Planet Waves Horoscopes: November 21 – 28, 2016

By Eric Francis

ARIES — To get what you want, turn up the passion. You don’t need the ordinary kind of desire; you need the instinctual, lusty kind. This is partly about wanting something enough, or wanting it more than others. It’s also about being so devoted to what you do that you draw others into your vortex and encourage them to take up your goals. This devotion starts with you, and your approach to your work and also to your existence. Right now your existence and your purpose must merge into one thing of beauty, that being you. This is one version of leadership by example. Never underestimate how important this is, even if nobody admits it out loud. Many people around you are struggling to care about anything; many strain to understand why anything matters at all. You get it; and your demonstration of commitment is essential proof of what’s possible.

TAURUS — Faith can move mountains. The history of anyone who has accomplished anything unlikely or seemingly impossible has demonstrated this. Faith ranges from quiet certainty to a deep emotional alignment with what is right and true. It’s the kind of knowingness you have in your body rather than in your mind. This same feeling makes a different kind of sexuality accessible. Erotic feelings that rise to the level of spiritual devotion are something you may have heard about, read about or imagined in your mind; such is a real thing in the world. Yet to go there requires deep inner focus and a kind of moral orientation that takes you beyond judgment. Ordinary ideas of right and wrong do not matter; what matters is your own affinity for your soul and how you want to express yourself, for your own sake and for the people with whom you choose to share energy.

GEMINI — Now is not a good time to make important decisions in your relationships. If you work through the current challenge, you will have another perspective more liberating and beautiful than you might be feeling now. It’s not your relationships that are holding you down; it’s an idea you have about them. You’re in a rare phase of your journey when you can clear those tendencies out of your life. First you must see them for what they are: relationships that are more about structure than about feeling; more about commitment than about devotion. The difference is nothing less than that between what you’re supposed to do, and what you want to do. If you consider this possibility and you feel the allure of freedom, and then you feel guilt, know that you’re moving in the right direction. Guilt is your confirmation of what you really want.

CANCER — You have an unusual opportunity to connect with someone in an intimate way. Whether this happens in the context of an existing relationship, or a new encounter, the experience will lead you to a deeper place. You might even wonder why connecting with others cannot be like this all the time. It can be, if both parties are willing. It can be, if both parties have as their agenda human bonding rather than a corporate arrangement. Human bonding would tend to disregard the official rules and emphasize the rare and beautiful opportunity of the moment. It’s about what feels right because it is right, not because anyone is living up to a theory. The astrology I’m describing is about more than one encounter with one person. You are looking at the potential for how you can live your life: you might say in direct relationship to existence rather than to anyone’s expectations about it.

LEO — You might do what you love; you might also love what you do, whatever it may be. Both are necessary skills at different times in life. Both are possible for you now. Whatever you’re doing, do it with quality and attention. And when you’re done with that, then explore something that you want to do, or simply must do. This is one way to make the divide between “one’s work” and “one’s art” less daunting. Being an artist or craftsman means doing whatever you do with the intention of excellence. This is about you, not whomever you’re working for. It’s less about the product and more about how you feel while you’re engaged in your activity. If you do an unpleasant job with care and love, you will soon understand that you can do even better work, and feel worthy of it. Said another way, master one task and move on to the next.

VIRGO — You’re still susceptible to the manipulation and self-deception of others. There are people who would have you forget their past, or your own. There are people who would lure you into believing that there have been no consequences to their actions. You tend to fall for this because it seems easier than enduring your own self-criticism. With your tendency to service and healing, you might also think you can help people like this, though history tells otherwise. You have options. There are people you can relate to who exist outside of your comfort zone. You will recognize them by their adherence to their own ethics. You will see a certain mirror in them, perhaps cast in a different light, but still, what seems like a true reflection. Yet to even notice their existence requires a change in perspective. Your life and your relationships would need to be devoted to learning something new about yourself, and choosing people in your life who are devoted to showing you how beautiful you are. That, and you must be willing to see.

