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Planet Waves Horoscopes: June 26 – July 3, 2017

By Eric Francis Coppolino

ARIES — There’s a clairvoyant quality to your chart at the moment, an opening to the subtle realms. This happens from time to time, as you’ve experienced personally. When it does, it’s necessary to mind your boundaries. You might want to avoid crowded taverns where there are a lot of inebriated people, since you don’t know what they’re carrying around with them. Mostly you will want to observe your own mind. Process fear quickly and efficiently — as fear, not as the presumption that what you are worried about is true. And pay attention to your dreams. Remember that in the first instance, all of your dreams are about you. They are a representation of your thoughts, feelings and life circumstances. It would be unwise to count them as ‘prophetic’ of anything other than your own psychology. Maintain full ownership.

TAURUS — The more you reach into your feminine side, the more you’ll tap your masculinity. This works for any gender you might be — at the moment, they contain and enhance one another in a way that’s making you magnetic and appealing. The feeling is like walking on the surface of water, supported by the tension in your environment. You can feel things that others cannot feel, and are therefore noticing things that most others cannot perceive. Yet you’ll likely meet one or two people who you know are tuned in. You’ll notice an aliveness in their eyes and by their presence of mind. Listen to what they have to offer. You’re likely to get a whole other point of view on the very same thing you’re looking at. Meanwhile, you can trust one thing for sure: your path is guided.

GEMINI — Be mindful of your anger level this week. It can slip up on you when you’re not noticing, and suddenly you’re in over your head. Take the subtle cues, such as when you find yourself mildly annoyed by the same person or situation more than once. Pay attention to what you’re trying to put out of your mind. What’s really going on is that you’re actually feeling what’s important to you with some emotional intensity. You’ve gone past the level of opinion and are at the stage where you feel what matters in your guts. One thing is for sure: it’s more than about money, and you may be feeling some concern about the extent to which everything comes down to a financial issue. You don’t have to live that way. You’re more motivated by taking care of people than profiting from them.

CANCER — This week’s Mercury-Mars conjunction in your birth sign will focus your efforts and help you maximize your motivation. You should know a few things. One is that your mind is going to be moving faster than the people around you; you’ll need to slow down and let them catch up. Second, your words will be more penetrating than you might imagine. Something you say off the cuff might be devastating to someone sensitive. So try to dial it back and use minimal power. Keep your words one level above a hint, and verify that people know what you’re talking about when you ask for something or make a comment. Last, you may be a bit extra-sensitive, so take a few precautions. Get enough rest, eat real food and drink extra water, because your engine is running hot.

LEO — With the world in such a panicky state, it’s amazing anyone has any peace of mind at all. You may be walking a delicate edge this week, as you’re in a heightened state of emotional and psychological vulnerability. As long as you remember that, you’ll be able to handle it, and even use it productively. The real gift of this week’s aspects is the insight they bestow. You’ll be able to peer into the minds of others, and have an unusual level of clarity about yourself. Here’s the thing: Don’t assume you’re right. Phrase your observations as questions rather than as statements. You might even keep silent and let people reveal themselves. The thing to avoid is making any statements about how someone else feels, no matter how much insight you might have. However, empathy is always welcome.

VIRGO — If you want to be effective, you must be willing to be unpopular. You don’t have to be caustic about this, or make a point of it. You only need to be willing to let others have their opinions, and possess the maturity to know that they don’t matter. This may be challenging with every last facet of life being driven by uninformed judgments. However, that’s also a reminder to compensate by having your facts, and being ready to refer to them whenever you need to. Remember to speak second and not first, and don’t provide proof unless you’re asked. You don’t need to show any cards; you merely need to be calmly and quietly correct. One other thing: if the going gets tense, you can rely on your sense of humor. Just never, ever make it personal.

LIBRA — Make sure you put as much energy into doing the work as you do supervising it. There are two main reasons. One is that you’re working with a vision, and though it’s clear to you, it may not translate into other minds. You want to get it right, so keep your hands on the project. Second, working with your colleagues or those who report to you will take off any edge of bossy that you might have this week, and that’s a risk worth avoiding. We’re in one of those moments when people are going to take things personally, even the new flavor of ginger ale in the soda machine. There’s a special reminder for parents: be especially sensitive to your kids this week. Really listen, feel, and listen some more. Everyone will be happier.

SCORPIO — Take a scientific approach to every question. If you want to be stylish, get a lab coat and those fancy safety glasses you see on TV. But you don’t really need that; only to use logic where logic is called for. Break things down into steps. Do that rarified thing known as troubleshooting: the deductive process to figure out what the problem really is, as apart from what you think it might be. Then, you can actually solve it. All this counts for double because you may notice a good few people around you may be anything and everything but reasonable or rational, at the same time they’re absolutely convinced that they’re Mr. Spock. As long as you know this is going on, you won’t get caught in the mind game. Then, use a screwdriver on a screw, and a wrench on a bolt. Logical.

SAGITTARIUS — Keep financial discussions and sexual discussions separate. Both are likely to come up. They are part of a related issue; however, you must use your intelligence and keep them distinct, for the purposes of having sane and productive conversations. One thing I suggest is talking about money in the living room, and talking about sex at the kitchen table. Shift the usual settings for these conversations; in particular, away from the bedroom, and toward places they can happen on level ground. There is a risk that these discussions could get mired in all sorts of emotions, which would be confusing and not so productive. Also, it would be wise to attend to business in a businesslike way, and to do so before attending to pleasure. Then there will be plenty of time to work things out in bed.

CAPRICORN — Look for yourself, or some element of your own truth, in any person who approaches you with a thought, issue or question. Even if you have to stretch a little, consider the common ground you share with whoever is talking to you. That will go a long way toward defusing any tensions, ratcheting down any arguments, and shifting the conversation to a productive place. This is one of those weeks when anyone strong will need to express that through their sensitivity and empathy. Not everyone will be a neurotic mess, though; a few select individuals will be responding to this week’s unusual astrology as if it’s the coolest space weather we’ve ever had. Venus, the planet of love and pleasure, remains in your 5th solar house of pleasure, play, fun and games. Hang out with someone who knows how to keep it light.

AQUARIUS — Keep a grip on your competitive nature. It’s been decades (four, to be exact) since that New Games book came out, the one that taught us all how to play with a parachute at summer camp. You know, the kinds of games without a winner or loser, where the pleasure is getting everyone cooperating toward the same goal. We’re all pretty brainwashed that all activity has to be competitive, and that all games have to be zero sum games: that is, winner take all. You may find that the events of the week, particularly at work, give you the perfect opportunity to foster collaboration. You might say that it’s more fun and more productive, and you can also point out the various ways that competition is simply not working to get the desired result. Step one of the game: everyone agrees on what that will be.

PISCES — Whether or not you have a summer vacation planned for this week, slow down and enjoy yourself. Do the bare minimum to keep the boss or the clients satiated for a few days, and have a little fun — a little, or a lot, more than usual. You are under some rare aspects at the moment, which are creating the perfect environment for anything related to pleasure, art, music and what some call romance. The key to maximizing your experience is not being attached; this is not about tomorrow, it’s about right now. What you’re experiencing may never happen again, certainly not in the same way, and that’s its special value. If you get the chance to do something you’ve never done before, or that you know only happens once, that’s the thing to do.

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