Planet Waves Horoscopes: March 2 – 9, 2020

Planet Waves Horoscopes

By Amy Elliott

For the past two weeks, Mercury has been making its way backward through the most sensitive area of your solar chart. This describes a process of deep discovery relating to who you are. More than likely, it’s felt quite gentle and subtle, an idea gradually building in the back of your mind. As Mercury slips into Aquarius on Wednesday, this should gain in tangibility, and various threads will start to form a pattern. What this amounts to is you taking notice of a facet of yourself either that you’ve formerly suppressed somewhat, or which has been growing stronger with the development of your confidence and self-knowledge. You will soon be able to experiment with this part of you out in the open. Meanwhile, let it continue to blossom within you.

Your ruler Venus entering your sign late Wednesday night heralds the culmination of a phase that may have felt substantially unsettling for you. Yet something has been brewing beneath the turbulence, and you’re about to get your first glimpse of the results. This is taking place in the realm of how you relate to the world, though at present it’s very much an internal process. I suggest you keep trying on different ideas and various hats as they occur to you, and take care not to dismiss anything because it seems outlandish or might attract criticism. That’s the eternal price of utterly honest living, and it’s a rare situation indeed where that fee is not worth paying. Your freedom beckons. Get ready to meet it.

It’s time to weigh up the experiences you’ve had during the last two weeks or so, as Mercury has made its backward journey across Pisces, which is your career zone. That said, you might well already have gotten a clue. Your senses are unusually sharp and clear, and even on those days when your mind feels scrambled, your instincts are on to the scent of truth. You’re learning that you must abandon any illusions that remain to you of being led by the wishes of others. This is your way of playing it safe: if someone else is in the driving seat, you can believe they’re responsible for whatever happens on the road. It takes courage to grip the wheel, and recognize that ultimately the decisions you make are by, and for, you.

Current charts paint a picture of you, if not quite on the big stage bathed in spotlights, then experiencing some similarities. Certainly you’re becoming more noticeable, thanks to the energy you can’t help but express. That in turn could lead to what feels like a sharp increase of scrutiny and random people trying to figure you out. These days, when anyone dares to stand out from the masses, both curiosity and criticism are inevitable to an extent. You can help yourself by standing firm in your dharma, and acting in ways that accord with it. Don’t allow anyone else to set the terms on which you conduct your life and your business. You are by far the best person to steer your own boat.

It’s generally wise not to make too many assumptions regarding what people around you are thinking and feeling. The human capacity to surprise is infinite, however seldom it is employed. Your astrology is reflecting one particular circumstance in which you might think you have a dispute or conflict of interest with someone. This is worth reviewing, even if the facts appear obvious. Just now, very few things are really precisely as they seem. If you dig a little deeper, you could easily find enough information to at least pause. This will be in the form of common ground of some kind. At any rate, make peace your watchword and summon your powers of diplomacy, at least until anything more decisive emerges.

Mercury’s reverse course through Pisces, your opposite sign, describes the potential for old feelings and insecurities being stirred up, especially in terms of one-to-one relationships. Yet you’re also aware of the progress you’ve made since these troublesome guests last made themselves known, and therefore need not be caught in the net unless you’re determined to be. Just hold on to the knowledge that nobody else can play the role of you better than you can. Your gifts are not invisible to others, even in those moments when they seem so to you. If you look carefully, you’ll find abundant evidence of their existence. If your self-trust contains a few holes, this is a good time to make a point of patching it up.

Retrograde Mercury’s dip back into Aquarius, your solar 5th house, is a reminder that the most fulfilling form of work is the kind into which you can bring your whole self. What really piques your interest? What draws and holds your attention? Notice when, in answering these questions, you make reference to other people’s expectations or values. Then set all of that aside. This will likely need to be an ongoing rinse-and-repeat sort of process, as Venus crosses your 8th. However, this period will also give you an opportunity to explore where someone’s agenda has acted on your ideas about who you are, and what you desire. Eventually, with practice, you’ll be able to strip away much of the undue influence, and see the naked truth behind it.

Though Mercury has another week before its about-face in late Aquarius, there’s nothing stopping you taking note of any ideas that might pass through your mind. Likewise, there’s no reason you can’t clear away old debris in preparation for the moment of action. You have discernment, and it’s worth putting that skill to some use this week. Discard, ruthlessly, any old concepts that have been hindering your progress. If other people show any inclination to throw obstacles in your path, withdraw from their immediate vicinity. Stay away from them as long as necessary. You need the freedom and space to consult your own unfiltered thoughts, and give them full expression.

There is something quite beautiful in responding to the world as a child might, with the same trust and wonder and love. However difficult this might seem, it’s a skill that can be cultivated and practiced; an art that allows you to let go and simply be for a while. Doing this can also help you retrieve certain aspirations or ideals that you held in former times; in other words, reclaim a part of yourself that should never have left you. Many people spend far too much of their lives dealing with blows to their self-trust from past caregivers or family members, even well-meaning ones. You can now choose to override any such hurdles, and give your self-confidence the reins. Try it, and see what happens.

During this week you could benefit from some gentle thought experiments, in which you ask questions regarding some strongly-held beliefs. You can do this privately, so as to give yourself full conceptual freedom in a safe environment. Notice when deep emotions are roused, when doubts or queries surface that seem to have always been there, and when you feel afraid to explore something further. You may gain understanding of the difference between a conclusion formed on the basis of solid evidence, and an unsupported belief. The question then becomes, what purpose is that belief serving? What is it preventing you from doing? And what doors might open if you let it go?

Your sign is about to become an astrological focal point, with Saturn arriving for its practice run later this month, and then the gradually building Jupiter-Saturn conjunction. This is a major shift for you after so much emphasis on your solar 12th house, Capricorn — the most veiled area of the chart. You would benefit from making use of this year as a phase of preparation. Mercury’s brief visit to your sign starting Wednesday will more than likely illuminate certain areas where you might not feel quite ready to meet the changes. This would be a good place to concentrate your energy initially. Take it easy — you don’t need to rush this process, just notice it. For now, let the big developments happen organically.

By and large, people tend to prefer simple answers. This is why many have a love-hate relationship with the truth, which is often complex and doesn’t yield to confirmation bias. You have a degree of advantage in the ability to make room for seemingly bizarre or unconventional sources, which sometimes fill in the gaps left by mainstream theories. Your open-mindedness will serve you well during the next week or so, as long as you don’t hasten to any conclusions. Consider this more of a fact-gathering exercise, in which your task is to accumulate information with the intention to apply discernment at another time. Know when you don’t know, and reserve judgment should you find preconceptions are trying to sway it.

Planet Waves Horoscopes