’s time to go somewhere on your own, with nobody else to answer to.

taurus-vq-225.jpgTAURUS — You’ve passed through a kind of initiation. In the process, you seem to have figured out something about ‘sin’ being a useless concept. Keep exploring and you’ll discover that it’s a ruse — it hides something deeper and more beautiful. That ‘something’ is direct experience, the kind that you own entirely and about which you get to make up your own mind. Another ‘something’ is gratitude. Take that with you, and give it out generously, as you continue to aspire to new adventures. Gratitude offered to your brothers, sisters, teachers and students is always appropriate. The more you give, the more you will have, and the more you’ll appreciate the abundance that you get to receive by the graces of others. This will make you a softer and more humane person. And in this particular moment when your leadership counts for everything, you will level the ground between you and those who assist you — and those who, with their power, open the way for you.

gemini-vq-225.jpgGEMINI — You will need to maintain inner discipline in your relationship transactions during the coming weeks and well into January. There is a double influence at work. One involves a kind of marriage impulse, and the other looks more like anarchy. Neither is especially trustworthy. Each contains deeper emotions or motives, and you would be wise to look for them. One thing I want to emphasize is not having relationship conversations when anyone is under the influence of any mind-altering substance, even a little alcohol. There’s room for some serious distortion. Therefore, conduct discussions of relationships and sexuality out of bed, such as at the kitchen table; and stone cold sober. You need to know what you’re saying, hear what’s being said to you, and fully trust the understandings and agreements you come to. There’s no wiggle room here. It’s essential that all parties state their true needs, and listen to those of the other. Beware of scorekeeping.

cancer-vq-225.jpgCANCER — Take it as it comes. That’s the best approach to your relationships right now. Someone close to you has been through a particularly challenging transformation. You may have been involved, directly or indirectly. Here’s the thing to remember, at this juncture. People arrive in your life with what they have to offer: their integrity, their desire to share, their growth needs, their unfinished business, and whatever gratitude they might offer. You might take some time and space to observe what changes they’re experiencing, and how they’re making sense of their new self-perception. Remember that this is a kind of reflection for you. There’s information available that will shift your perception of yourself and of your relationships. This may turn out to be a profound life-lesson disguised as something ordinary. Your relationship orientation is likely to have been shifted by this event. Now, gently plot the way forward — that is, your way forward.

leo-vq-225.jpgLEO — You might find yourself offering quite a lot of your personal resources to someone close to you; that would include the erotic and creative kind. You seem to know what others need, and you have plenty to offer. You can safely let this flow. Whether or not anyone expresses appreciation, you will find some happiness in the giving. One thing you’ll gain is experience you’re craving. It’s vital to honor that. You will receive good information that will help you sort out some puzzling issues related to partnership and marriage. These themes and questions can never be answered in theory; they must be explored through direct and conscious experience. Though this may sound strange, one way to look at your quest for independence and self-directed creativity is a social justice issue. You crave freedom, and so does everyone around you. Usually it’s a fantasy. Now you can take steps toward making it real.

virgo-vq-225.jpgVIRGO — Continue to tread consciously and carefully in your relationships. There are many layers to what is going on. What is happening on the surface is merely an invitation to look deeper, including into the dark corners. You will need to penetrate through the layers of confusion and deception to get to the real material. Over the next eight weeks, this will invariably lead you into family constellations that set up the current scenario of your life. Be mindful that no one discovery will explain everything. Along the way, though, there will be many revelations, each of which takes you to a deeper place. You will need to keep an open mind, and not cling to any one discovery as a ’cause’. To do this, it will help if you have a circumspect point of view: keep your senses moving, and alert, and pay as much attention to the background as you do to the figures in the foreground. Here’s one last clue: you will learn much from studying the relationships of your ancestors, from your parents back at least three generations.

