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Planet Waves Horoscopes: June 12 – 19, 2017

By Eric Francis Coppolino


ARIES — Nearly everything about the world as we know it is designed to detach us from our feelings and our bodies. You could make a long list: technology, so-called food, many medications, the ocean of alcohol consumed daily, the obscene pace of our lives, and numerous other factors. On the other hand, everything in your solar chart right now is about connecting with your body and your feelings. Once you focus on doing that, you may be surprised how challenging it is at first — and how good it feels once you connect with yourself more consciously. Start with your dependable methods: your favorite forms of sensuality and most reliable connections to inspiration. Claiming the comforts of home will serve you well as the first thing to do. Spend some time there. Open the windows and tend to the plants.



TAURUS — Venus in your sign is here to help you tune up your sense of self and your presence in the world. These days, everyone is a public person, though few of us asked for that; you probably did not. It can be strange feeling so unmasked, vulnerable and subject to the critiques of others. Yet you’re now aligned with the world around you in a way that feeds you and teaches you who you are and what you want. You’re getting the hang of asserting yourself and not feeling guilty about it. Don’t worry if you break a sweat late at night wondering if you said the right thing, or were too pushy. The way to find out who you are is to venture into unknown and potentially inappropriate territory, and make some demands on your environment.



GEMINI — Mercury has joined the Sun in your birth sign, which is boosting your confidence and reminding you that you really do have something worthwhile to offer. However, through the week, Neptune makes what’s called a square aspect to Neptune, and when these influences join forces, you have to guard your integrity. The difference between truth and falsehood can blur. Since Mercury is your planet, you must focus your mind and be discerning. Use all of your intelligence all of the time, and don’t space out or pretend not to know things. It may be tempting to offer white lies or alibis, and this is one temptation that you need to resist boldly. There’s such a thing as reality, there’s such a thing as your personal truth, and you will be well served to keep them in alignment.



CANCER — Many doors are opening for you now. This is partly due to your commitment to asserting yourself, and trusting your desires. Contrary to most moral theories, this is a much better way to guide yourself to do the right thing because, at least, it would be honest. Therefore, you can be a bit brassy, and guide your life with curiosity and chutzpah. You might ask, is that really a spiritual way to live? And I would say, you have to be real before you can be spiritual, and then you’ll discover that they’re the same thing. One thing you can trust is that you’re an empathetic person. You care about people. You want the best for the people you love, and you consider the world your family. That’s all beautiful, but don’t let it get in your way.



LEO — The Sun in Gemini continues to emphasize the feeling that you’re on public display. Yet you might also feel like no matter what you say or do, you’re bending the truth. You might have one or two harrowing moments where you feel like a phony. That’s natural enough. It’s difficult to feel like everything you say and do is subject to public evaluation, and it’s all too easy to get lost in the nonstop public relations effort that our lives have become. There is a truth of who you are, and that’s all you have to concern yourself with. If you discover that you’ve exaggerated something, correct yourself and move on. However, what the planets are describing is you putting yourself into the world and showing people how beautiful you are, and what you have to offer. You can trust that.



VIRGO — Mercury, the Virgo planet, is trekking across your house of reputation and achievement. This is a reminder that people are paying attention to you. It’s a reminder that your words count as much as your actions, and that both count for a lot. You may have one or more occasions where you can skew the facts or bend the truth to your advantage, though you must be careful doing so. It’s necessary to consider your reputation as an honest person who does the work for its own sake, rather than an opportunist. It would be better, in any such situation, to put off the discussion and return to it at some point at the end of the week when the scenario has cleared up a bit. Meanwhile, there’s plenty you can accomplish while being absolutely true to your word.



LIBRA — If you’re in a position of leadership, you’ll be able to work miracles this week, and the key is listening. People you live and work with are likely to open up about their problems. Let them cry on your shoulder. This will build trust and give you insight into what motivates them, and what issues they have; then they will be much easier to coexist with in a productive way. In the end, our world is made of human experiences — not of corporations and governments and laws and rules. Everything ends up being experienced by people on the level of their body and their feelings. If you can remember that, you’ll step into your strength and power as someone who can help many people, move a few mountains, and make a better life for yourself in the process.



SCORPIO — Be careful in financial transactions this week. That means reading the number on every one of those little debit card slips you sign. It means understanding any contracts someone hands you, and at the moment, delaying finalizing major commitments until next week. I say this because due to the square between Mercury and Neptune, involving your house of business and shared finances, it’s likely that you’re overlooking an important detail. Someone may be misrepresenting the facts, or you may be lost in your own wishful thinking and tendency to over-trust. Under current conditions, time is your ally. You must do your due diligence, and give people the time and space to reveal their agendas. This is not about mistrusting anyone. Rather, it’s about not trusting until you have solid reasons to do so. That means reasons, plural: at least three.


SAGITTARIUS — This week, the Sun in Gemini forms a face-to-face meeting with Saturn in your sign, which may be a moment of truth in a relationship. Yet you have no need to fear the truth, only reason to welcome it. One thing to remember is that others may perceive you as being a bit stuck in your position. If anyone seems frustrated, take a more flexible posture and remind them that you’re open to the possibilities. That doesn’t commit you to anything except being considerate, which really means being willing to consider what they have to say. The thing you can trust is desire. Healthy relationships are held together by attraction, and if you feel that cosmic and biological force working its wonders, you’ll be reminded what you’re doing there in the first place. That’s your common ground.



CAPRICORN — If you’re feeling any form of emotional disturbance, remember, it’s just energy. Think of energy like waves on the beach. If you line your surfboard up with the incoming waves, you can take a very nice ride to the shore. If you get caught sideways in a wave, you can get dunked under the water. So the first thing to do is to feel the tides and the currents, and orient yourself appropriately. The Sun in Gemini aligns with some of the most potent, disruptive and potentially creative forces in the sky right now, and if you keep a positive attitude and remember what you want to accomplish, you’ll be unstoppable. Mars in Cancer, your relationship house, describes assertive people willing to help you. Align with them, work cooperatively, and you’ll be amazed at what you get done.



AQUARIUS — Lately, you’ve been under challenging, inspiring influences. Yet you’re in one of those phases where you discover that life is worth whatever struggle you’re thrown. This week, however, the planets align in such a way that describes an easing of your burdens. Your mind is on fire at the same time your discipline is at a peak, so you can put your excellent ideas to good use. If you’re developing a business, working on your career, or involved in an artistic endeavor, you will have good traction. Just make sure you emphasize your highest priorities. The only risk is getting distracted or sidetracked by things that don’t matter. Stick to what you know, from experience, is important, and focus on bringing already-evolved projects to completion. Once you do that, there will be plenty of time to experiment.



PISCES — This is the week to clean up or resolve any lingering financial issues, and to go into high gear on bringing in cash. Money flows toward structure. Structure means organization, being on time, and knowing your priorities. Spend some time setting your agenda, keep your list out, and revise it as you accomplish things and discover new priorities. It’s been said that all wealth comes from the Earth; however, in our current environment, it seems like ideas are the source of abundance. You don’t need many of those: you need somewhere between one and three workable concepts or goals that you’re actually excited about. The leading actor in your chart these days is Mars in your house of passion, curiosity and erotic adventure. Stoke that fire and you’ll keep your energy moving, and get excellent, durable results.

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