Planet Waves Horoscopes: May 21 – 28, 2018


ARIES — You may feel as though you’ve stepped into some kind of unusual social situation that you just don’t understand. You may feel like you’re in over your head, or that elements from the past are driving you more than what is immediately in your environment. Yet you must maintain your confidence, while at the same time remaining aware of your perceived weaknesses. Pay special attention to any bad advice that may have come from your mother, or any attempt she may be making to control your life (whether or not she is in-body). Some of this may focus on an aspect of your sexuality that you’re concerned will, sooner or later, emerge into the light, at which time it must be confronted. Don’t spend your time waiting. Deal with your most intimate issues directly. Practice radical honesty (a book by that title is worth reading) with yourself first, then with others.

TAURUS — Mercury is cautioning you against exaggeration in any form. State matters in their most basic and elemental way, leaving out the emotional content. That may not be easy, though it will help if you make a list of the known facts, the suspected facts, and what you’re certain you do not know. Once you organize your thinking in a way that subjects things to logic, you will have a much clearer view of your situation. Financial matters are a high priority, though not so much as you may think. What’s more critical is that you spot the errors in your thinking, and do what you can to correct them, which is what the straightforward analysis I’ve suggested will probably accomplish relatively easily and painlessly. And once you’ve attained a state of clarity, be certain that you update your files regularly, and keep a flexible point of view. Nothing stays the same for long these days.

GEMINI — For you, at this moment, the truth is a matter of survival; especially professionally. Any short-term gain that may be had by frosting over some gritty aspects of reality will not serve you well, or serve you for long. You don’t need to spill your guts, though you do need to account for all of the available facts, and do so in a way that you’re prepared to support, and vouch for. Most days it seems the world has gone into the post-truth, post fact phase of evolution, though sooner or later there is accountability. The Sun entering your sign early Monday will put a spotlight on you, making you more visible than usual and connecting you with many people in an unusual way. You’re about to discover that everyone is connected to everyone else; and that there is, in truth, just one topic of conversation that must be addressed. It seems like more, but that’s not true.

CANCER — At all times, check in with your inner kid. For some people, he or she is deep beneath the surface. For you, your kid is likely to be right where you can see, feel and speak with. This facet of your being is not necessarily the one to make decisions, but it is someone whose opinion you should value on any topic. When I say child, I don’t mean impetuous child, but rather one who looks at the world more honestly than adults do; someone who is capable of being impressed, and also incredulous. Someone capable of curiosity, and of being real with others, and not worried what the consequences might be. Your child is probably in some kind of face-to-face relationship with your inner parent; though, in psychological terms, the inner parent is the least dependable, least reliable and least honest facet of the psyche. Trust your kid. Follow your curiosity.

LEO — The Sun has entered the friendliest and most social angle of your solar chart, which is Gemini. As this happens, you may find yourself in the midst of about 10 different conversations you were not expecting to be in, and some that you have no desire to be in. However, you will also be in a fantastic negotiating position, particularly if you take the approach that you’re interested in every facet of the story. Don’t do this randomly or casually, only in situations where you’re truly committed and have some personal investment. It’s a helpful way to work out conflict, should that bubble to the surface. And where you must make decisions, take every opportunity to slow down the process and gather information from every available source. Information is your friend; knowledge is in actual fact power. You are responsible for what you know, and for what you don’t know. So, find out.

VIRGO — The Sun has entered the most visible angle of your chart: your solar 10th house, Gemini. This is your power angle; your reputation; and your ability to occupy two careers or professions at once. What’s so interesting is how many other planets there are in the very early degrees of the signs. This is something that influences everyone, though I’ll offer some details here. The Sun will be making aspects to Chiron, Uranus, Pallas, Venus, Transpluto, Typhon, Pholus and Mars; all within about 48 hours (through Wednesday). That is a lot of activity. Your ability to handle many things at once, and to process a vast amount of mental data, will come in handy. The place you want to stay grounded is on the level of earth and water: the feminine elements. You will be spending lots of time ‘in your head’, and you need to spend some time in water, near water, in nature and with critters.

