Planet Waves Horoscopes: March 25 – April 1, 2019

Aries (March 20-April 19) — You are making your mind up about something, though you may not know what it is yet. This is a deep and somewhat mysterious process that is difficult to name, though the decision may involve your commitment to a healing process that you’ve been concerned about for some time. It’s one of those lurking things that are difficult to get underneath, though you’re in a moment when you can do that. What seemed perfectly cryptic and intangible can emerge in a form that is tangible and understandable. This will not last forever; it’s a kind of temporary awakening that you can both access and use to make adjustments to your state of mind and your life patterns. It’s as if a portal into your deeper dimensions is opening up, and you have a rare opportunity to do inner work — and to make contact with a level of your being that’s evasive and elusive most of the time. Your timeframe is about 10 days. Your mission is to focus your awareness inwardly during that time. Do not concern yourself with results, only with where you direct your attention.

Taurus (April 19-May 20) — Pay careful attention when you’re out of the house in social situations. This also applies to any online or public presence that you have. Be sure to sniff the air, listen to the wind and check the tide chart before you go too far or do too much. Notice those little flags flying at the end of the dock — the ones that warn you about gale and gusts. And keep checking, because conditions are likely to change unexpectedly. Pay attention as well to the human environments that surround you, and take the temperature of where people are coming from, and notice if you want to take your jacket off or put it on when you’re around someone. You can’t really believe anything you hear outside of your own home, but you will pick up on some interesting scenarios, a few ridiculous claims and some significant wisdom mingled in among it. The thing you can do is follow your curiosity to some deep places, like the mermaid or merman that you are. This will be great fun as long as you don’t commit to anything in particular being true. Rather, listen and consider.

Gemini (May 20-June 21) — Your life continues to be a study in what you dream of, as contrasted to what you think is possible. In one direction things seem boundless, and in another, hemmed in. It’s vital that you pay attention to certain bottom-line elements of life, but even more important that you consider your ideals and your dreams. This is more than about balance. It’s about transcending your limitations. For that to work, you have to know what your limits are, or what you think they are. This is actually the line of demarcation of what you think is possible. As you gradually adjust (or suddenly revise) your ideas about what can be achieved, those seeming limits will appear to move, open or seem to be an illusion of the past. This may lead you to the question: what exactly stands between you and others? Is it something real, or is it some figment of your thoughts or beliefs? And if the latter, what purpose do they serve? It will help if you know your primary purpose for being in any relationship. You have one, whatever it is; and that is the angle to explore with that person, first.

Cancer (June 21-July 22) — There are two unusually strong forces working in your life right now: one is a calling to focus your spiritual development, which really means your inner awareness; and the other one is to be out in the world, taking responsibility for your existence and achieving some of the great things you know you’re capable of. Everyone should be so fortunate to have these working at the same time, because they are the perfect complement to one another. The drive to build, or to change the world in any way, dearly needs to be informed by deeper layers of ethics and conscience, the ones that come right from your inner creative source. Spirit and wisdom need means of expression, and modes of action. I suggest you err on the side of telling more of your deeper truth rather than less. Don’t be so quick to filter out what you want and need to say. Creative leadership requires taking creative risks. So does being an artist, whose primary commitment is to stay awake and connected to your senses and to the world around you.

Leo (July 22-Aug. 23) — Every moment, you’re making the choice about how to live. You affirm your life plan with every word, every idea, every contact with another person. Your relationships are reborn every moment. You influence your experience through your presence: physical and verbal; sensory and emotional — all forms of engagement count, particularly under the current astrology. Slow down and take the time to be with people you care about. Make sure you have plenty of one-on-one time with those closest to you, and invest the energy necessary to listen deeply. You will find true freedom in doing so, and a new depth of mutual understanding. This is likely to change and evolve over the next two weeks; it’s not the kind of thing you can hold in your hand or keep in a jar, nor do you want to. The unpredictable and genuinely mysterious quality of the astrology during this time is a necessary element in the creative process — the great art studio known as your life.

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sep. 22) — There are aspects that say, “a significant meeting is on the horizon,” and you’re in one of them now: Mercury turning to direct motion in your 7th house of relationships, in Pisces, conjunct Neptune. Yet such a Mercury-Neptune contact also describes a mysterious and potentially invisible process. The best way to handle this is to think of it not in terms of what stands out within your environment, but rather, what is going on in the background. That means away from view, off to the side, behind the scenes — or generally, everywhere. Treat every encounter as meaningful enough to pay attention to. Notice how you feel around anyone you may meet. You’re likely to be picking up subtle vibes and sensory perceptions that will be easy enough to ignore, particularly if you get lost in someone’s charm or charisma. So keep your focus and remember who you are at all times. If you find yourself making an effort to stay above the surface of the water, keep going. But you don’t need to exert too much effort. Listen to your senses and maintain a dialog. Listen to what you hear, and to what you say.

