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Planet Waves Horoscopes: June 5 – 12, 2017

By Eric Francis Coppolino

ARIES — There’s an old saying that “living well is the best revenge”; meaning, the most appropriate response to the slings and arrows and various other challenges of life. Yet suddenly there are not so many of those challenges, and you might well wonder where they went. So much of what you went through was a battle of words, where there were neither losses nor gains. Now you get to pull your energy in: into your body, into your home, into your feelings, and generally not toss so much out at the world. Share your feelings with people you truly care about, even if it’s just one such person, whether lover, friend or confidant. Soak yourself in a more pleasant environment than you’ve been subjected to for the past couple of months and let it seep out of you, like muscle tension into a hot bath.

TAURUS — Mars, the planet that represents your relationships, has entered the sign Cancer. Your planet, Venus, is about to enter your own birth sign. This draws to a close the many strange twists of the past couple of seasons, and will gently usher you into new emotional and creative territory. This may not have been an easy phase, though it’s certainly been a meaningful one. You’ve discovered some things about yourself for the first time, and remembered past discoveries that you can now implement and experiment with. If the current astrology is saying anything, it’s that life does not happen in your mind. Rather, your mind responds to the interplay between your body and your environment, and sometimes it even guides the process. Feel your own strength and be willing to lead yourself to the beautiful and necessary experiences that you want.

GEMINI — Be careful not to exaggerate your survival needs. In fact, take care to sort out needs from desires. There’s a difference. Needs are on the level of oxygen; desire is on the level of what you might choose on a menu, or what outfit you might wear. One place this shows up specifically is “emotional needs,” which are almost always exaggerated and, consequently, dramatized. It would be better for your happiness in relationships, and your happiness overall, to say want when you mean want, and to set aside the concept of need (except, of course, things like the bathroom, water and sleep). You have a gift not only for survival, but for getting what you want. You can even afford to open your ears to the desires of others and pass forward some of your good fortune.

CANCER — Mars has entered your sign, which does two helpful things: one is that it removes a source of irritation that’s been bumping around your psyche for many weeks; and two, it signifies motivation and direction. You may decide this week that you didn’t know how lost you were. You may further decide that, actually, you had a pretty good idea where you were going, and that your inner guidance systems were working well all along. However, suddenly, the controls are in your hands, and remaining in contact with your motives counts for more than it did. Mars in Cancer connects your desire nature to your emotions, which for you is empowering. Just ease people into your ideas rather than coming on like a hurricane. Make a suggestion, see how people respond, and give them a little time to get used to it.

LEO — People need ideas to live by more than they need food. There’s a survivalist impulse moving through society, though it’s sly, subtle and is rarely revealed as rooted in desperation: a toxic brew of naiveté and cynicism. You are offering something different; you have your own message, which people around you need to hear. You might invite your closest friends to your home for dinner, and engage them in a real conversation about life, or about anything. Just make sure you have them leave their devices in a designated location and pick them up on the way out. This whole digital thing is very nearly ruining human relationships, because it’s so grossly used, overused and abused. Take part in as many face-to-face conversations as you can, whether it’s small talk or about the fate of the Earth.

VIRGO — You’re in a rare position of leadership now, and you’re here because of your ability to understand things. Well, it’s more than your ability — your willingness is what counts. You can tell the difference between what has substance and what’s full of air. Moreover, that distinction actually matters to you, as does this thing known as meaning. Lest you think this is something normal, I would assure you that it’s far less popular than blue jeans, French fries or rock and roll. However, people will recognize your skill at listening, and the fact that you care about what others have to say, and that gives you influence. Just don’t let on right away if you figure out that someone isn’t being truthful with you. At least you can see what they’re made of, and can respond appropriately.

LIBRA — It’s been a most unusual year so far, and you’re ready for something different. You’re about to get it: what looks, from your solar chart, like an experience of relationship that’s less erratic, more emotionally grounded and (lacking a better word), deeper in commitment. Yet you would be wise to scan back over the past few months and see what you’ve learned about yourself, from what looks like an extended confrontation with your boundaries, your values and your desires. It would seem that on several occasions, you’ve been taken past your limits, and made some real discoveries. And an extended conjunction between your ruling planet Venus and Chiron, in Pisces, helped you set an agenda for healing. You’re about to enter new territory and take possession of your future. Remember what you’ve learned. Call on your own wisdom when you need it.

SCORPIO — Mars, the Scorpio planet, has entered your fellow water sign Cancer. This represents a good few good things, including the potential for a contentious relationship spell to settle down, getting a grip on your finances and, most of all, widening your horizons. You’ve stepped out of the carnival fun-house hall of mirrors and into a world of feelings, possibilities and a desire to connect with people on a deeper level. Remember that your idea of ‘spiritual’ means emotional contact above all else. You may have your beliefs and practices, you might meditate or do yoga, and you know in your soul that the Goddess is real. And all of that translates to spiritual being something distinctly human, plain to see and feel, and easy to understand. Your idea of spiritual is the same one that cats, dogs and kids understand.

SAGITTARIUS — Intimacy is the deepest longing of most people, and the thing that’s the most frightening. Yet the only thing we have to fear is ourselves. Your solar chart is reminding you to feed yourself on what you can only have when you’re vulnerable and allow yourself to explore. Often this eludes words, though this week, Mercury arrives in your relationship sign Gemini, which means that the universe and the people in it will seem more conversant. You may be surprised at how direct others are being, and how direct you can be. Therefore, if there’s something you want to talk about, now is the time. If there’s an agreement you want to make with someone, now’s the moment to make your proposal. Just make sure it’s a real conversation, to which you bring your love and your flexibility.

CAPRICORN — Perhaps despite your deepest hesitation, your life is becoming more passionate. Creative and amorous energy is rising within you, and approaching you. Yet there’s no compromise position between passion and hesitation. You cannot have both; you must choose one way of life or the other. The distinctly modern attempt to have it both ways is to want the human contact and pleasure without the intimacy. Not only is this unsafe, it’s not possible. Proximity to people you’re drawn to is the very thing that inspires and facilitates intimacy, and this happens on a biological level; it’s not merely psychological. Said another way, your body has its own needs and desires. You might pause, tune in and get a feeling for what your cells, your blood and your bones are telling you, every minute of the day.

AQUARIUS — Notice the many changes in the human environment that take place throughout the week. Suspend your expectations, your judgments and your plans for a moment, and observe, with your feelings, the fact that people are opening up. You run the risk of lingering in your past views of the world. Rather than speculating, become a keen observer of what people say, do, think and feel. At the same time, pay attention to what you say, do, think and feel. Right now your life mission and livelihood depend on your relationship to the public, potentially a rather broad-based and diverse one. You are poised to be a leader, which means being resonant and responsive to what’s happening around you. Through that process, you’ll find that you’re the most effective and the most successful in this unusual and relevant thing that you’re creating.

PISCES — This week, all three personal planets — Mercury, Venus and Mars — change signs. Mars has led the way, entering the most creative and passionate angle of your chart (known in astrology as the 5th solar house, which covers creativity, passion, pleasure and play). Venus follows suit next, entering Taurus (your voice, your words and your ideas). And finally Mercury enters Gemini, which arrives with the feeling that home is wherever you happen to be. All of this is positive and encouraging, representing the fulfillment of long-unmet desires. What’s best is that it describes the physical world and how people respond to you. But rather than taking big bites of life, take little sips and see how these new experiences taste. Feel your response, and let the nourishment soak gently into your cells. There’s no rush.

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