Planet Waves Horoscopes: March 12 – 19, 2018


ARIES — If there’s one solution to all problems, it is: proceed with irreverence. Make sure you notice the utterly ridiculous social conventions people are expected to follow, then do what you want. There may be some use (to others) in what seems useless (to you), and this may be about the ridiculous games people play. However, to break the rules, you must proceed in the right spirit, which would be irreverence in the spirit of reverence and respect. There’s a whole tradition devoted to this approach, in the Lakota culture called the Heyoka; and, in societies more familiar to us, the Trickster. Those are the people who can get away with anything and enlighten us in the process: the South Park guys, everyone at The Onion, Stephen Colbert – but, as Steve said, you can only pull it off when your material is good. Therefore, aspire to excellence.

TAURUS — You may recognize that partners or someone you love is coming from a very high place: you know they are doing work as directed by the light. This is worthy of your respect and cooperation; but more than that, your participation. You may already be directly involved, in a supporting role, as a trusted friend, as a lover, or confidant. Your contribution is more important than you may imagine, though you don’t need to do more than recognize that you are indeed valued. Upcoming aspects may lead you to doubt that very fact. Don’t fall for it. Proceed without any reassurance if you must, motivated purely by faith, love and respect for existence. In the kind of process we’re talking about, there are not necessarily immediate rewards. But you can look around at the world and recognize that, mostly, it’s in a very different state compared to the sphere that you inhabit.

GEMINI — Your chart is the perfect blend of out and about, having fun, and the potential for serious business to come up. So, when you set foot out the door, be ready for anything. And when you’re home, be open to anything, because this setup describes an intimate situation that will help you get underneath your public persona and reveal more deeply who you are. There’s quite a bit of interplay between the public you and the private you. I once had a client claiming to have this situation in her life. She was a real estate broker whose face was on ads on shopping carts in all the local supermarkets. I did my best not to laugh. Your situation is more interesting than that, and much more fun. Get out into the neighborhood, ring some bells, push some buttons, and nudge your friends into having some actual fun in our all-too-stuck-up world.

CANCER — You seem like you’re about to make contact on an important professional matter, after a good few near-hits and near-misses. Proceed slowly and carefully, checking your work as you go. Say what you mean, only considerably less. Stop and ask questions, and get whomever you’re talking with to draw themselves out. If you have to slow down the movie, follow the wisdom of Kasia Urbaniak: repeat the last thing the person said to you. Don’t interpret it; just repeat it, like that’s just the thing to do. Then, don’t make any commitment immediately. Read all the fine print in any written document, and give things a day or three. Remember: you’re the one with the talent. The other guys may have the building, the lights, the seats, the box office and the tickets, but it’s all useless without someone to look pretty and sing brilliantly on the stage, and that would be you.

LEO — Being stuck is not an option, and freezing up and being unable to move or make a decision is not a sign of integrity. It would be better if you didn’t sell it to yourself as such, or use that as a cover; if you’re feeling blocked, say so. You contain all the building materials necessary to be a strong, balanced and integrated person, though flexibility is what makes any of this meaningful, or useful. That includes allowing your viewpoint to move, rather than thinking that you know something for sure. Be leery of certainty, or the feeling of absolute clarity. If you think you know for sure, set out to disprove your own theory, or at least to come up with two or more alternative possibilities. When an approach to a topic starts to feel dangerous, or like some comfort level is threatened, then you know you’re on the trail.

VIRGO — You may suddenly unravel a deep connection between your early family relationships and your adult intimate relationships. Everyone knows there’s a connection, though due to various blind spots, many of them induced by insecurity, it’s often difficult to see the association, much less do something with it. Here’s the main thing, following the themes of your solar chart: in truth, your family is far less important than you may think, both as an early influence and as a current one. Your origins go much deeper. Your connection to source is more relevant than the psychology and politics of any household. Once you have that message in your body, it will be much easier to address the concerns of your worldly emotional affairs. Your presence is a kind of collective reference point for everyone else feeling safe. But this is not really about you; it’s about something coming through you.

