Planet Waves Horoscopes: November 13 – 20, 2017

Planet Waves Horoscopes: November 13 – 20, 2017


ARIES — Much depends on your ability to remain calm and centered. To the extent you may fancy yourself a provocateur, dial that back, and keep your mind in observation mode. Do your best to move in a predictable rather than erratic way. Take care of yourself rather than expecting others to do so and, at the same time, offer your support where you see that it’s called for, without needing to be asked. Take a benevolent view of people: see them as friends or allies until they demonstrate otherwise. Powerful forces are at work this week. Many things that seemed dormant will spring to life. Elements that seemed separate or disjointed will emerge as part of the same picture. It may not be clear where exactly you fit into the scenario that emerges, though you will benefit from studying the landscape, particularly the human aspects. This will provide information about what to do, and when to do it, assuming you need to do anything at all.

TAURUS — You may be the beneficiary of someone else’s good fortune. If so, be a contributor rather than a consumer. Here’s a metaphor that may help. Imagine that someone marries into money. It’s preferable if they take a stewardship approach to that fortune rather than setting about spending it. Make decisions, even small ones, in collaboration with close partners; and use your steel-trap mind to ferret out any weaknesses in the plan. That might include factual errors, mathematical errors, misstatements, and ungrounded expectations. Persist in this longer than you’d think is necessary, at least through the entire week, until you’re satisfied you’ve plucked out most of the relevant errors — and if you don’t find any, you’re not looking carefully enough. It’s true you may have made a contribution to whatever it is that develops. You are always an instrumental person. Yet be certain to make sure those who did most of the work get most of the appreciation.

GEMINI — Take nothing for granted this week. Accept no statements at face value, even from people you trust. This is not about being suspicious of anyone or anything. Rather, it’s about maintaining your awareness in a world where there is so much disinformation flying around, and so many agendas are at work. Remind yourself that believing is seeing (not the other way around). Then, be certain to size up what you believe, and why. One thing to be careful of is projecting your own motives, your own ideas of integrity, and your notion of being a good person, onto others. Where any form of power or influence are at stake, that’s where to be especially cautious of projection and belief infiltrating your thoughts. Find out from people in authority what they specifically want, and expect of you. When communicating with colleagues or people who work for you, be clear about your expectations, and ask them what they perceive your role to be. Then, amazing things are possible.

CANCER — This is a week to take careful notes. Keep records of what you say, what you do, what you commit to, and what others commit to, especially where work-related projects are involved. This may seem odd, or over-protective of yourself; though this data will come in handy, if for no other reason than to remind you what you’ve got going on, in a moment when you might be inclined to forget. You’ll also inevitably collect some interesting ideas for what to do going forward — ideas you might have missed entirely had you not been involved in your note-taking process. I’m an advocate for paper and pens (or pencils) rather than typing on little screens, though digital files are better than nothing at all. It’s just that you’ll be more creative and more inclined to remember what you’re thinking if you use physical paper. Speaking of digital, be doubly cautious about hitting the “send” or “post” buttons. Stop and think once, twice and (after pausing) thrice.

LEO — Monitor your emotional state carefully this week. Track your response to your environment, such as how you feel the moment you walk into a room. If you step into a restaurant and the air smells a bit off, that’s a sign you probably should eat somewhere else. If you get a burst of inviting vibes, sit down and eat. Take that as a metaphor for life, and take charge of your environment, particularly your home: it’s the perfect time to get your place ready for a season when you’ll be spending more time indoors. You’re also in a position to take some leadership with your household or family; astrology that will treat you kindly may be bringing on some stress for others. Pay attention to the wellbeing of close partners or your spouse; do what you can to provide some structure in areas such as food, rest and getting a little time off from work. You are respected, and you have a clue.

VIRGO — What is the bone of contention in a relationship? That’s the place to focus your efforts, though not at picking said bone, but understanding there’s always something deeper. Start within yourself: if you feel hurt in any way, begin by assuming the cause is not the issue you think it is. Take some ownership and, first, consider your own vulnerability, your past history, and your own legacy of relationships. Consider what female role models taught you about how to relate to others, and what is supposedly expected of you. You may find your answer right there, without needing to analyze the feelings or actions of others. That said, you are ready for a new approach to relationships; your chart describes nothing less than an evolutionary moment in your approach to love and partnership. You may feel like you’re giving it all up. All you will need to let go of is what does not serve you.