libra-vq-225.jpgLIBRA — You seem to be pushing loose from some lonely residue of your past. The longer story of your astrology, going back years, is about cultivating your emotional independence. Most people who know they want to possess this kind of self-containment never get there because one of the requisite steps is giving up what’s blocking you from doing so. And you will never want to release something that you feel is helping you, or that you cannot live without. Taking the first steps into the visceral level of that independence is almost always lonely. The old way of existing is dissolving while the new one has not grounded fully into your awareness. Yet you’re closer than you’ve ever been right now. Many seemingly separate circumstances of your life are conspiring to put you in a position where you must encounter yourself as the center of your existence. From that still point of the turning world, profound growth is possible.

scorpio-vq-225.jpgSCORPIO — The nature and meaning of your personal possessions and resources is now the front-and-center theme of your life. What do you have? What do you value? Who do you value? What about yourself is the most solidly and dependably your own? There’s a real question arising with the current astrology about what’s yours, and what is community property. Community may range from housemates to your colleagues to your family of origin. It’s any circumstance where you must fan out your personal resources into a group of any size, going back to the beginning of your life. If you are feeling anger in any form, you might want to consider what of yours is being treated like some kind of collective property. Once you get a handle on what that might be, you can begin to claim yourself back, step by step. The goal here is not to be covetous of what you have, but rather to claim it as your own, so that you may share it as you wish, with whom you wish — or not.

sagittarius-vq-225.jpgSAGITTARIUS — Tomorrow’s New Moon in your birth sign says you must be your own partner, your own lover and your own best friend. All else flows from there. This can be a challenging thing to learn in the land where life is all about the other, or more accurately, about you being the other. When we talk about things like commitments and containers in relationships, that’s a projection — an extension outward — of the need to be contained within, and committed to, oneself. When you experiment with this, you might notice the kind of chaos it seems to stir up around you. Yes, there will be objections, some of them forceful, and they all have deep roots. I remember working with a client once, whose partner was having jealousy issues. His definition of monogamy included a prohibition on her going to community college. And I thought, wow, this is not what it seems to be. Push the edge, just a little, and see what you learn.

capricorn-vq-225.jpgCAPRICORN — Steam, heat and flames are roiling and boiling inside of you. This is often true; these days it’s a bit more than the usual. There’s so much that you want to make sense, and so little that actually does. It’s as if you’re looking for yourself in the middle of a hurricane. Note that this may be under the guise of seeking the love of your life, or trying to figure out what happened (or is happening) in a relationship. However, it would seem that anything of any relevance is happening inside of you. If other people are involved, they’re more like supporting actors who briefly come onto the stage in the midst of your one-person show. If that’s true, there’s only one direction for you to look, which is within. You might have to forgive everyone and everything around you to get there; you will definitely need to forgive yourself, and journey inward. You may discover it’s not so dark or foggy after all.

aquarius-vq-225.jpgAQUARIUS — Life never lives up to fantasies, but if that’s true, then what are they for? I would propose that one use of fantasy might be to get you to try something, and then be led to a different place or experience. You might not have gotten there otherwise, even if what you were imagining and what you discover are two different things entirely. As you do this, you may realize the difference between fantasy, which is essentially a passive state, and imagination, which is an assertive and creative state. The thing is, society — this place where you try your real-time experiments — is a major mess at the moment. So anything you do is likely to be transformed rapidly, and this may happen in a quick succession of create-recreate experiences. If you ride with this, and pay attention to your surroundings, you will notice that a pattern emerges, and that’s the thing you’re looking for.

pisces-vq-225.jpgPISCES — In the solar chart of a Pisces, Sagittarius is the sign of achievement, notoriety and success. Sagittarius is the sign of the hunter with his arrow pointed at its mark. Alternately, it’s the sign of Chiron the centaur, the morph of human and horse, whose distinction is to be the greatest teacher and mentor in all of Greek mythology. Once you tap into this fiery Sagittarian quality in yourself, you will connect with the experience of drive, intention and wholesome ambition like you’ve never felt it before. It’s funny, though; you never read about this in any description of Pisces; at least I never have. Tuesday there is a stunning New Moon in this area of your chart. This represents the beginning of a new cycle of achievement and success. Saturn, the planet of discipline and self-mastery, has been here for more than a year, opening the way. Keep your focus. Keep doing what you know to be right. Do not worry about what others are doing, or compare yourself to them. A revelation is at hand.

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