Planet Waves Horoscopes: June 11 – 18, 2018

By Eric Francis

ARIES — Honor the science of communication. This week’s New Moon in Gemini takes place in the angle of your chart associated with written and verbal expression. That you have Gemini there is a blessing, as this grants you the ability to focus your ideas, if you apply the discipline and the muscle. Yet more than that is a quality of inventiveness and refinement; an approach that involves at least as much science as does baking. That means taking a methodical approach: using a method, which would need to include the usual idea to draft, then to revise and rewrite. Also, it would be helpful if you made a review of recent mistakes you’ve made, and figure out how not to make those again, as it does seem possible that you’ll repeat an error if you don’t make a conscious effort not to. Take your time, and choose your moment.


TAURUS — Money is energy; and at this stage of your life, you will get back what you put in. Be aware that you will need to make some kind of up-front investment, which means some of your resources engaged in whatever system you design. However, you’re looking for some efficiency here, less like that of a car and more like that of a bicycle. So you might focus on that subject in particular. One example comes from the Wright brothers, who invented the airplane. Their first task was figuring out how to make the perfect glider, which they flew like a kite, using only wind power. Once they had that, the next step was to figure out how to power it. Yet the thing had to stay up on its own first. This is what I mean by efficiency. Also, you have made enough mistakes to write a book; so at least inventory those and exploit them for everything they are worth.


GEMINI — Wednesday’s New Moon in your birth sign is like a hub that connects many seemingly separate people, events and things. So you might serve as this hub, and see what comes to you, who passes by your house, who visits, what parade comes marching down your street. This will have some of the strongest effects as Venus changes signs, which will give your words and ideas tremendous impact and appeal. In many different ways this seems to be the message written in the sky. Yet with Mars getting ready to station retrograde (June 26-Aug. 27), you will need to use your power and strength to take a view that is not considered popular and may not be understood. Hence, you’re being called to refine your talent as a communicator, which means being balanced both in the use of your brain, and the composition and delivery of your message.


CANCER — You are about to be introduced to a supply of ideas and energy that seems endless, from a source you cannot really identify. Don’t worry about the mystical details; rather, tap into the goodness. Note that Mercury in your sign will be square Chiron, so you may not necessarily feel positive about your own intelligence; this is an illusion. How you see yourself is largely determined by what mirror you look into. However, take note of any self-judgments that come along with a surge of awareness or strength. This is the kind of inner conflict that causes many people to back down from their own mental and creative gifts. The inner conflict you might feel is the very thing you must engage and work through, rise above and, more than anything, tap the power of. The tension you may be feeling is not the thing it seems like at first; rather, it’s the necessary precondition of true creativity.


LEO — When Venus enters your sign on Wednesday, it aligns with a cluster of minor planets, though one in particular stands out: Varuna, the great equalizer. The message is that we are all equal in the eyes of love; you are the messenger. And the way you will deliver this wisdom is through your actions rather than through your words. Demonstrate who you are with the love in your heart. Be certain to infuse that with the desire to serve others; that is the ultimate expression of love, particularly how we need it with the world as it is today. That service could come in the form of listening, and providing a secure space for someone who feels threatened. It could also come in the form of material generosity, which is best offered one-to-one rather than via a six-digit code you text someplace. Emphasize the human connection.


VIRGO — You love to know the theory behind everything. That gives you a form of mental power, though don’t stop there. Yes, keep track of what seems to be happening behind the scenes, though watch the outer world as well — and consider the two in context of one another. Pay particular attention in the intersection where secrets or taboo subjects meet up with public consciousness. This is a thin membrane where all kinds of strange things happen, and where truth and fiction can seem indistinguishable. Therefore, you must withhold judgment and observe, until your observations challenge some previously held beliefs, at least two or three times. As your perspective shifts, you will gradually begin to follow the common threads. There will be ideas that repeat in unusual places and odd ways. You might seek to disprove something, and establish its validity. Keep an open mind.


