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Planet Waves Horoscopes: March 13 – 20, 2017

By Eric Francis Coppolino

ARIES — Events this week can revolutionize your life. But you must stay in the present to get the benefits. Most of humanity navigates by staring into the rearview mirror, by false hope, or by worry. You must look at your actual surroundings and your environment now, and size up what you see, hear and feel. This is more challenging than you might imagine. You’ll thrive by doing so. Astrology tells us that we’re in a moment like no other, and the most electrifying event in the sky — the rare Uranus-Eris conjunction, exact Friday — is happening right in your sign. If you’re experiencing this as a crisis, find the calm place within your center, and the information you need is right there. If you’re struggling, devoting yourself to healing as your first priority will help you. If you’re curious, thriving or feeling that itch to live, be bold and greet the world with an open heart.

TAURUS — Mars is now in your sign, which signifies strength, passion and integrity. Because we’re talking about Taurus, you’re being given cosmic consent to express yourself more openly. So much is happening in the depths of your heart and soul; and though it’s all deeply personal, you’re yearning for expression. This is not merely about words and pictures. Do something with your body: go to the top of a mountain, explore someplace unfamiliar, eat the food you love, and connect with the people you love. This is a reminder to scrap your weight-loss plan, set aside a time-consuming obligation, and live like it really matters. One esoteric fact is that Mars is now crossing over the discovery degree of Chiron. This is a reminder to express your individuality, and to remember that there’s deep healing in seeking the pleasure that you want.

GEMINI — Mercury, your witty, gleaming, curious planet, enters Aries today, the sign where you meet the public. Other rather stunning activity is happening there as well. Spend as much time out of the house as possible. Introduce yourself to anyone you’re even vaguely curious about. You will meet some interesting people this week — people who may have a profound influence on your future. This will be especially true in group social situations. Remember one thing at all times: pay attention to who you’re talking to. Listen to what they say. Watch their face when they speak. Understand where they’re coming from, from a professional and personal standpoint. The connections run far and wide this week, and you’re not more than one degree of separation from anyone you want to meet. The only thing between you and connecting is that rarified state of being known as mindfulness.

CANCER — By all indications, you’re feeling good about yourself. You feel like you belong on the planet, and like you’re in your element. This will be true at home or wherever your travels may take you. In these moments, your life goes well — and your future has a way of opening up before your eyes. You do indeed have a future, and it’s more beautiful, creative and more lavishly interesting than you’ve imagined any time recently. If you’re going to work with a plan, let it be the kind that comes to you rather than the kind you cobble together. You can trust the flow of events; and the more trusting you are, and the less you worry, the better your life will flow. Your life story is indeed written in the Sun, the Moon and the stars, and right now, they are all shining on you. Walk in the light.

LEO — This is the week to unravel any financial problems that you may be having: partnership matters, tax issues, banking questions, or anything involving investments. You can get to the bottom of the issue; you can get the facts you need to make some important decisions; and you can get the cooperation that you need. You, however, must take the leading role in all of this. You must set the goals and objectives, and know the outcome you want. You must trust your instincts, your intuition and, most of all, the facts of the situation. Where any matter of finances is in question, you want the hard numbers, not just approximations. You want to use multi-year comparisons. And remember that in a situation where sex and money are mixed, the financial questions must be attended to first. This is a top level of psychic hygiene. Honoring money is a matter of respect. Hold yourself and everyone else to that standard. Do not blink or retreat.

VIRGO — It’s interesting how astrology charts often give the same theme over and over again — and for Virgo, as with many of the signs this week, finance and financial strategy come up boldly. Your solar chart is clear that you have all the resources you need, and that anything you lack, you can acquire. The thing to remember is that you don’t have to go it alone. If you have a clear, workable and realistic plan, others will collaborate with you on your goals. Included with this is a clear description of what you want, or what you’re trying to accomplish, and why. But don’t project this outside of yourself: you, personally, have the resources you need, particularly if we count as one of them your ability to conduct a sane, rational and respectful conversation. Being good with money is part of your karma. You’re a fair-minded and economical person, and you can afford to take some modest risks.