LIBRA — Venus and Pallas Athene are encouraging you to take charge; though you need to know which approach to take, with whom. All in all, the theme is friendly, though the difference is how much emotion to bring into the conversation. Some people will need a more matter of fact, brass tacks approach; others will need a little more coddling or seduction. Regardless, you can get what you want, though you must be aware that there are many moving parts, and the game board has been rearranged somewhat radically since where things were at even just two weeks ago; very little that applied then applies today. So you must do your homework, update your files, and make sure that in all respects you’re dealing with the most recent information. I was going to say recent and relevant, though certain factors that seem trivial could prove to be deeply meaningful. So take it all into account.

SCORPIO — There are certain people who just cannot stop lying; to make sure you’re not one of them, hold yourself to a high level of truth in all that you say and all that you write. Yet there’s another side to this, which is what you accept as truth into your mind. Fraud and deception is a game that requires two players: a deceiver, and a believer. For a while, the believer is absolved of responsibility, since fraud is a self-concealing crime. However, at a certain point you will be working with enough information that you can easily assemble the parts and pieces, and align the layers. Pause before you make any decisions that are irreversible.

SAGITTARIUS — Actions have consequences, and you must be aware of when you’re being tempted to do something that is out of alignment with your personal truth. Don’t even bother. Walk the other way. Forget about how much money, sex or paradise you may be offered, or may seem available if you do this thing. Forget it. Stick to truth, justice and your personal constitution. That’s where the far greater rewards are to be found, whether spiritual or material — and for you, they are closely related. Yet it’s always wise to remember that yours is an economy that runs on love and not on money, particularly now. That’s where to put your emphasis: on who and what you care about. If someone is close to you, draw them close, take care of them, share what you have, and allow an exchange to happen. Not online robotic fun, but in-person, human fun.

CAPRICORN — Many factors in your environment will seem to provoke you, though it’s your option what to do. Much depends on whether you’re able to relax, explore and experiment. The alternative to that would be attempting to control, withhold, or suppress your energy. This is, in a sense, a test of whether you place a kind of false morality above your natural desire to live. You may be experiencing this as a titanic battle, though it’s between “sides” of a debate that do not exist. You are one unified entity. You don’t need reasons to allow yourself to be creative and breathe. You are alive. That is reason enough. What you might question are any reasons you’ve given yourself to hold back, to resist or to delay having the fun that you want to have. By fun, I don’t just mean the transient kind. I mean the life purpose, fulfill your dharma kind. If you are afraid, I would ask, what are you afraid of? Does it exist?

AQUARIUS — Mars in your sign suggests that you are in possession of considerable power: you can throw lightning bolts if you want. What matters is the feeling behind them: is it passion, or aggression? Is it a friendly feeling, or a hostile one? Are you intending to create or destroy? You can do any of those things, and it’s imperative on you to choose. Yet these are decisions not often made; they happen on what some people call the unconscious level, and that rarely leads to much that is constructive. As your power increases, so too does your level and intensity of awareness. You must be aware from moment to moment, and decide from moment to moment. As the next few weeks progress, this will evolve from being important to urgent to mandatory; so you may as well tune in sooner rather than later, and claim full possession of your strength as a matter of daily living. Because it is.

PISCES — You may feel uncertain whether to stay at home or go someplace, though you can do some of both. The Sun has just entered your solar 4th house, your private and most secure space; and you will feel better if you tend to, take care of, and spend time at home. However, Jupiter is also in your 9th house of travel, making a spectacular aspect to Neptune. So in a sense it does not matter what you do, as long as you have fun doing it. And remember the credo of all true travelers, which is wherever you go, you find yourself there. Your inner theme these days is getting clear about the true nature of fear, and how it originates inside of you. It’s difficult (but understandable) when you place the source of fear outside of yourself. Yes, there are factors in your environment that you must deal with, though that’s the point: how you address them largely determines what they are, and what they become, which is to say, what you are, and what you become.

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