LIBRA — You are in a rare and meaningful moment for understanding your relationship to money. Amidst much other activity, two most generous planets, Venus and Jupiter, align this week in Scorpio, your 2nd house. Jupiter has just arrived here to stay for a year, so this is a medium-range project now moving with full momentum. Yet a full map to the 2nd house reveals that there are four related themes which you might want to write down somewhere: one is your available cash; the second is your access to all other resources; next is your system of values and priorities; and last is your self-esteem. Study the relationship between these four cardinal points and you will start to see many places you can make progress, invest in yourself, feel better about yourself and, finally, discover resources you had no clue even existed. You have plenty — something akin to a trust fund that nobody told you about, but which is waiting in your name, gathering interest.

SCORPIO — Last month, the great planet Jupiter arrived in your sign. A miniature solar system, with 69 known natural satellites, and more solid even than Saturn, is now the dominant influence in your life. This is good news, given that Scorpio has had so little help and support during the past five years or so, and many stressful turns of astrology (and therefore, of events). Monday, Venus makes a conjunction to Jupiter. This is better than drawing the Wish Card out of the tarot; it’s a sign that you’re finally able to access your inner resources. There may be help coming from outside as well, though that will become more apparent when you take advantage of what you already have going. Your personal resources and sense of abundance will draw more to you. One other bit: it’s crucial that you not try to impress anyone, such as the public, or mommy/daddy figures of any shade, or the perfectionists and critics. They all have their own karma. You have yours.

SAGITTARIUS — The theme of denial comes up this week, which puts you on notice to notice what you might be denying. The first thing to consider is yourself. Do you owe yourself anything? A good meal, a good time, a righteous decision, or remembering an important priority you set aside? There has to be something, and it’s likely that when you make your list, and put it aside for a while, you’ll remember the most important item last. Meanwhile, make a policy of taking account of what you know, and what you know to be true, and making sure you actually use that information. The biggest denial factor seems to relate to your own knowledge and awareness, as if you’re being hypnotized by some mysterious force in your environment. Wake up! Pay attention! Draw yourself out of any form of wishful thinking. You don’t need to dream, and you don’t need anesthesia. Reality is better.

CAPRICORN — You may find yourself in the role of disruptor of social norms. Protocol is important; so is consciously breaking protocol and shaking things up a little. You can start with the expectations of your relationships. It would be disruptive enough to get those out onto the table, and inquire whether they matter, or why; it would be downright revolutionary to figure out where they came from, and question all other seeming information or influences that came from that same source. You have had enough of being the property of others. You have had enough of playing a role in your relationships. And you’ve had way more than enough of having to be silent when you know the difference between right and wrong. This is not about making a list of complaints. It’s about starting with the single most important issue, problem or situation, and making it right. Once you start, you won’t be able to stop.

AQUARIUS — This week has the potential to be an astounding time for you professionally. You seem to get some long-overdue recognition that you genuinely deserve. Yet you must not take anything for granted: that’s the theme of the world right now. You must be the arbiter of truth in your own life and, moreover, keep a close eye on the financial compensation you receive for your work. You are likely to be undervaluing the worth of your creative products. What happens this week will give you some leverage to bootstrap your way to a better place. Bootstrapping is a concept once associated with the building of bridges: the idea goes, a bridge is easier to build if it’s already there. So the first thing to do is to create a basic structure over the river so that it’s easier to get the permanent structure in place. You already have that basic structure built. Get busy with the rest.

PISCES — The future opens up for you in an entirely new way: a dense, dark forest reveals itself to contain a clear trail and some kind of supernatural moonlight you’ve never seen before. It will take courage to embark on this path, though do you really have a choice in the matter? Courage means coming from the heart. You are good at that, though you’re often subtle about it. Even if you’re low-key with others, be bold with yourself, and really get the feeling of what it’s like to take your destiny into your hands. You can think of destiny as potential that you take up like the tools of an art, a craft or a science, and consciously put together into something that’s never been done before. In a world where most people are stuck selling their time and their labor, you have a distinct advantage: your ideas are your greatest asset. That may present you with a puzzle, though you have all the clues you need.