Planet Waves Horoscopes: June 18 – 25, 2018


ARIES — You must trust your intuition this week. No matter what other sources of information you have — and you should have plenty of them — in the end, your final choice must be about acting on what you deeply understand to be right. This is as obvious as magnetism. You might actually experiment with magnets and remind yourself what this feels like: opposite poles attract, the same pole repels — and this is as easy to feel as hot or cold, wet or dry. It’s true there are nuances and subtle points to the situation, and these need to be taken into account. Yet, in the end, a decision must be made; and you are the one to make it. One thing you’re divorcing yourself from is the need to be popular, or seen to be trendy. Following, joining, or any form of true believership is especially toxic these days.

TAURUS — For you, a creative approach usually begins with the details. Some like to sketch their idea in broad strokes. Some like to use a drafting pencil. Just be aware that any idea you come up with will go through many revisions, so you can hang loose and keep your ideas flowing. With Uranus in your birth sign, the unexpected is your best friend. You might experience a revelation as a flash of light, which will give you a glimpse of a possible future. Look carefully and remember the details, and don’t expect that particular light to come back on. You will get one opportunity to look and to see. Turn your head from left to right and notice what is on the periphery of your vision. Then, take special care to begin manifesting your intentions immediately. Whatever you discover this week will expire sooner than you think if you don’t put it into tangible form.

GEMINI — Sunday and Monday, the Sun in your sign is aligned with the core of our galaxy. I recently read a description of galactic energy by an astrologer I trust, who said it relates to Ray IV in the Theosophical system: “Harmony through conflict.” That means being present on Earth, amidst all the insanity and madness, and creating something beautiful. The time to focus on what is loving, what is true, and what is necessary is precisely the time that you may be feeling the most tension or doubt. Step up to the challenge. Use your abundant talent, particularly your unusual gift for self-expression, and create beauty in all that you do. You can consider your life an art project, treating everything more or less equally as a canvas to paint on, as stone to sculpt or, most likely, as a story to tell us.

CANCER — We are now in the final approach to the summer solstice, when the Sun enters your birth sign. This is the longest day of the year, and that fact has something to do with you. You were born at the noontime of the solar year, and you have it in you to live boldly, and to live for purposes beyond your own personal needs. You will be getting information as if by chance over the next few days; and, as the Sun makes its opposition to the Galactic Core from Sunday into Monday, you may find yourself having insights that you know will make your life easier. Keep a pad and pencil handy, and write clearly. The thing about the galactic door is that it closes as easily as it opens, and it does not leave a paper trail. You have to do that yourself, and these will be ideas well worth knowing and using.

LEO — You need to find a balance between being spontaneous and being consistent. This is easily enough done, if you understand where you need to apply one method or the other, and then add a dash of the opposite. For example, certain elements of your relationships require that you keep all of your promises; yet there is almost always room for negotiation and a fresh approach. Professional situations may call for constant dependability and consistency, yet benefit from trying a bold idea that’s never been attempted locally. The way you’ll know doing something different is the right idea is that it will only seem a little unusual, a bit interesting, or like you’ve never heard of anything quite like it before — and still make sense. In most areas of your life, you thrive on consistency. That will still work brilliantly, as long as you experiment on a regular basis.

VIRGO — You’ve gone through a good few options trying to solve a particular problem, or get a result on some project where you’ve got a leadership role. If you haven’t had the results you want, now is the time to dust off the options you were saving for last. They won’t be valid for long, and you currently have an opening to try something unusual. Here are a few tips, though. The most important factor in this equation is your devotion, so what works is likely to be an extension of what you have already been doing. That, or it will depend on what you’ve learned so far. Second, less effort, energy, influence or input is preferable to using more. It’s a little like adding salt to broth: start with a little, and then if necessary add a little more. The idea with salt is you want just barely enough to do the job. You don’t want salt soup. Whatever it is you’re using is more potent than you think, and will have effects beyond what you’re anticipating.

