Planet Waves Horoscopes: March 19 – 26, 2018

Planet Waves Horoscopes: March 19 – 26, 2018

by Eric Francis Coppolino

ARIES — The Sun is about to enter your sign, and take you on a most interesting journey through the physical world. You have had more than enough of fantasy and imagining. You’ve experienced the interior of your mind in some delightful ways, and now it’s time to bust free, into actual lived reality. Just be aware that this is a significant transition, from imaginary space into the imperfect physical dimension. Don’t expect one to fit neatly into the other. Let yourself squirm a little, and stretch into the glove of incarnation. Despite how it may seem at first, there’s more freedom in the physical world than there is in the imaginary world. One is a blueprint; the other is a space you can explore and live in. And like any new space, it can take some time to settle in. Appreciate the beauty of this journey. Softening your expectations and preconceptions helps.

TAURUS — You must be feeling restless, like you want to burst out of your own skin, or learn how to fly a small airplane and hop across the country 500 miles at a time. You may suddenly decide that something you were certain was true is now a thing of the past, replaced by a much more radical idea. How exactly you handle this astrology is, of course, up to you; though don’t be afraid to be rad and a little wild. Life is not a choreographed event. Life is an experiment, and you will certainly want to live that way. This may require some staying up past bedtime, trying absinthe, trying a threesome, or some other naughty thing that cracks open your idea of who you are and allows some more lavish expression of you to come out. And make no mistake: this really is a “coming out.” Out of that inner closet, out of the past, out into the beautiful daylight.

GEMINI — You must hold the vision for your life, and for who and what you want to become. This is the sacred flame that you carry. It’s more than about intention; or you might say, a special form of intention that you protect as if you’re a candle in the wind. Your soul’s purpose is stronger than that, but it’s the act of guarding and nurturing your own creativity that is what cultivates your growth. Yet the heat and light that you make are only relevant if you use them, so part of your role is to make sure you express yourself in some daring way. This will only strengthen you, even if you experience setbacks from time to time. Over the next few weeks, you will have many opportunities to experiment with who you are, with what you offer to the world, and with the message that you share. Be bold and loving about this.

CANCER — The Sun is about to enter Aries, joining many other planets in the most ambitious, adventurous angle of your solar chart. Known as the 10th solar house, this region of the chart has two purposes. One is reputation. The other is taking responsibility. The two are inseparable; where there is one, there must be the other — though you would never know it in our world, where power is so often abused. You do not have that prerogative, but you have much better ones. You’re one of the guardians of our world, one of the nurturers, one whose empathy is nearly inexhaustible. For you, accomplishment specifically means making the world a better place in all that you do. In this sense, responsibility and reputation are the same thing, since all you need to be recognized for is the quality work that you do — which is a tangible form of love. Therefore, shine like the Sun at noon.

LEO — Currently, common wisdom extols the virtues of living in the moment, which is another way of saying living as if there is no tomorrow. Yet there is a tomorrow, and there is a yesterday, even if these things are a little too abstract (so far as we know) for most dogs to understand. You must use your imagination and see into the future. And equally, you must take everything you’ve learned in the past and put it to the very best use that you can. It’s true that obsession with either past or future is unhealthy; though there’s a way to apply them gently, and to be the builder of a bridge between the two, with your conscious power of choice and the miracle of mindfulness. Making a plan is not like laying railroad tracks. It’s more like a sketch, which you can erase, redraw, and finally paint to its full beauty.

VIRGO — One of the most unusual properties of Virgo is the depth at which you identify with your relationships. You make some of the most valuable discoveries about yourself through investing yourself in others. There are many implications to this. For example, you can hold off on your growth by backing away from intimacy. Conversely, if you become over-invested in a person, you can hand them the keys to your independence. In this respect, you walk a narrow edge, where you must maintain self-awareness at all costs, without becoming self-obsessed. All of this is described in the sign Aries, your 8th solar house. Many planets are now there. The Sun is about to enter, and Chiron — perhaps the most important planet associated with Virgo — arrives in a few weeks. Be kind to yourself, and to the people who hold space for so much of your beautiful self-discovery.

