Planet Waves Horoscopes: March 4 – 11, 2019

By Eric Francis

ARIES — Chiron newly in your sign will take a surge of energy from Uranus entering your neighboring sign Taurus. These transits are directly related, as the two planets are traveling in parallel over a long phase of time — about 18 years (depending on what orb you use). Chiron is directing your inner awareness; Uranus entering Taurus is urging you to act on your personal truth. Altogether, you may experience a radicalizing effect that awakens you to a new sense of mission, purpose or reason for your existence. It would be fair to call this a liberating effect. Yet there is an issue you need to be aware of: humans don’t always respond well to freedom or opportunities to experience it. The main problem seems related to taking responsibility for one’s existence and for one’s choices. The prevailing theme of society right now is “you are a victim,” and it’s coming in from just about every direction. You cannot have it both ways, so you will need to choose one.

TAURUS — Uranus changes signs every seven years, and it does so Wednesday. Last spring there was a brief preview of this transit; it now takes hold for the next seven years, and becomes the primary feature of your astrology. While the stability and seeming predictability of Taurus may appear to be the least compatible with the revolutionary drive of Uranus, the two will provide you with motivation and courage to find out who you are. The essence of Uranus in your sign is reinventing yourself, so that implies finding out who you want to be. This does not happen all at once; it comes in waves and peaks, one of which is likely to commence early in the cycle. You can do your part by considering what you want, what you want to do, or what possibilities you want to explore. Give yourself permission to be different from who you were yesterday. Allow yourself the privilege to live outside the expectations of others who are not entitled to an opinion.

GEMINI — Amidst much other astrology, Mercury stations retrograde Monday. (This will be the first of three Mercury retrogrades this year.) Along with the Pisces New Moon, this happens in your 10th house, associated with your responsibilities and reputation. Several factors are urging you to make sure you take care of yourself before you take care of others. This is not one facet at the expense of the other, but rather your order of priorities. You may not be fully aware of just how much responsibility you have; certain circumstances are making it blend into the background. You may not know completely how much is being asked of you; it’s more than you think. If you’re feeling this but have not wholly acknowledged it, you could be avoiding or eluding certain duties. And you might feel some need to be less visible when you’re being called to be more visible. It would be better if you consider all of this rather than let it slide. Mercury retrograde will be working to get your attention.

CANCER — Chiron’s change of signs two weeks ago has awakened you to certain necessities related to your professional obligations, including renewing your dedication to your calling. Yet for this, you must get out of the office, off of the internet, and into the real world of people, places and things. Yes, you will have plenty to do online, yet the balance piece is essential: the need for direct experience and in-person contact for your full impact, charisma and leadership to be felt by others. There may also be decisions you need to make, especially about how you present yourself to the public. You have been altogether too cautious in recent years, and would benefit from experimenting and shaking things up a little. This is not about being different for the sake of impressing anyone, but rather for the purpose of liberating yourself from what is too familiar, and from what you consider safe. You have little choice but to be unabashedly yourself.

LEO — For many years, nearly all of your astrology has been coming from the angle of where you are affected by the world, rather than where you have an impact. The world’s changes have acted on you, and you’ve had few opportunities to make your mark on the planet. That’s about to change with the ingress of Uranus into Taurus on Wednesday. This, combined with many other factors, is about you opening up new territory in life, especially where your goals, aspirations and ideals are concerned. For a long, long time, you’ve considered things in theory, and wondered what would be possible if you could fully apply yourself. That time has arrived. This is partly about you discovering a new perspective on the world, but closer to the heart of your personal quest, a new perspective on your reason for living. You need the courage to dare, and to make mistakes. You are different, yet what distinguishes you comes from inside, not from appearances of any kind.

VIRGO — You can afford to slow things down a little; this is time for a review of your relationships, your commitments, and your needs. Though life is not always a game of even-steven, this is a good time to ask whether those you’re involved with are aware of your needs, or are interested in meeting them. It’s time to ask whether you’re investing your energy into what you actually want; and whether you can see a potential desirable result manifesting. You need to bring the power of vision to whatever you do. That means using your mind to envision what is possible, and then envision the steps to getting there. It’s best to work from a potential destination backwards to the present, rather than taking steps without being sure where they lead. This may be the part that takes guts: looking through the chaos and fog the world is spewing out right now, and seeing better options. And then, whether anyone else seems to care or not, choosing consciously.