LIBRA — This week begins with a conjunction between Jupiter and the Moon, which is setting things off in the right direction. Keep a positive attitude and maintain your sense of perspective at all times. That’s to say, know what matters and why; and know what matters less, or not at all, and why. The week concludes with the final conjunction of Uranus and Eris, in your opposite sign Aries. Events in your opposite sign influence relationships, and they also describe the total environment that surrounds you. And this environment is electrified, it’s revolutionary and it’s inviting you to participate directly in the changes and evolutionary process that the world is going through. No matter how strange, radical, interesting or ordinary your ideas may be, there is a place for you. Proceed with courage and a plan that you’re not afraid to throw out the moment you have a better one.

SCORPIO — Mars in your opposite sign Taurus is saying that the world is ready to meet you on your own terms. Or perhaps that would be better described as: you’re meeting people you can relate to, and who have some values common to your own. You’re looking into a kind of mirror under this astrology — one that reflects visuals, and emotions, and intentions. If you don’t like what you’re experiencing, change your mind and find a new level of vibration. Mars is the planet of desire, and under this astrology, you’re being summoned to be honest about what you want. If you experience even a trace of guilt, offer that up to healing — and proceed on the track of desire. Guilt is a problem, but it’s also a reminder that you need to go deeper and resolve something. For example, ask yourself what you’re feeling resentful about. You’re entitled to desire, if you remember that desire in itself is not a guarantee of gaining anything — just a physical clue that you might get it.

SAGITTARIUS — One thing that’s never written about Sagittarius is the depth of your emotional sensitivity. The brash and bold qualities of your sign cover up this fact, though they’re also a defense against it. You’re a visitor from a galaxy far, far away — though here on Earth, it helps to be a little vulnerable. This is the prerequisite for trust of any kind. Trust is the basis of relationships. And you must trust, in order to determine whether someone is trustworthy. You’re the one who has to ante up first, though. You must extend your goodwill, and then see how others respond. In any event, one thing I see in your charts is that a long-entangled emotional problem is working itself out. Yes, you’ve done this before, and you’ve only had partial results. Now you have the wisdom and the means to resolve this issue. But more important than anything, you are ready.

CAPRICORN — You’re not really as conservative as you think. It’s true that on one level, Capricorn is all about tradition and propriety and integrity. And then there’s that part of you that wants to blow the world and its stuffy ways to bits. That’s about where we find you right now. You’ll feel a lot better if you stop worrying about what people think of you. Stop worrying about your image. It’s not that these things don’t matter, so much as that they’re always based on false perceptions, and trying to win the approval of mommy and daddy. Forget it. You’re an adult now, and their opinions not only don’t matter; worrying about them is like tying your shoelaces together and calling yourself well dressed. Every time you start worrying what someone will think, remind yourself to stop, and proceed like you’re the luckiest person in the world. You may well be.

AQUARIUS — It’s not what you have, it’s what you do with it. This works for many things, but especially your financial resources. You must use those resources strategically. That’s to say, prioritize. Know what to pay first; purchase what you need before you purchase what you want; and as Peter Gabriel said, you have to know your plastic from your cash. Your solar chart reveals a high likelihood that, if you use your mind and your full-spectrum intelligence, you can not only solve some problems related to money, you can begin a new positive cycle and begin to rebuild your wealth. Yet you must allow no rosy-colored thinking to get in your way. Don’t allow yourself the supposed luxury of hopes and wishes. Be real, be realistic and focus on what is important. Yes, you’ve made some mistakes in the past. You don’t have to make them again; you can in fact learn from history, and learn well.

PISCES — On Tuesday, there’s an exact alignment of three points in your sign: Chiron, Pallas Athene and the Sun. This combines the healing gifts of Chiron with the wisdom of Pallas and the warmth and energy of the Sun. Or, said another way, you have some extra blessing when it comes to expressing yourself just as who you are. You can consider yourself free to be the person who you are inside. This may take some courage, but don’t overthink the matter. Chiron is the master of individuation, and the exception to the rule. Pallas Athene, for her part, is the master of the smooth political maneuver and the minimalistic but clever strategy. The Sun grants charm and charisma, especially when it’s in your sign. This is another way of saying you have nothing to worry about, as long as you pay attention. Also note: this is the kind of event that happens once in a lifetime. It’s actually that rare — and describes some correspondingly rare and beautiful event in your life.

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