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Planet Waves Horoscopes: May 22 – 29, 2017

Sun is in Gemini



ARIES — Self-esteem is the key to happiness, and you’re currently under the perfect aspects to practice this approach to life. One thing I’ve noticed, working as an astrologer, is that many people undermine their respect for themselves, by sending themselves negative messages. You have every reason to take a bold approach to your happiness, to your aspirations, and to your future plans. Yet you must have a personal code that you live by, and item one of that credo is being aware of any negative inner chatter. The second step is to identify its emotional source. This is not something that can be addressed just with a reasoning process. That’s part of the solution; though ultimately, you must choose to feel good about your existence, about why you came to Earth, and about who you are. Therefore, take any opportunity to love.


TAURUS — The coming few days and indeed few weeks will be bristling with mental activity. Between Venus making some exciting aspects and Mercury in your sign, your mind is like a Broadway theater where a rock concert has taken up residence. Your ongoing challenge is to translate all those thundering ideas into something physical and tangible. The way to do that is to work in physical substance: put down your phone and work at a table equipped with paper and pencil rather than a computer. Keep your meetings in person as much as possible. And get outside and soak your eyes in sunlight for at least half an hour a day. Your dream life is likely to be particularly compelling this week. Try to capture those feelings, scenarios and images on paper; and remember, every part of the dream represents you.


GEMINI — An emotional entanglement has disappeared as quickly as it appeared. That gives you some evidence that such a thing is possible. Yet you still face the challenge of keeping your emotions flowing and not being distracted with people who have a negative attitude. You have way too much going for you right now to go down anyone’s dark or self-conflicted road. In fact most of the positive gains in your life will come through encountering people who take a distinctly positive attitude, and raising your vibration to the level of a supportive environment. Much of your success in the coming year of your life will be dependent upon your state of mind. Take a self-affirming view and you will invite positive developments into your life. As they say in 12-step programs, this is all about people, places and things.


CANCER — This will be an exciting week for you professionally, and I suggest you feel no hesitation about turning up the juice. Start by doing your best work, and then telling people about it. Don’t merely send out resumes. Do those bold and brash things like showing up with your portfolio, or sending a FedEx with a personal letter and samples to someone whose attention you want to get. Aim high, that is, higher than you think you’re capable of, and do the work to back it up. The most common error people make these days is thinking that success is all about image and money. For you, it’s about embodying your own success with every cell, every breath and every word you speak. Make sure that people know you’re capable, willing and ready to go the whole distance.


LEO — In today’s world, leadership is about communicating ideas, and then getting people on the same page. That involves a process of listening, expressing yourself, and being flexible about including the ideas of others in what you’re doing. Even though you’re born under what’s called a fixed sign, the more inclusive and cooperative you are, the more you magnify the influence of your creativity. People need to know they’re being heard; indeed, that anybody at all cares what they think. And just as vital, they need a strong influence to tie together all the loose ends and serve as a kind of coordinating editor. You’re in the perfect position to do precisely that. Just do your utmost to keep pride and ego out of the picture. Leo can be brilliant at embodying the role of public servant. Now is the time.


VIRGO — Your persuasive skills are at a near-record level right now. Therefore, it’s crucial that you know exactly what you’re arguing for or against. Make sure that you’re correct, and have applied full-treatment fact-checking to anything you’re trying to convince anyone of. They’ll believe you even if you’re wrong, and you don’t want to have to send out a correction. One way to avoid problems is to do that thing they put law students through, which is to argue both sides of the case, and find some third alternative viewpoint. Flush out the errors in your thinking. Run your ideas past people you consider critical thinkers, and focus your ideas. If the matter involves investments or any other form of finance, you must redouble your efforts and make sure your facts and your reasoning are impeccable.


LIBRA — If it seems like partners or a love interest are sending you mixed signals, don’t take it personally. For example, they might seem to be expressing desire for you, and then sending you the message that they didn’t really mean what you thought they meant. This is likely to be an illusion of some kind; be particularly cautious if the internet is involved. First, address any contradictions you find in your own mind and your own communications, and gently sort those out. Then, do something bold and ask people what they want. Not for the rest of forever, but for right now. If you speak up rather than guess, you’re much likelier to find common ground with someone you care about. Put special attention into cultivating trust. Stick to social plans, and show up on time. That’s a fine start.


SCORPIO — The Sun is shining its light on Gemini, one of the most cryptic angles of your solar chart, and that will help you unravel the seeming mystery of a relationship. Here’s the question: to what extent is desire allowed in your intimate partnerships? Do you allow yourself to want what you want with a clear conscience, or do you have to keep stopping to address guilt? Or, interpreting your chart a different way, there are often two sides to desire: wanting, and not wanting what you have once you get it. The more aware of these wrinkles you are, the less often they will pop up as issues that derail the conversation or the flow of passion. Most people have a hard time stating clearly what they want, with neither hesitation nor guilt. You must get good at it, and practice makes perfect.


SAGITTARIUS — The Sun has joined Mars in Gemini, the relationship angle of your chart, which should help you bring your partnerships onto more level ground. Mars slowly working its way across your opposite sign the past few weeks has been a bit itchy and scratchy, except of course when the passion heats up and all of that goes away. One thing to keep in mind is that your Sagittarian self-direction and independence are running high these days, even as you seem to be taking an unusual degree of interest in relationships. There will be developments within your relationships that help teach you not just how to balance out those two seemingly different interests, but rather how to integrate them and treat them as aspects of the same thing. Healthy relationships are made up of individual people, rather than halves of a whole.


CAPRICORN — Your solar chart this week presents you with an interesting scenario: how effectively can you avoid family, household and work drama, and keep focused on the creative task at hand? This may involve your official job, or it may involve a project you’ve got going on the side. Either way, it looks like the most important priority that you just cannot seem to get to. Of course, there are plenty of compelling reasons to be distracted. The challenge you face is that of any person who is devoted to developing their talent: deciding that what you want to do is more compelling than anything that might sidetrack you. If this takes discipline, it’s nothing other than the same focus of mind and power of prioritization that all successful writers, artists, musicians and businesspeople must master. Go for it.


AQUARIUS — You’ve entered a phase of your life where, with each useless, negative or in-the-way thing you remove, you will make room for some helpful and productive thing to enter. This involves physical objects, people, groups you belong to, and ideas you have about yourself. It’s a basic principle of the Asian art of feng shui: de-clutter, open up space, and put things you use regularly right where you can reach them. As the spring and summer progress, this process will take up residence in your relationships. The key concept is balance: between self and other, and between seemingly different interests. One thing you’re likely to discover is that as you let go of persistent mental patterns, even ones you’ve experienced since childhood, you make room for a more self-affirming experience of your relationships. As you well know, it’s about time.


PISCES — The Sun recently entered Gemini, which is the home and security angle of your solar chart. Two messages are coming through. One is to invest some resources into freshening up your living space. As the old song goes, let the Sun shine in, wash the curtains, and vacuum the remnants of winter out of your windowsills and radiators. Another message may be that you need a change of scenery, even if it’s just for a few days. Pisces is one sign that distinctly needs to have a place to get away to, whether it’s something as modest as a visit to a friend’s house or a night in a B&B or hotel, or as extravagant as a second home. You encounter different aspects of your personality in different spaces you occupy, a fact of your inner makeup that gives you a distinct advantage if you use it.

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