LIBRA — When dealing with work-related subject matter this week, pay special attention to what is necessary and what is not. This will help you avoid solving problems that don’t really exist, or doing what ends up being unnecessary. It will help if you’re sensitive to resistance or any sense of being caught in a bog. That feeling may be subtle, so you will need to pay attention. Look at the clock and notice how long something is taking; is the intended result worth this much commitment? What is the intended result, anyway? Pay special attention to agendas, both your own and those of other people. If there is any kind of persistent disruption or delay, where is it coming from? Is it accidental, coincidental, or part of a plan? Rather than accuse anyone of anything, get the facts, and seek an understanding with people. You need your Libra negotiation and peace-making skills now more than ever. And remember, you’re a master of tying up the loose ends.

SCORPIO — Uranus enters your opposite sign Taurus this week, which will be some combination of shocking, refreshing and awakening. Be open to the ideas of others. That doesn’t mean doing what they say, or accepting their opinions as true. Rather, it means sounding, feeling and being open-minded. Consider everything. It’s easy to dismiss ideas because you know they may not be 100% valid. Yet it’s only a little more effort to pause and find the useful bits among the ideas that others may bring to you, or the plans that they may have. The sign Scorpio ranges from zero all the way to 10 on the “easygoing” scale, and you could naturally fall anywhere along that line. The chances are you want control, and you’ll need to guard against the sense that you’re in some way sacrificing that if you listen to what others think. In reality, you will only gain influence by engaging others with dialog on their own terms. People will be happier if you include them in your decision-making process.

SAGITTARIUS — Current planetary movements reveal that you’re especially emotionally sensitive these days, a quality almost never attributed to those born under your sign. Yet it’s true, and you may find yourself contemplating whether you’re really doing the right thing in life — and whether you can change much at this stage of your existence. There are two sides to working out this equation: how you feel, and what you express. They may seem to be unrelated; and how you feel may drown out any desire to say or do much. Yet you might let the expression side take the lead. Amid much other astrology, Chiron is now in your 5th house of creativity and play. This is an invitation not to get hung up or bogged down in your emotional reality. Let it be what it is; it will take care of itself. Find some area that you consider to be a frontier, and push forward a little. Challenge some idea about who you are with tangible action that keeps you busy.

CAPRICORN — You may feel like the pressure is mounting, and like you have little clarity to even determine what is necessary. That is a good sign; if you know you’re having difficulty making decisions or even evaluating your options, that’s far better than driving quickly in the rain and fog. Slow down and make a list of the basic facts and figures that you think influence or affect you. Then study and revise the list over the next few days, and evaluate each point. Is it true? Do you really want or need that, and does it really have an influence? Your perspective will change over the next three weeks of Mercury retrograde. Rather than being certain or conclusive, keep your possibilities open. If you notice you’re trying to convince yourself of anything, pause and take a step back; evaluate slowly, consciously and most of all, gently. Be sensitive to changes in your environment, inner and outer, that render certain previously valuable facts to now be irrelevant.

AQUARIUS — Venus is now in your sign or rising sign, which will seem to tune up this thing called “intuition.” Here’s a theory — intuition is really a response to what you feel, what you think and what you know, in approximately equal measure. Feeling means tuning in to a body sense that is deeper and calmer than an emotional reaction. It’s rarely that sense of totally certain, gung-ho, let’s go. Notice when you encounter resistance, whether inner or outer, and consider what it’s about. Take any opportunity to step outside your usual safe zone of what works for you, and try different approaches to matters related to work, your finances, or your family. It’s not so much that everything is up for re-evaluation. What is changing, though, is how you evaluate, and how you make your choices. Pay attention to new information that may present itself, seemingly out of nowhere, over the next three or four days.

PISCES — This week’s extraordinary New Moon in your birth sign is calling on you to appreciate all that is not ordinary in your life. At this time, very little is “as usual.” This is partly coming from the prevailing chaos and strangeness of the world. But mostly it’s the result of challenging influences that are entirely internal and self-oriented. You are currently experiencing a realignment with yourself. The recent ingress of Chiron into Aries is compelling you to be somewhat brutal about enforcing your values, which means investing your energy only into what directly matters to you. To know that, you have to think and reflect carefully, and listen to yourself when you say “this is important to me” about the same thing or few things every day. It will be too easy to con yourself out of what you want the most, though that would be impossible if you did not possess some sense of needing to sacrifice yourself for others. It’s not about them; it’s about you.

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