LIBRA — Amidst much other activity, Venus is about to move from Cancer to Leo. Happening at the same time as the Gemini New Moon on Wednesday, this is one of several signs that your world is broadening; and that your view on life must follow suit. There is a metaphor from photography that illustrates your astrology. In one style of picture taking, the artist uses a wide-angle lens, and gets in close to the subject. This shows both the figure and the ground; the topic at hand, and the wider context. There is detail available, and there is framing that makes the detail meaningful. This is the perspective you need to have. When you’re uncertain what you see (or as one master said, when you don’t like your pictures) get closer to the action. Walk right up to what you’re thinking about. Engage with the person you think you disagree with. You will find your common ground.


SCORPIO — This week’s New Moon takes place in your solar 8th house, the one associated with a long litany of taboos and family secrets. The 8th house also describes some of your deepest desires, and you have Gemini on this house. That is an illustration of your desire to confront and engage with your twin soul, and the urgency that sexual bonding has had in your life (and probably still has). You are now being given an opportunity to confront a mental or emotional block. People love these things, and love to turn them into screaming controversies. However, you are responsible for the contents of your thoughts, your feelings and your desires. If you are dealing with a hang-up of some kind, address it honestly, and skip the part about what people did to you to make you this way. Whatever that may have been, this is your personal territory; your spiritual property.


SAGITTARIUS — A variety of events describe you in a process of making deep discoveries about yourself. Not every Sagittarius courageously carries the torch of truth, though I credit you with being willing to go places within yourself that might easily freak out other people. That may be happening now, as a partner, lover or love interest is having an encounter with the limits of their ideas, and their emotional capacity. There is nothing you can do to stretch their ability to think or feel. You can hold space, and you can remind yourself that whatever they may be going through has little to do with you. This can be challenging to grasp, especially if a wider and older issue is being processed through the immediate experience of a relationship that you are in. Give people time and space to figure out what is really about them; and continue your own process of inner investigation.


CAPRICORN — You could empty a room today by saying that one’s sexual confidence is directly related to their overall confidence; and that sexual maturity is an indication of one’s overall maturity. Yet, whether the room is empty or not, the point is worth your consideration, especially as you come to terms with some of your deepest fears. You possess the power of creation. When power is disowned, it tends to run wild. When power is denied or suppressed, it tends to turn toxic, and turn on its owner. And when power is fully claimed, one enters a relationship with it; takes responsibility; and must therefore engage in what can seem like a moral or ethical struggle. Here is a clue: You are not doing this to gain someone’s approval, be it a particular individual (parent, lover, friend) or a group (your family, your “tribe,” your colleagues). Your growth is your business. You are responsible for your integrity; or, said another way, nobody else is.


AQUARIUS — The process of Mars retrograde in your sign is well underway, though not at full intensity yet. This is such a vital process in your life and your growth I suggest you take the deep-knowledge approach to the matter. For the past week, Mars has been moving slowly through your sign, close to the Moon’s south node, a point called Ketu. This suggests that the first order of business connected to Mars retrograde will be some reckoning of the past with the present. You will know that you are making decisions when you start to adjust patterns and habits in your life. Some of these may seem to happen for you, as old arrangements crumble and you are set free from rigid entanglements. I suggest you take any freedom this process offers sooner rather than later, to establish your new patterns more closely on your own terms. You are past the time when your life can be dictated by others, or lived according to their preferences. Now is your big chance.


PISCES — You can invent your way out of any situation, any mistake, any perplexing circumstance. But to do that, two things are necessary. One is that you take a methodical and systematic approach. This does not need to be on the level of astrophysics; more like a dedicated hobby, where you plan what you do, and do everything for a reason. Another involves seeing the connections, following them, and gradually understanding them. Think of this as a weaving process, where you follow the threads over time, work with the strands of truth and incrementally come to see the whole scenario for what it is. It will help if you think of life as a mystery to be solved rather than a game to be won. As Mars turns to retrograde movement later in the month, that mystery will focus increasingly on you. What you are after is to understand the ways that you have internalized the structures and rules of society, and limit yourself in ways that are just not necessary.

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