LIBRA — When the goal of relationships is stability, many factors can shake them up. If you allow space for your intimate experiences to bend, flex and be transient, you may find that they flow more smoothly and are less subject to the various surprise factors of the world. This approach is not an easy one at first; though, in the end, you will discover that it’s really all about going with the flow. Accept the fact that people grow and evolve. Accept that you change, and that the seasons change. In any event, a development this week that may seem to change your plans contains a gift. Take any opportunity to focus inwardly rather than on another person. You are far more independent than you imagine yourself to be, and the key to your happiness will be experiencing your freedom with compassion for yourself and for others.

SCORPIO — The whole world is struggling to feel safe now, even people who are facing no specific threat of danger. We might well ask where this is coming from and what we can do about it. These are themes it will help you to focus on, at the most personal level. One of the most significant elements of what “Scorpio” means is that there’s a deep integration of your mental patterns and your emotions. Sometimes it’s difficult for you to tell the difference, as they morph into one another so seamlessly. Yet this calls for extra discernment, which you now have access to with Mars slowing down to a station-retrograde, conjunct the South Node. When you identify a pattern, notice how it manifests first, as a mental or emotional phenomenon. Then find the counterpart. If something is an idea, find and consider the corresponding emotion. If something shows up as an emotion, identify the corresponding idea. This will make it easier to morph, adapt and grow.

SAGITTARIUS — You have an opportunity to complete something that you left unfinished earlier in the year. Not only that; you have the extra resources you need to get it done. I suggest you take a minimalist approach. Plenty has changed since you set down whatever this project is, and — if you size that up — you will see that the effort will not be nearly as daunting as it seemed earlier in the year. It would seem that most of your focus would be best invested in gaining an understanding of where you stand, particularly in the context of previous generations who faced something similar and just could not pull it off. You are not them; you don’t have their debilities, and you have many extra abilities and resources that they never even dreamed of. Most significantly, you know yourself a lot better, or you have the specific goal of doing so. That is the key.

CAPRICORN — You’re in the midst of a much deeper re-evaluation of yourself than you may imagine. It will become easier to see once Mars stations retrograde later this month, though the process is well underway. The focus is your 2nd house, which covers three themes, mainly: your perception of your talents and resources; your self-esteem; and your available cash. Think of these things not only as being related, but potentially as one and the same thing. Work on one and you are working on another. The focus right now is on unlearning. You were taught many things about yourself — most of them by example before you were old enough to filter it out — that simply were not true. So you must go on a hunt for all those things. You don’t need to look for love; only for the thoughts, ideas and habits that block your awareness of love’s presence.

AQUARIUS — You have two main learning processes in motion, at the moment. One is an incremental reassessment and re-evaluation, of a particularly intense kind, that spans the second half of the year. Then you have going on the kind of growth that comes in jolts, sometimes by surprise, often arriving in unexpected ways. Both are related to the same process, which is about challenging what you take for granted. This will push you to the edge of your confidence, and to the outer limits of your comfort zone. That’s just where you want to be, hanging around on the edges of your reality, and venturing into the unknown any chance you get. Sometimes you will be drawn there, sometimes you will get lost and end up there, and sometimes you will be pushed. So you may as well hang out with all that is unfamiliar, and learn to love the feeling because being in this place offers you so much.

PISCES — The Sun is about to move into the area of your solar chart associated with pleasure and play, which I reckon will not just come as good news, but come with good news. You can take this approach and apply it to your whole life. You’re in a position where you can have fun doing just about everything. The way to do that is to take a creative approach to whatever you’ve got going on. If there are some areas of your life that don’t respond to a creative approach, particularly certain matters associated with what you think of as your job, you need to push that; or you may want to consider being in a different line of work. Doing this will require creativity, which you have in abundance all the time — and especially now. And you might take as your mantra something my Aunt Josie loved to say: Nothing attempted, nothing gained.

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