Planet Waves Horoscopes: May 7 – 14, 2018

Planet Waves Horoscopes: May 7 – 14, 2018

By Amy Elliott for Planet Waves


You know who you are, and you don’t need anyone dictating to you or holding you back. If someone demands that you step quietly aside, or into the shadows, ask them why — or ask yourself what they fear. Many people feel most comfortable in a world where they can easily deposit other people into convenient boxes, and draw security from their prejudices. But you don’t owe anyone the right to squeeze or shrink you. You don’t owe anyone a neat package, nicely wrapped in a bow. Rather, consider being impossible to contain as something to celebrate and revel in. Then do just that, to the best of your ability.


This may be a good week for ensuring that the relationships you cultivate are as healthy as possible, both for you and for your partners. In particular, are you getting sufficient support to be able to express your personality? As well as considering the actions of loved ones, you might reflect on whether you are fully communicating your needs. If you’ve gotten into a habit of leaving such things unsaid, try to break through your reserve, even if a little at a time. You can be diplomatic if you’re truthful. Doing this can help someone you care about also, by setting an example for them to follow.


Don’t be afraid to go a little against the grain in your social world or community. You have something unique to bring to the table, and it’s time that gift was made visible. You may fear that some will disapprove. Well, it’s impossible to please everyone, so forget that. If needs be, float your idea with people you trust, though don’t allow anyone else to be the final arbiter. It may in fact help if you’re somewhat spontaneous, mischievous or quirky. The sky is tending that way, and many people badly need a little novelty in their lives — not to mention humor. You can afford to be creative.


It’s been shown that we remember challenging events far better than pleasant ones. This is supposedly an evolutionary trait that cultivated threat avoidance and thus promoted survival. Yet for modern humans it is something to tackle rather than encourage. This week, you would probably benefit from using your considerable creative gifts and resourcefulness to channel any tense or difficult memories. That may initially involve simply doing things you enjoy. Eventually, though, you’ll want a project that requires more substantive, long-term work. Set a goal, and make plans in detail where possible.


It’s important to set healthy boundaries, especially in the workplace. Even if you’re aiming for the top of the corporate tree, you should still have free time to enjoy at home and in the company of those you love best. Most people need some kind of sanctuary from the turbulent pace of the outside world: not necessarily four specific walls, but a space in which they feel comfortable and relaxed. If you think you need a few extra hours to yourself at present, consider how you could achieve that. It may be that you simply need your leisure time to be uninterrupted; that’s also a good general rule.


The next week may involve several sudden shifts of gear, or unexpected developments. In particular, when it comes to the people around you, you may need to hold space for them to be who they are at each moment. The closer you are to them, the more important that service is likely to be. Don’t take anything too personally, and don’t try to shoulder another’s burden to the extent that you could wind up feeling overwhelmed. Rather, make a point of taking care of your needs, so that you are operating from a position of strength. Probably all you need to offer is kindness, openness and love.


You have a knack for providing honesty and fairness wherever it’s needed, and just now it would seem to be needed in your relationships. There might be a specific issue you feel uncomfortable bringing up, or that is becoming more important to deal with. Barring risk to life and limb, I would encourage you to speak. Even if you don’t necessarily get the response you were expecting, it’s usually far better to communicate openly than to let something fester beneath the surface. You can be respectful, polite, affectionate and compassionate — just so long as you are also clear and scrupulously truthful.


Life as a human involves a complicated dance of social rules and rituals, which are present for many different reasons. This week may see you reviewing some of these patterns and questioning their precise origins. A surprising number of the restrictions we place on our behavior are remnants of old-fashioned religious (one might say, superstitious) moral codes that simply need not apply so rigidly in today’s culture. Sex-negativity is one possible example; there are likely many others. The key here is anything that makes you personally feel either unhappy or boxed in. That’s a sign it probably ought to go.


Your sign is generally full of fun and this week would appear to be no different; yet the astrology suggests that something in your daily life is perhaps in need of sprucing up. If you’re chafing somewhat, find a creative way to add a little spice, or to switch things around so that you feel a fresh sense of inspiration. You need stimulus. Don’t listen to anyone who expects you to harbor guilt or shame over that. It’s a necessary quality that drives innovation, and sets a worthy example for others who might get a little too comfortable in their humdrum routines. Show them all how to be more interesting.


It would seem you’re getting a firmer grasp on what it means to express yourself without fear. Being an adult means that there’s a point at which we must diverge from our early caregivers, and form our own opinions on our own terms. That may seem obvious, but it can be all too easy sometimes to revisit former patterns and to retain ideas that feel safe due to their familiarity, if not exactly pleasant. Applying critical thinking to what one might call ‘received wisdom’ is not the same as being disrespectful; it’s a necessary tool of independence. You almost certainly see that. Don’t be afraid to put it into practice.


We all have missed opportunities or mistakes that we regret. That doesn’t necessitate constant self-flagellation, especially for the benefit of an audience. Instead, think of regret as a useful tool that you can shape into resolution — that is, spurring you to up your game, so to speak, and to avoid repeating similar errors. You want to steer clear of any sense that you might be irredeemable (that is never true) or of resentful victimhood. Being practical and methodical should help enormously. Remember that you hold the reins of your life, which means you ultimately hold the power to determine where to head next.


Your resourcefulness and intelligence will likely be key to navigating this week’s events. If there is any turbulence, you are more than capable of being your own anchor; though do seek out support and cooperation when you need it. You may listen to others, though it’s vital that you rely most on your own judgment. Your instincts are pretty finely honed and just now you would seem to be attuned closely to them, perhaps as near as you’ve ever been. Whatever challenges you face will almost certainly offer valuable lessons about human nature, which you can easily and skillfully turn to good account.