Planet Waves Horoscopes: June 19 – 26, 2017

By Eric Francis Coppolino


ARIES — Make a point of recognizing the authority of others, particularly in subtle ways. Be cooperative, especially with partners and people you share your household with. Taking out the trash and doing the dishes grants considerable social standing, which in turn subverts power struggles. You alone can cultivate a sense of calm in your home life, which in turn will be helpful in every other facet of living, particularly where your professional aims and your prosperity are concerned. Said another way, your astrology is suggesting you build your life from the ground up, and from the inside out, for its own sake — and for the best results in your seemingly outer life. You may decide it’s amazing what can happen when you organize your affairs this particular way, and you see how far a little contentment can take you.


TAURUS — This week’s Moon-Venus conjunction in your birth sign — right at the moment of the solstice — describes your graduation to a state of true self-confidence. Such is not a concept. It’s something you feel in your body, and take with you wherever you go. You’ll notice it in the way you sit and stand, the way you walk, and how you approach food and sex. I am describing a form of entitlement — you were born, and you’re entitled to feel alive and like you belong on the planet. That reaches into every detail of life because it emanates from your sensation of physical existence. In a most significant way, there’s something about finding your voice. Whether you’re a writer, a singer, or someone who wants to feel articulate at a social gathering, this will be a sweet season.


GEMINI — You seem to stand on the brink of an important choice, uncertain what to do. Drop all pretenses, and be resolutely who you are. This is a commitment that, to be real, must extend into every facet of your life, from the most casual conversations to the most serious; from your daily flirtations on social media to the preparation of your CV. Don’t just aspire to be real in all that you do; draw it out of yourself with bold gusto, and make no compromises. If you feel any anxiety that you’re overreaching or expressing too much desire, take a breath, point yourself forward, and carry on. One rare and beautiful quality of the moment is that your ability to change, grow and adapt is running at a peak. Use that for all it’s worth.


CANCER — The Sun and Mercury enter your sign this week within hours of one another. That’s a boost in your influence and confidence, and it will be significant. What will you do with it? I suggest you do the thing you’ve always known was right, whether you succeeded in the past or not; whether it was easy or not; whether you think it worked or not. This astrology is not about the peripherals, the conditions or the seeming limits you face; it’s about acting from your most deeply held values and sense of personal truth. That’s the most effective, and incidentally, safest and most harmonious way, to put this rare, gleaming astrology to work. There’s a reminder to process every perception and every decision both emotionally and mentally, preferably at the same time. What is real works on many levels.


LEO — This week’s developments will go a long way toward easing your stress and any lingering anxiety. Mercury and the Sun join Mars in the most sensitive area of your chart (a trippy place called the 12th house). That will bring awareness and warmth where there was previously some odd, difficult-to-name concern. With your inner lights on, you can focus on your most cherished professional goal. I don’t mean an ordinary new job or promotion: I mean the thing you know you’re destined for. Remember that destiny is not usually like winning the lottery. Rather, it’s an invitation to aspire to what’s meaningful, which wholly depends on your courage, persistence and the use of all of your talent, all the time. As you begin, be prepared to start fresh every day, and put feeling into every stitch of effort.


VIRGO — Prosperity comes in many forms, and I suggest you note all that apply to you. This is coming in through every angle of your solar chart at the moment, ranging from having the material resources you need, to having the spiritual awareness to make them meaningful. There is a new sense of social ease, and the feeling of being seen and recognized. Therefore, don’t play small. Don’t shrink or hide or ever tell yourself that you don’t matter. Rather, engage with the world on equal terms. Notice others and observe them noticing you. Offer your viewpoint and accept the views of others. Indeed, the whole concept of prosperity is a morph between being open to receive, recognizing what you have, and using it well. Get all of those working and you’ll feel like the most fortunate person in the world.


LIBRA — We all know how challenging it can be to maintain your stability and emotional security in the mist of a profound love affair or erotic tryst. Everything can seem to hinge on so much. Yet as the season turns this week, your solar chart reveals the depths to which you can offer yourself to others and at the same time feel strong, secure and loved. Let this extend into every area of your life, from the most private and intimate to the most public. You are who you are; the positive qualities that you possess radiate into the world around you, and can manifest in every area of your life. Therefore, stand up, and stand out. Be happy to be visible, let yourself be seen, and learn the fine art of being accepted for who you are.


SCORPIO — Your world continues to get wider, and you’re being invited to roam further from what you think is safe and secure. The further you step into the unfamiliar, the more at home you will feel. This idea spans everything from the restaurants you eat at, to the countries you want to visit, to the ideas you read about and consider. Your solar chart is swirling with a blend of spiritual growth, creative passion and sexual abundance: all you need to do is take a creative and slightly daring approach to existence. Say yes to people you want but might ordinarily say maybe to or avoid; trust that you have the passion and the awareness to meet other beautiful people on their level. There’s precious little time to waste in a human lifetime, especially in these rare and glorious days.


SAGITTARIUS — This week is the solstice, the longest day in the Northern Hemisphere. That’s a turning point in the space-time continuum, a turning point for the culture, and it represents an especially positive development in your life. From the look of your solar chart, you’re going deeper into a commitment; your heart is leading the way and your mind is following — which is the right order. This is not the kind of commitment that involves signing on the dotted line. Rather, it’s the kind that comes with a deep personal transformation. You become ‘another person’ in the sense that there’s a clear before and after. There’s nothing contrived about this. You don’t make it happen; you feel it happening and you go with the feeling. Someone close to you may be taking a strong lead. All you need is trust.


CAPRICORN — Relationships are an experiment. Life is an experiment. Art had better be an experiment or it’s not even vaguely art, and sex is designed to be a creative adventure. Does any of this sound familiar, or does it sound like the impossible dream? It’s time to pull the curtains and open the windows and let in some new experiences of life. If you can throw away the habit of trying to make everyone fit into your preconceived concept of reality, you and the people around you will have what seems like incredible fun. You will, however, have to be accustomed to that odd feeling of unpredictability, which comes with the territory of actually living your life rather than living a plan. Beautiful things are waiting for you, if you open your eyes and open your mind to them.


AQUARIUS — The past week put you through a kind of spiritual test, summoning your discipline and compelling you to fully embrace your responsibilities. The coming season will call upon you to be consistently productive, rather than moving in your usual cycles of devotion. Wake up every day and return to your central purpose. You have a job to do, and you’re the one who’s chosen your mission. Therefore, don’t worry about success. Don’t worry about your reputation. Most of all, don’t worry about your fears. Rather, step up to the challenges of life and do your very best work every single day. Resolve to do even better each and every morning. There are no laurels to rest on. Follow the example of those who do what they do for its own sake and for no other reason.


PISCES — On Tuesday, Mercury and the Sun enter the most creative and all-around exciting angle of your solar chart, your fellow water sign Cancer. This is the rising tide that will lift all the ships of your life: creative, erotic and whatever it is that makes you feel the most alive. The past month of the Sun in Gemini has helped you confront many of your worst insecurities. At the very least, you’ve mapped out what they are, though they’re unlikely to bother you much, particularly as you plunge into the finer things in life, in true Pisces style. Stay ahead of your work commitments so that you have plenty of time and flexibility to embark on any adventure you want, or to accept any invitation that feels appealing. There will be plenty of both.