Planet Waves Horoscopes: November 12 – 19, 2018

by Eric Francis

ARIES — You need to maintain your focus, which you will do by limiting the number of people you communicate with. That’s been a little out of hand lately, and you may be feeling scattered as a result. This feeling is the main thing to monitor, and keep bringing yourself back on track when you have important or timely things to accomplish. Your situation seems more complex than it is, and you will feel clearer in your direction as you prioritize and work your tasks in order of significance. What’s happening at the moment (among many other things) is that your ruling planet Mars is working through the last few degrees of Aquarius, where it’s been hanging out for most of the year. This represents a shift in your life pattern, and there are many loose ends to tie up. Yet it may feel like you’ll never get it all done, which could in turn lead you to not want to do anything. Don’t fall for that illusion, use your tools well, and take a break from social media. Right now, it’s a drain.

TAURUS — You may be feeling on edge as Venus, the Taurus planet, slows down and gets ready to change to direct motion in a sensitive area of your solar chart. You might be feeling some pressure on a relationship, though none of what you’re feeling is about anyone else. Rather, you’re in a phase of reorientation, which means finding your direction. If you’re willing to live with some confusion for the next week or so, which means not fighting yourself, you will get enough information to be confident in your choices. These are more personal than they may seem, and you’ll need to take a step away from the idea that how someone else feels is more important than how you feel. There’s also something about the “type” of relationship you might be in, though trying to size things up by category listing is not going to work for you either. Every experience you have with every person is distinct, and you respond to every person differently.

GEMINI — Mercury is close to its retrograde position, and that begins in about four days (Nov. 16). This is calling for you to be keep a sense of proportion and scale. You may have a tendency to see things that are barely relevant as being tremendously meaningful, and to miss things that actually matter. Generally, you can pay less attention to what seems controversial or has a feeling of polarization to it. Pay attention to things that come in from the side, or that seem to whisper. All in all, you will need to be a little less trusting, even a little less gullible, and give the truth time to emerge, before you decide what has validity. It’s unlikely to be whatever yells the loudest, or sows the most dissent. It’s not going to be the person trying to sell you something or convince you of anything. So you will need to tune out distracting influences and listen to your inner voice. There’s no rush to make any decision, and there are many good reasons to take it as slowly as you can for a couple of weeks.

CANCER — Try not to get wrapped up in the problems of other people, and keep a focus on yourself. This isn’t easy for you, as it’s your natural tendency to be mother hen, event coordinator and grief counselor. Yet you have plenty of your own business to attend to, both personal and professional. You also know that future plans are calling you, and you have some loose ends to tie up before you can get to it. Therefore, focus on that, and persistently avoid the pains and frustrations of others, to the degree that you can. There is a limit to what you need to give. It’s one thing to offer an open ear and make a suggestion; it’s another thing to get emotionally involved. Yet this distinction has often proven challenging for you. This is a boundary issue, and an important one. Keep an eye on the line where you end and where everyone else begins. It’s not as thin as it seems, and it most definitely exists.

LEO — Pace yourself at work this week, and focus on people, rather than on projects. Make sure you get enough rest, particularly early in the week, because you will need your wits about you. The long process of Mars retrograde is finally drawing to an end, as Mars in Aquarius makes its way out of your house of relationships and into the much deeper territory of Mars in Pisces. As this transition happens, you will be vulnerable to the comments and the actions of others. Conflicts that you thought were in the past may arise, and if so, you’ll need to remember what you’ve already resolved and not let anyone lure you into forgetting. This will in part be a test of confidence, and also an opportunity to keep a handle on the fact that you are, in reality, a balanced and sane person. However, you’re apt to forget, in part because of your tendency to be so hard on yourself. That is destabilizing, and it has a negative influence on your relationships.

VIRGO — If you find yourself making the same error repeatedly, you need to widen your perspective. It’s as if you’re looking at the world through the wrong end of binoculars, and everything seems smaller and more distant than it really is. The alternative is to take a wide view, and to notice the ways that all things are related or at least set in the context of one another — especially yourself. You are not separate from the world around you, even in those times when you may feel alienated from others. That’s only a feeling. Though you may have reason to doubt yourself, if you’re honest you will see that you have even more valid reasons to have confidence in your abilities and your place in the world. Don’t fall for the delusion that life is easier for other people — everyone has their specific form of struggle, and you don’t want anyone else’s. You’re much better off with your own particular challenges. You can handle them just fine.

