Planet Waves Horoscopes: May 28 – June 4, 2018

Planet Waves Horoscopes: May 28 – June 4, 2018

by Eric Francis Coppolino

ARIES — Most describe karma as a thing from the past, when what’s usually happening is that people manufacture it by the barrel. That’s another way of saying harming oneself, which in your current situation calls for avoiding what you know causes you problems or even confusion. This may take some effort, though even your most basic, sincere efforts will be quickly rewarded. Soon after comes the conscious embracing of your healing process. Once you make the shift to having something positive to engage with, and having a goal to work towards, you will feel even better. The next few days are likely to come with the revelation of what you need to do, and a reminder not to make the same mistakes over and over again. Start with considering carefully what you put into your body, and any circumstances under which this happens, including who tends to be with you.

TAURUS — You are embarking on one of the most interesting times in your life, by which I mean adventurous and exciting. There is an energy of beginning, of expressing yourself, and of inventing yourself as you go, that’s surrounding you. You will want to make sure your relationship partners are fully cooperative with this process: that, for example, they are not intimidated by the fact of your growth, or by the possibility of your not being your usual highly predictable self. There will be no controlling you in these forthcoming seasons and years of your life. All that will work are collaboration, cooperation, and standing back with some awe at who you are becoming. This, however, may present some challenges for you, since you like to know who you’re going to be from one day to the next. We could sum that up by saying: you will be someone in a constant state of self-discovery.

GEMINI — Tuesday’s Full Moon takes place in your opposite sign Sagittarius, and it highlights a particular relationship that you may still be struggling to understand. There is a dynamic involved, where events are set off that in some way seem to be predestined or where the roles are scripted. Someone keeps making the same errors over and over again, but seems oblivious to this fact. There are two ways to get a handle on this — and you can, by the way. Method one is to do so mutually: to wake up together, to agree to make changes for one another’s sake, for the sake of the relationship, and for your sake as individuals. The other way is that you choose to awaken and you make adjustments that are designed to benefit you alone. There is nothing wrong with acting in your own best interests; in fact, it’s one of the most important skills you can learn in life.

CANCER — You must conduct yourself with the utmost maturity as the next few days unfold, using everything you’ve learned in recent years. And you have learned plenty, particularly regarding matters where the world around you appears to be backsliding. A false conservatism seems to be taking over, and it’s often dressed in progressive garb: that’s to say, the illusion of making progress veils a deep commitment to go nowhere. This is not your trip. You’re not about doing things because everyone else is, particularly at this stage of your life. You must do what you know is correct, no matter what anyone else may think. You need to evaluate all of your agreements based on what aligns with your deepest values, and your most basic way of conducting yourself in the world. You have an excellent sense of what is right for you, and your deepening role as a community leader means expanding this to knowing what is right on that level as well. Let courage lead you.

LEO — You will need to take anything anyone says about sex with approximately a pound of salt. This includes everyone from close partners to friends to what you hear through the gossip circuit. The Sun, which rules your sign, is about to make a square aspect to Nessus, which can stir up the part of people’s mind that thinks only nefarious thoughts where eroticism is concerned. You may contain some part of this; it would be better not to feed it, and to stand clear of any self-judgment or gender rage, both of which are running at pandemic levels these days. People are people. Desire is healthy. We all know right from wrong, and anyone pretending not to is making believe. In this world, it may not be easy to stand in your truth, but it’s the greatest strength you possess. And strength increases with practice.

VIRGO — Take the warm approach rather than the cool one, or the cold one. Cool is just another form of cold, by the way: a gloss as slick as ice and about as friendly. Warmth is human. It is mammalian: furry, soft, cozy, and ready to embrace other critters lovingly. Remember this if things get a little weird. Your humanity is your point of grounding, and that means responding to everything and everyone in as loving and nonjudgmental a way as you can. This will take your full awareness, as this week’s Full Moon is likely to stir up some consternation and confusion in your environment. You are involved in your own transitions, and your own growth process, and it will be essential that you not be too self-absorbed or self-interested. The ends, for example, do not justify the means. In fact, whatever you may do, or experience, it’s all about how you play the game.

