Planet Waves Horoscopes: November 11 – 18, 2019

By Eric Francis

ARIES — If you need help putting the pieces of a relationship back together, you likely have it available right now. The question is, what are you reassembling, and why? What, exactly, is worth preserving for the future? The current mood of society places way too much emphasis on relationships and not nearly enough on the process of growth and individuation. The cultural lie is that a person is complete when they have a relationship, and nothing much else is worth working for. This deserves consideration from the viewpoint that self-actualization is all that matters. Your primary relationship is to yourself, no matter how much you might identify with another person, or the concept you think binds you to them. It often seems easier to “see yourself in another” than it does to “see yourself in yourself.” If you’re going to reassemble anything, you’re the place to start that process: you, as an independent being with your own needs, desires and abilities to fulfill them.

TAURUS — The notion of purity is a difficult posture to balance. But it seems to retain popularity despite the fact that it does not really exist, and is psychologically dangerous. Your primary assignment is to allow yourself the space to be who you are. This would include room to grow, change and experiment. We would do better with a concept like “holistic” rather than pure; that means taking the whole into account. Think of yourself as a space you hold open for a certain experience to happen: an empty stage, a blank canvas, a new notebook, a big open table where you can set up any project you want, and then allow something to come through you. You will have a similar effect on others, providing the reminder and potentially the practical or spiritual assistance that facilitates something new. When you’re doing this with or for someone else, stand back, and subtract your needs from the equation as best you can.

GEMINI — Pay special attention to your dreams for the next few days, as you will get some ideas how best to facilitate the choices you are making. It’s true that plenty is up in the air at this point. You’re not sure how you feel about certain important aspects of your life, your work being principal among them. You do not need to make any life-altering decisions now. And you might take a look at your tendency to think every choice you make is about what you are going to do “with the rest of your life” — relationships included. This would be a good time to embrace the transience of existence, along with its experimental quality. The idea there is to sidestep any dramatic notion of changing everything forever. You might honor the ways in which seemingly small decisions can alter your trajectory. Of equal relevance is noticing how you feel is the single greatest factor that determines what you think is real and valid, and what you think lacks relevance.

CANCER — You are in an excellent position to be of some public service. It’s likely this will happen whether you intend it to or not. Yet because you are being drawn, pushed or otherwise appearing in public consciousness, you need to stand above the usual polarized mess that this tends to become. That means having a thicker skin than you’re accustomed to as a sensitive person, at the same time thinking beyond your own personal needs, opinions and biases. Remain as neutral as you can in any controversy. This will allow you to facilitate an honest discussion, and be seen as an impartial judge. Meanwhile, you have your own private needs to attend to, which I suggest you keep out of the collective realm. While in the end nothing is really private, you are entitled to your own play space where you’re free to explore and experiment without interference from others. Focus on your own preferences. Leave room for what you really want.

LEO — There are times when your professional calling must stand above every other necessity or involvement, and this may be one of them. You will know this is the right thing because it feels good. You can factor money out of the equation; that is beside the point. The idea is to make sure the right thing happens, for the larger purpose you serve. In this, your instincts and your imagination are irreplaceable. Yet above all else is the example that you set. What you say does not come close to what you do as a teaching method, and you can be sure that others are watching your actions for guidance. And as far as that goes, the primary guidance you are offering is commitment. Your concept of devotion, as you are learning it, is rather different from the prevailing norms and expectations of society. The current obsession with “getting ahead” does not seem like it will do much to help. Just keep on doing what needs to be done.

VIRGO — You are entitled to your opinions, though you would be well served not to be too attached to them. Rather, you might think of your point of view as a probe. You have an idea, and then you test it out in some real situation. Does your concept serve you? Does it get a result? Do you learn something new? Keep the process moving. It’s easy to get stuck, or to latch onto a concept without a review process to determine whether it’s really a useful tool. One way to facilitate this is to notice consciously whether and how your perspective includes new material. This might be the response to a circumstance, a person, a development, or additional information. At the moment, there are a lot of people on the planet who are ready to die for their opinion (which could include a belief, including about themselves). Keep the flow of your mind going; allow yourself to be led by curiosity. That would best include sexual curiosity.