LIBRA — How would you live if you could be emotionally independent of your family, and of your history with them? This is so unusual as to seem impossible. Yet your growth process going back many years has been driving you in this one direction: into your own need to free yourself from your past, and in the process, develop genuine emotional independence. That means not letting your parents run your life, whether via Facebook or from “the other side.” In order to do this, you will need to face your own insecurities. You will need to see your past in context, realistically. You would have to recognize that the influences that shaped you then do not need to shape you now. And, knowing that, you would select influences that you consciously want to shape you now. Such a moment is upon you. Give yourself credit for how much you’ve accomplished, and get ready to take the next step.

SCORPIO — You’re learning not just how to say what you feel, but how vital that is to your sanity. Yes, you may have been trained to suppress your own voice, your own needs, your own desires and intentions. And you know that you simply cannot live your own life if you keep doing that. Aspects this week invite you to open up to yourself, and feel the pulse of your own existence — and allow that to guide your voice. When you tune into that feeling, let your voice out, any time you’re inclined to use it. Feel the beauty of speaking or in any way vocalizing and of being seen and heard doing so. You need this affirmation — which is both self-affirmation and taking the risk of inviting others to say yes to you, to who you are and what you love. Follow your feeling of danger, embarrassment or reluctance rather than avoiding them. Let yourself out of your bindings and you will enter a new dimension.

SAGITTARIUS — A relationship may seem to take a serious turn over the next few days; don’t take that so seriously. What someone close to you is looking for is an open ear and open heart. They want you to be flexible in your views, and in your view of them. If you open up and offer yourself to this process, you will make some beautiful discoveries about how easy it is to relate to others, when you understand your own power. Borrowing a metaphor from something called Transactional Analysis, the current shape of the relationship might be that of a child trying to get a parent’s attention. If you can shift the discussion to that between two adults, leaving out all the parent-child dynamics, you will find that the conversation goes much more smoothly. You, however, are the one who must initiate this shift, as a fully conscious gesture. Be strong in who you are, and open up to mutual reception.

CAPRICORN — There’s a kind of healing that can only happen through an honest conversation. Honest and healing begin with gentle, and emotionally grounded. That means close to the Earth, close to the center of your body, and tuned into your feelings. From there, you can tune into the feelings of those you’re intimate with. In any conversation of this kind, there may be references to the past, though be clear about what they are. Acknowledge what has happened and how you feel about it; ask your conversation partner their view on what happened and how they feel about it. Mostly, keep your focus on the present, facing the future, because that is the only direction you can travel. In any discussion, consider that you may begin with one idea about what matters most, or what you have to say, and through the discussion make a whole new discovery.

AQUARIUS — It’s now necessary, even urgent, to consider your relationship to all this technology that surrounds you. This is particularly true if you’ve had any kind of mishap that you attribute to something like texting or email. Or you might be figuring out what being surrounded by the digital environment has done to you spiritually. Consider your life before all this tech took over all of known reality; how did you feel, and what kinds of relationships did you have? What did you want from life, and how did you feel about the future? The remedy to all these digital robots that engulf our lives is being human. You are an Aquarian, which means quirky and highly social. Get with people, in person. Take a chance and risk face-to-face encounters. Be yourself and remember who you are.

PISCES — Put your wheels on the ground, sit down in the driver’s seat and point yourself in the direction you want to go. Take leadership of your life and make the decisions you need to make. Don’t talk about it: begin taking steps, and get it done. You must aim your sights high, though. Draw upon the objectives and goals that you hold most dear, and select three of them that support one another. Do not waste time wondering whether you’re taken seriously. You are. Do not waste time with others who do not take themselves seriously; they are not your problem. Of all the signs, Pisces is the one that has the greatest blessing of aspiration. You also have a wide perspective, which can sometimes get in your way, because you know that everything is possible and that on one level, all things are equal. Now, indulge yourself in the art of setting priorities, and aligning yourself with specific goals that you allow to be more relevant than others. Then give it everything you’ve got.

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