LIBRA — Discussions in the early part of the week may take on a serious cast, though you can remain positive, which also includes curious. You’ll give yourself an advantage if you take every opportunity to put yourself in the position of other people, and try to see the world from their point of view. You cannot do this 100%, as you cannot get into the mind and body of others; but you can, in a sense, sit in their seat, or walk a mile in their shoes. You can use your imagination and consider their concerns, feelings and complications. And you can imagine how they might see you. Just your willingness to do this will be helpful, because sometimes a little willingness is all it takes for the greater truth to come in. It always helps to listen, and in any conversation, to say, “This is what I hear you saying.” Then, listen and see if anyone thinks you got it right.

SCORPIO — Jupiter has stationed retrograde in your sign, which will give you an opportunity to make some observations about the seemingly chaotic nature of your life. One thing to track is the fact that you’re in a state of discovery, and that can be disruptive to what you thought you previously knew. Given the makeup of your psyche, a little shaking and quaking of the status quo is one of the more dependable ways to get through to you. To keep your mind fresh, you must question your beliefs; and to do that, you need to know what they are, and notice their effects. This is where the ripples of Jupiter retrograde, and its current aspect to Eris, will come in handy. Notice when things get a little weird, and ask yourself how and why that happened. Be observant any time one of your presumptions is challenged; for example, any time you make an incorrect guess.

SAGITTARIUS — Mars in your sign is now conjunct the Galactic Core. It’s also square Chiron, for one of the grand and glorious Sagittarius alignments in recent memory. In my highest reading of this aspect, you can feel the edge-like nature of existence, and of your own presence in the world. It’s way too easy for us humans to troop across the city and take for granted the many unknowns about our experience here. With Mars, Chiron and the homing signal at the center of our spiral island in space all aligned, you can see and feel things that are seemingly impossible to perceive. Take slower, more careful steps. Breathe consciously, and feel, and listen. Imagine your body clinging delicately to the planet’s surface, held down only by gravity. Walk like you’re on a tightrope rather than on solid ground. Feel the vast expanse of space below our tiny planet. Notice where you are.

CAPRICORN — You may decide that it’s time to outgrow your insecurities. That would be a worthy goal, though it will help to understand where they come from. When you identify with something strongly, and invest your identity there, you give it power over you. It could be a relationship, it could be your family, it could be your social status. Then, if there is some change in that extrinsic thing, or if you feel like it’s not working out, or not fully accepting of you, that has a way of bouncing back onto you and making you question your worth. This is the thing that has to end. Fortunately, you’re now stronger within yourself, and you don’t have to fall for the illusion that your identity is in any way threatened. You might even retire from identifying with things (movements, brands, opinions) and exist as your own independent critter. You do not need a master.

AQUARIUS — The only way to learn how to say difficult things is to say them, and listen back, or read them over, and make revisions, and try again. This could relate to anything, whether some deeply intimate matter, or writing a sales presentation, prospectus or pitch. You just keep doing it over till you get it right. Often, the feeling of being blocked or uncertain is the feeling to work with rather than to retreat from. If you plunge in and dare to say what you really mean, you have a chance of getting it right. Just remember: if the feeling is there, don’t edit yourself to death. Stay close to the original, and develop it a little — remembering that these days, brevity is gold. Remember this in your thought process with yourself. The truth of how you feel and what you want is usually pretty simple.

PISCES — This week’s aspects will bring out the best in you. We are nearing the end of Chiron in Pisces, which has driven your growth, maturity and awareness for the past seven years. Saturn has successfully passed through your 10th house, demanding that you take total responsibility for your affairs. You are still learning; though you’ve learned a lot, and now is the time to put that experience to use. This week you’re likely to encounter a series of discussions about your professional advancement, which you must approach with modest confidence and a cool head. Know that you have something valuable to offer, and remember that you set your own goals. Prod the conversation along, and don’t fall for anyone bluffing you or feigning ignorance. You know who you are and what you’re capable of — and so does everyone else. Now, you must get everyone onto the same page.