LIBRA — One important question of your life involves mobility. Are you free to go where you want to go, which implies doing what you want to do? What are the ties that bind you? Take a good look at them as you discover them; this will lead you to make some conscious choices about what you want. It seems clear that your commitment to one particular relationship or situation is under real pressure to change, shift or shake itself up. And at the same time, there is something consistent about your involvement that you want to maintain. There is some tension between those two poles, and therein lies the creative potential. If the question were really a choice between staying put and walking away, that might be easier. What is called for, though, is not compromise but rather design innovation — that is, an invention — that gets the whole equation to work for you, and allows you to work for it.

SCORPIO — Someone seems willing to offer their support and even their resources. The question is whether you’re in a position to receive what is being held out to you. You may have your own ideas, and seem to be unwilling to give up your agenda for the sake of anyone else. Yet if you look more closely, you may see that you’re not being asked to change much of anything. Everything comes with some conditions, though this situation seems to be relatively free of them. So you may as well have the conversation. This would, however, require you to state your position and your intentions in plain language, and you might not want to do that. You might feel as if it’s too much of a compromise on your individuality. Yet is that really true? If you assert your reality to others, they get to take it or leave it. In any event, there seems to be a conversation you need to have. This will serve the progress of you and of someone close to you.

SAGITTARIUS — There is only so much meticulous planning you want to do, even if a voice in your mind is telling you that you need a precise strategy. The problem with that is your plans cannot encompass all of the potential you have available. By making plans, you are likely to be limiting yourself. It would make more sense to have some general goals, and some principles you want to live by. Then, when an opportunity opens up, you can evaluate it, and decide whether it works for you. Under some circumstances, it makes sense to have a tight game plan and stick to it. And there are some where it makes no sense at all. For example, many tourists have a set agenda and checklist for what they’re going to do when they arrive in a country they’ve never visited — and they stick to it. Yet when you arrive in a new place for the first time, you will discover things you had no idea existed, and never imagined possible. Currently you are in such a place.

CAPRICORN — The recent re-entry of the slow-moving centaur planet Pholus into your sign comes with a reminder: most of “the past” you are dealing with is not your personal past, but rather that of your family and your ancestors. It is still your responsibility and in a sense your possession. Yet whether something is actually about you, or about someone else, can help you determine how to address the matter. The bottom line is claiming yourself from the grip of the past. Yet this implies a confrontation with anyone who might try to hold you to something you did not cause, and which did not originate with you. This is not as simple as a financial transaction, such as taking on someone’s debt. Growth and maturity are involved. Understanding what it means to be emotionally and financially independent are also significant factors. Put simply, you have both rights and responsibilities to take possession of.

AQUARIUS — Keep your interests close to home these days. Spend a little time inside your four walls, and then make your way out among your friends. Certain career or professional matters seem to be calling for your attention, though this is time for a review more than it is to take action. Review means pondering the events of the past year, and deciding whether there is something you could do better in the future. One central question is about why power is the only thing that seems to matter — whether it’s about your power over someone, or theirs over you. That is a crude way to view the world, and a political framework that will not serve you. You are a social person, and this is more useful than any concept of might and right. Any benefit that comes into your life is going to be offered to you voluntarily. It won’t be about anyone having to do anything. That said, one foundation of success is taking your responsibilities seriously, to yourself and to others.

PISCES — Your perspective is widening, rather quickly these days. Things you didn’t consider possible are suddenly appearing as potentially viable options. It’s as if some obstruction was moved out of your way and you have a clear view out to the horizon. What is actually happening is that you’re recovering some of your former outlook, and your sense of possibility. So while you’re looking ahead, you’re using resources that have served you well in the past — and you can keep doing that. Take some time and remember what tools and skills you possess. There is another factor propelling you, which is gaining, regaining or recovering your self-respect. An important element of this is what I would call sexual self-esteem. As a Pisces, your sexuality is your most important connection to the wider world and, as it works out, your tap into universal energy. While others would make this topic out to be about power or politics, do not fall for that deception. The pleasure and beauty of experience are not matters of public policy or social justice. They are your personal reality, to experience and share as you wish.