LIBRA — We’re now in the last few days of Venus retrograde, which is especially palpable for you because Venus is your planet, and this is happening in your sign. The Venus retrograde process seems to have gone on longer than it really has, which is because you’ve been grappling with questions that are concentrated and potentially unpleasant: in particular, matters of self-worth. Please note, however, that this question is a luxury. If you have time to think about it, you have the freedom to do so, and that implies the possibility for growth and movement: again, luxuries. When the question is one of necessity, you make immediate decisions; you decide that there’s a better life for you, and you do everything in your power to make it happen. I suggest you either be content with your lot in life, or engage the process of making changes. Those are your only actual, practical choices; if you try to linger between them, you will only experience the futility of inaction. Perhaps you have something to lose if you try and fail, though that’s true in any event.

SCORPIO — Your region of consciousness — Scorpio, and its ruling planet Mars — have been the focus of some intense drama this year, and now that is all starting to fade away. Jupiter has left your sign, which will help you put your life, your issues, and your needs into proportion. Venus is about to station direct, and will for a few weeks work its way back across your sign, which represents a re-evaluation of all the re-evaluating you’ve been doing lately. Remember that the message of this unusual retrograde was you having the opportunity to see and feel the world from the viewpoint of the people closest to you. Have you done that? Do you have more empathy for the people you care about, live with, love, or admire? Your own dramas tend to subsume your mind, though you’re past the point where that is practical, helpful or in any way productive. Place yourself on equal footing with those around you. Offer what you have, and receive what is given. There’s plenty to go around.

SAGITTARIUS — Jupiter has entered your birth sign for the first time since last showing up on Nov. 23, 2006. With the world moving in dog years, that was a long time ago, yet it may seem like those events and developments were much more recent than they really were. What was happening for you at the time? What challenges were you facing? How did you envision your life? Then, consider how that worked out over the next 12 years, right up until today. For context, consider the midpoint between now and then, which was June 11, 2012. This will help you frame the ways in which you use time, and give you a sense of its actual duration. That is a form of value. Time is the most valuable resource on Earth, because it’s the most limited, and the one thing without which nothing else is possible. With Saturn in your neighboring sign Capricorn, that is especially true: don’t squander your hours, your days, your weeks or your years. Use every moment well.

CAPRICORN — Take what happens in stride this week, and don’t feel like you have to rush to anyone’s aid or rescue. That could be you distracting yourself from your own pressing business at hand. Be cautious of the idea of sacrifice, whether as something you offer, or something you feel like you can demand from someone else. Everyone has their hands full at the moment, and the best way you can be helpful is to take care of yourself, and pay attention to the people in your immediate surroundings. If any assistance is needed, you will be able to offer yourself in ways that don’t place a stress on you, but which are in fact helpful. If you’re called to offer something significant, the clue that it’s the right thing to do will be that you don’t feel a sense of sacrifice. You will just know that you need to do what you can, or give what you can. That’s the mark of true responsibility: the knowledge that something is right.

AQUARIUS — Amidst much other planetary activity, Mars is making its way through the last couple degrees of Aquarius, the scene of the infamous retrograde through this summer. This is the thing to focus on: what happened this summer, what you learned, and what may remain unresolved. You may not be able to resolve it this week, though you can take a step toward doing so. Between Venus stationing direct and Mercury stationing retrograde within hours of one another, information will shake out of the ethers. In particular, you may get some insight into your own motives, or those of others whom you have encountered during this rare, curious and potentially tumultuous transit. Don’t just do that American thing and trample forward without looking back. Take some time and reflect, and make sure you are in possession of both the wisdom and the lingering questions of the past. Ignorance is no excuse, and is not any evidence of being alive. Wherever you may go, bring your curiosity and your power of observation with you.

PISCES — Mars enters your birth sign this week, after dancing around for nearly six months in your solar 12th house, Aquarius. This has probably dredged up all kinds of material for you, though most of it was unlikely to be your personal possession. The 12th is the house of ancestral baggage, and you’ve been clearing out a good bit of that lately. Mars enters your sign just after Jupiter has crossed the midheaven angle of your solar chart. Mars will grant energy while Jupiter will expand your sense of what is possible; the two work well together. Yet it’s essential that you pace yourself, even as you strive to achieve great things. You want steady, thoughtful movement, not instant results. Make sure that you consciously prioritize, which needs to be a daily activity, reviewed through the day. In particular, take it easy on the ambition/aspiration front during Mercury retrograde, which spans from Nov. 16 through Dec. 6. Double and triple check facts, figures and contracts, and take nothing at face value.

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