Planet Waves Horoscopes: June 4 – 11, 2018

Planet Waves Horoscopes: June 4 – 11, 2018

By Amy Elliott for Planet Waves



There is a place for both rational and intuitive thinking: the discipline of astrology, for one, uses them both. Each likewise has its limitations. Pure logic risks being twisted as unspoken biases make themselves felt under the surface. Feeling-based methods potentially lead to delusion. Being able to apply either one judiciously helps balance these things out; and, as Dion Fortune noted, moderation tends to be what works, whereas extremes are where things go wrong. Aim to be measured in your judgments, and watch especially for mental pitfalls in the era of truthiness.



If you read these pages frequently, you’re probably aware by now of some ramifications of having Uranus in your sign. While the constant new developments might well be causing you to feel somewhat bewildered, doubtful or annoyed from time to time, on the whole you seem to have a pretty firm grasp on what’s happening. In all probability, you’re more ahead of the game than you think. Focus on what you actually know about yourself in tangible, solid terms, and play to your strengths. Remember that you alone can be the centrifugal point in your own life. You can draw on that safely in moments of uncertainty.



This week, some ground would appear to be shifting at your place of work: either someone is trying to deceive or manipulate, or goalposts are being moved; or you may simply be viewing your career path in a new light. Whichever is the case, at the core of who you are is a resilient, clever and flexible mind, which is capable of navigating any quick turns. It’s possible others will be looking to you for leadership and guidance; this may be an opportunity for you to show your mettle. If you do that, offer your skill in a way that’s truthful, and avoid simply playing the role of manager for its own sake.



JP Sears’ brilliant satire series, Ultra Spiritual Life, perfectly captures the hypocrisy around wanting to appear profound or enlightened without actually dealing with one’s shadow or difficult emotions. Underlying this, there’s a fear of not being seen to conform to various social expectations of piety (in all senses of that loaded term). Yet the fact is that your spiritual path and beliefs are between you and whatever divine entities or other beings you subscribe to. Other people’s agendas are their business; no-one has the right to impose their own system on you.



The quest for identity and meaning is a perennial one, and it’s important to treat this matter with the nuance it deserves. Yet sometimes it can be helpful to answer the question of who you are by describing what you do — not just professionally, but in your community, or among your peer group, and in your daily interactions. What are you bringing to the table at this present moment? This is a part of your character that should be taken into account. Notice especially if it conflicts with narratives imposed by others; this is a point only you can truly resolve for yourself.



Make sure, this week, that your aspirations place you firmly at the center. You can be prone to crises of confidence, and thus to yield authority where others really have no business being in charge. You may also discover that you’ve been telling yourself a story, which is now being contradicted by facts that possibly emerged only recently. Though it takes a form of courage to accept a position of mastery over your own life, and the responsibility for ensuring things go well, this is what you need to do now. It’s necessary for your self-respect and personal integrity.



Acts of heroism as shown by Hollywood are usually of a somewhat glamorous quality, and often involve the use of an improbable superpower. Meanwhile, back on Earth, courage is generally rather more of a day-to-day affair. Most of us have good and noble intentions; carrying them out, and becoming the person we wish to be, means making small, everyday choices: being kind to someone, working on that long-term project, or saying how you really feel. You might not become an overnight viral superstar; but you can help make a better world, one piece at a time.



You could probably benefit from a more methodical or logical approach to your creative work, and to expressing yourself in it, this week. True, there’s something compelling and romantic about the idea of getting lost in one’s art. Sometimes that has to happen. Yet it’s also necessary that you hold sufficient focus and discipline to get something actually onto the page, or the canvas; and that you don’t burn yourself out. Make a point of taking care of your health, both physical and emotional. Time may be flying faster than ever, but you have more than you realize.



A spotlight on your relationships this week suggests that you may become aware of a pattern from your early life that’s repeating in the present. Most of us do this to some degree, because the programming we receive as children is hard to shake off. The first step, however, is knowing about it. That makes it easier for you to recognize when certain buttons are being pushed, and how it’s happening. You might want to talk things over with your partner (or with someone else you trust); they may have valuable insights or ideas to share. Have the courage to open up and be vulnerable.



It would seem there’s a lot going on around you at the moment. If you feel particularly agitated or confused, take the time to relax yourself before doing anything else. Your wellbeing is an important part of ensuring you can carry out whatever you need to do. It’s unlikely the world is going to end because you spent a few minutes meditating, or an extra half hour in the bath. Additionally, if you start to feel overwhelmed, organization and discipline will probably be your best friends; make a task list, set your priorities, and complete one thing at a time.



One might describe the process you’ve undergone recently as akin to that symbolized by the Tower tarot card. You’ve been compelled to question many things you thought you knew, and to relinquish what no longer served you, even if it felt important. This is a tough assignment, and you may be proud of having weathered it. This week, look around you and notice what is there and what is absent. You’ll likely find that as you begin rebuilding, the resources that remain with you make a far more solid foundation than before. You can safely turn your gaze to where you’re headed.



You’re now reaching a point where you can begin to assess past events with increased clarity and impartiality. Much of this is about understanding when other people are projecting onto you, and refusing to own that material. Be as clear as possible in recognizing when this happens, and stand firm in that knowledge. Construct psychic or even physical boundaries if you need to. You’re not obliged to engage with anyone; certainly not people who are unwilling to listen or treat you with basic respect. It’s safe to trust your wisdom and your instincts; you know who you are.


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