LIBRA — There exists a long, complex work of spiritual psychology called A Course in Miracles. One of its most potent ideas, though, can be summed up in three words: perception is projection. In other words, what we see, we have shined on the world like a movie projector. We see the contents of our own minds. Given that our minds are responsible for the whole experience of consciousness, is anything else possible? Well, yes — you might call that enlightenment. At first this comes in flashes, like a burst of light that illuminates what was hidden by the darkness. You’re about to get such a moment of awareness or awakening. As it happens, you may have the feeling of, “Aah! So this is how the world really is!” (Hint: it will be better than you thought.) Then it will be up to you to remember what you perceived: how people looked and felt, and the way forward that will be revealed, if only in a glimpse.

SCORPIO — This can be an amazingly productive few weeks for you, though you must work to preserve some sense of balance — especially at work. You seem to be involved with, or responsible for, quite a few people. The way to handle this is to keep communication open and clear. You can benefit from following one easy-to-remember rule, which is to understate your case, clearly. Then seek some confirmation that you are understood. Listen carefully to what is said back to you. But do all this in a tone slightly above a whisper. If you must correct someone, do so gently. If you find yourself being corrected, make sure you understand what you need to do. The power of all communications is magnified wildly in your chart right now. Small doses of the medicine known as language will go a long way. You will learn something about the nature of reality from these experiences.

SAGITTARIUS — Planets are storming into fire sign Aries, which is one of the most exciting angles of your solar chart. Mars has exited your sign, leaving just one major point in Sagittarius — an asteroid called Vesta. The glyph for this sign is a chevron, which is a container for fire. That suggests your role is to provide a space for your burning creativity. You can think of this as containing the power of your mind, and directing it to its specific purpose. Vesta is conjunct the Galactic Core, adding to the intrigue. It’s as if you’re standing between the universe and the Earth, guiding the flow of energy into some worldly form. This is what any creative person does, whether they think of themselves as an artist or not. With the subtlest movements, you can open up whole new realities. I know you may be sitting on the D Train or crosstown bus reading this, though as Jerry used to sing, you an get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right.

CAPRICORN — The big news of the week is that Mars is now in your sign, which is another way of saying you have all the motivation, strength, power and energy you could possibly need. Or, you do if you can get out of your own way. This will be the whole exercise of Mars in your sign, which lasts a good long time — until May 16. You will have many opportunities to stumble over yourself, and just as many to tiptoe around your inner obstacles; or better yet, to remove them from your path. One could go to therapy for five years only to learn that it’s better to clear the stumbling blocks than it is to throw them in your own way. Yet you can just figure this out for yourself, noticing all the times you choose to do one or the other. Here is an easy example: if you have plans to do something fun for the evening, don’t plan anything later that night, or the next morning. Give yourself the opportunity to go for the full experience.

AQUARIUS — What’s the world’s most serious problem? There’s a good case to be made that fear is the one. You might say fear is the root of all evil, since just about all the mean things that happen are motivated or justified by this odd emotion. Yet the other effect of fear, anxiety or worry in any form is to convert creativity into something toxic, and to block nearly all constructive use of the mind. Anyone who can master these issues will be an influential person, in their own life and in the world around them. You have this opportunity right now, and will through much of the spring. Get in the habit of transforming all of your mental and emotional power into something positive. Understand what provokes you, and get a sense of why that is. As you go through this experience, you will be able to clear all kinds of baggage from your mind and your emotions. You will, in a real sense, claim your life — claim it back, or for the first time.

PISCES — The week begins with the Sun in a close conjunction to Chiron — the last of many such events that takes place with Chiron in Pisces. While this aspect verges on too deep for words, much less a horoscope column, I will do my best. When existence is lived consciously, it can have a perilous, delicate, vulnerable feeling. Many people live feeling separated from Source or God, and spend their lives endlessly searching. Chiron’s eight years in Pisces have helped you tap into the strength of vulnerability, and focus your search inwardly. You’ve lived through many experiences that have given you reason to have faith in yourself, and in your wider experience of the world. Experience is the real teacher. Theory is good for a while; and then one really gets the point with the discovery that something is possible, or when that the notion of “impossible” vanishes like steam into the air.