Libra (Sep. 22-Oct. 23) — You may be initiating or influencing events in ways you don’t understand, and far beyond your perception. Imagine that your words, your actions and your thoughts ripple through existence, affecting people far from you, many of whom you do not know. While that’s happening, someone appears to be throwing you a curve, compelling or demanding your attention. Don’t be so fast to respond to anything that may seem hot and heavy. Rather, invest a few days in allowing the facts to come out, giving yourself time to think, and getting a better idea of what’s really on the minds of people you’re invested in or working with. They have problems and situations you may not be aware of, and may not understand. Keep some perspective and some distance there, enough not to make those problems your own in any way. You will find yourself in a position to be supportive, though you must take care of yourself first. Amidst many other intriguing developments, Venus enters the health and well-being angle of your solar chart on Tuesday, and Mercury is about to station direct. Focus on yourself for a while — enough to make a difference.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22) — Many people wonder if the whole sex thing is worth it, but you don’t wonder for long. Now is the time to immerse rather than to avoid, which does not need to involve anyone but yourself. It can, of course, and it may well. The new pattern that has taken shape in your solar chart is about unexpected developments, people arriving or departing without notice, and you being in a position to respond or react. And with many truly unusual events in Pisces, your solar 5th house of playful, creative and erotic experiences, this has rarely been more exciting. One issue is that many people have made up their mind about sex, or feel betrayed or let down by it — and would rather not get hurt again. If that is true for you, there’s a backstory; there may be lingering events and experiences that need attention. Now is the time to devote yourself to that. If you suddenly find yourself having more space in your life, use it well and wisely. Remember that however you get there, healing means a return to trust, pleasure and sharing.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 22) — Be careful not to let the seeming exigencies and urgencies of others sway your judgment, or tug at your emotional strings. You have your priorities, and you must think in terms of your bottom line. This is not your usual way of being; you’re more often reluctant to translate anything into dollars and cents, preferring other forms of worth or value. Yet this is not really a matter of money. The numbers point to values, to willingness, to honesty, and to the truth. So stick to your number, and don’t be so fast to state out loud what it is. Rather, let the discussion flow out in your direction; size up carefully what others are saying and what they are thinking. Be aware it could take you days to actually come around to what that is, so for this reason I recommend delay, delay, delay, while you observe, observe, observe. Think with the part of your mind that does not chatter, which may mean not thinking at all, so much as you can make that so. Dig in the dirt or play a drum.

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 20) — You may have experienced some shock to your foundation or security base recently. But you must take it in stride and keep one foot swinging in front of the other, until you either get away from something you don’t like, or work your way toward something that you do. Life is full of surprises these days, and you probably have a few more to come. However, I suggest strongly that you not hang yourself up in hope. Sold as the most fantastic product in the world, it’s an inert substance. Rather, learn from what you observe. Notice what is really a thing of the past, and what is a present concern. That’s something that must be evaluated carefully, especially during these confused days. Mercury still moving retrograde for a few more days is a caution that you might be thinking too much in terms of the past and not enough about what is a present and active concern, potential or opportunity. In fact you may be thinking too much, when music would be a far more nourishing environment. You will feel less suspicious in a week.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) — You may not be fully set in your agenda, but you have a good idea what you want and what you want (and need) to do. It’s just a matter of that information settling into the water in your soul, and letting it mix and mingle there for a while. You also appear to be processing some karma from the distant past, whether it’s family baggage or stuff you have in a storage locker. If it’s on the emotional level, be aware that it may have nothing to do with this lifetime or your generation. If you determine that you’re addressing something from the distant past, make sure you respond appropriately and treat it as such. There are times when you must look at a situation and take care of it directly. There are other times when it is fair to size something up carefully, and hand it back to whomever it belongs to. Do not assume that everything you’re confronted with is your responsibility to resolve. Make a conscious choice in the matter. Then take ownership of what is yours, and fully engage your plans.

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) — You can trust what happens this week, even if you don’t think you can right now. Yes, there is an unpredictable energy in the sea around you, and the ocean is nothing to be taken for granted. Yet it is your home and your environment. It’s where you were born and where you live. Others around you may not be so adept at so much Pisces in the sky right now, as Mercury aligns with Neptune over the next week. Yet it represents a role reversal, and the potential for deep bonding with someone you value or want to be close to. Venus enters your sign on March 26, and is providing reassurance that you can trust your feelings and the flow of events. Take this process one moment at a time, rather than projecting into the future, or lingering around in the past. Stay right where you are, make eye contact, make voice contact, listen and share. This does not look like a situation where you go to someone, or pursue them in any way. It’s more about someone or something coming to you. This is also helpful astrology if you have any bonds or ties that you want to dissolve, even if this has proven challenging in the past.

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