LIBRA — Your birth sign and your opposite sign Aries are so loaded with planets at the moment that you may have no idea what to make of what you’re experiencing. It looks like a lot; the collection of newly-discovered objects would only be familiar to scientists at the Minor Planet Center, save for one: Chiron, which is now in your relationship house. When Chiron is working that angle, relationships can feel like they are going crazy, for reasons you just cannot grasp; though the chances are you’re doing better than you believe. Yes, there are challenges, but you have a resource, which is facilitating your ability to translate what you hear. So make sure you do plenty of that; your language skills, and reasoning skills, are essential to work with at this point. So, too, is your canine discernment: is this human friendly, or hostile? If you find yourself growling, you know the answer.

SCORPIO — One thing you definitely don’t want to do is get into any new financial arrangements anywhere around Tuesday’s Full Moon, or until the dust settles; and that’ll take well over a week. You simply must get the facts on whatever situation you’re involved with, and make sure those facts represent the bottom line of what you choose to do. Eventually you will be responsible not only for what you know, but for what you don’t know, so you would be wise to keep an inventory of both. Facts include figures; they include dates; they include the opinions of people who know more than you. In short, facts and figures include everything that’s not supposed to matter here in the Twitter Age, and exclude all of the emotional turmoil, chaos and soggy opinions that make our special time in history what it is.

SAGITTARIUS — This week’s impressive Full Moon in your birth sign is conjunct the asteroid Karma. This seemingly cryptic word has been thrown around a lot. Let’s go to a reliable source for an English definition: the Online Etymology Dictionary by comrade de plume Doug Harper. He leads with, “in Buddhism, the sum of a person’s actions in one life, which determines his form in the next,” followed by, “action, work, deed; fate.” Hence, your deeds are your fate. It appears in Old Persian as kunautiy, which means he makes. In our world, to make is the action that you may take. So to me, you are in a moment when your actions are extraordinarily important. As one born under the sign of the centaur, and of the galaxy, you are tapped into unusual power that multiplies your actions, your efforts and even your intentions. What you say, what you do, what you think, and who you are all matter — tremendously.

CAPRICORN — You are under some remarkable pressure right now: to grow, to change, to become, and to let go of the past. Of all the possible actions your astrology is describing, clearing space in your life is the one thing to do. Pluto has been paving the way; though, for some, Pluto can manifest as drama, as seemingly external pressure, or as a kind of subconscious nag that it’s time to grow. Saturn brings this to a much more tangible level: the level of people, places and things; of actions taken or not taken; and, most of all, of respect for boundaries. That means knowing where everyone else ends and where you begin — which is one of the most touchy subjects in existence. The mere fact of asserting a boundary can be seen as a violation of someone else’s boundaries. These days, merely being who you are can be thought of as some kind of offense. Don’t fall for it.

AQUARIUS — The planet to watch is Mars. We are now about one month from what promises to be an exceedingly interesting (there is an Aquarian word for you) retrograde in your sign. I’ve already written a few articles about this; you can read two of them here and here. Please educate yourself about this event, which is unprecedented since 1971 — a time in history much like our own. Mars retrograde in Aquarius will push the single most important theme of your sign: the encounter of individuality and conformity. Mars means business. Mars knows what it wants, and its sole purpose is to make that happen. And Mars is about to run against the grain of society to assert what it knows is right; in the process the patterns and structures of society will change. This is no time to be on the side of the majority, meaning the majority of the people around you. 

PISCES — This is the week to be at your most professional; to maintain full awareness of your environment; and to navigate your way through the networks of the society you inhabit. Your actions matter; your decisions have impact; and you must use your Pisces gifts of clairvoyance and perception to identify truth and distinguish it from illusion. This will present challenges only if you are picking and choosing based on some unconscious preference that you have for things to be a certain way, and only if you’re not willing to stand in your own reality. Therefore, be the strong, clear-headed person that you know you are in truth. Meanwhile, remember that at heart, you are a pleasure-seeking Pisces. Life is not worth living if it’s not good. Attend to business, and make sure you celebrate, share, and appreciate the blessings you have co-created with existence.

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