Planet Waves Horoscopes: July 9 – 16, 2018

By Eric Francis Coppolino

ARIES — Act protectively, not defensively. Offer the benefit of your awareness and resources to anyone who may need them, particularly young people. Your survival instincts are running strong right now, and you can do plenty to secure your boundaries, feather your nest, and work toward your greater wellbeing. Yet you may also expand that into a kind of “protectorate” of anyone who comes into your sphere. What you cannot do is protect people from their own folly, self-destruction or delusion. If you observe that is what’s happening, you might consider not investing your resources, emotional or otherwise. Attempting to save people from themselves is, in itself, self-destructive on the part of the rescuer. Yet you can at all times act in your own best interests, and you can make it known that you’re available to anyone who chooses to be responsible to themselves. That, however, must be your bottom line.

TAURUS — You must say what you mean and mean what you say, as your words will have impact on both you and the world around you. This is often forgotten in the Twitter Age, where the majestic power of the alphabet has been degraded and cheapened. It’s up to you to make sure that every paragraph, sentence, word and letter count. You have it in you. You are, at heart, an efficient, cautious, yet also creative being. And you have something on your mind, and whatever that is can have an influence on your environment. Yet the real beneficiary of one who makes a clear statement of their ideas is whoever dares to do so. The way you know that writing is real is because it in some way changes the writer. For you that will mean deepening your feelings, tuning yourself into your local environment more keenly, and associating only with people you deem responsible. The stakes are high.

GEMINI — Be careful who you get into financial arrangements with. You need a vetting process that lasts anywhere from 90 days to a year. That may seem like a long time, though it’s not. If you’re talking about marriage, the process would need to last at least two years — one full Mars cycle, so you know that you’ve experienced at least one instance of every kind of disagreement you can have. With Mars retrograde in Aquarius, the thing to be mindful of is the bottom-line relationship to existence: what you might call the meaning of life. The place to start that process is to gain some understanding of why you’re alive. Many people struggle with this, though it’s a high priority. It’s not something discovered by theoretical pondering but rather through direct experience. Think of it this way: what do your experiences mean to you? What do the people in life mean to you? What do you make, and why do you make it? That is the meaning of your life.

CANCER — Thursday’s New Moon eclipse in your birth sign is exactly opposite Pluto in Capricorn. This chart has two main features: one important matter or relationship you must focus on, and many things you need to be aware of but leave to themselves. All that stuff off to the side might seem compelling. It might seem dramatic. It’s likely to include a cast of characters who have no idea what is good for them; some may be delusional, and you need to not let yourself be sidetracked by their antics. You have, on the other hand, a perfect alignment that will help you move heaven and earth — and make some important changes you have been working toward for a long time: potentially going back 10 years. What you’re experiencing now is a culmination of that process (symbolized by Pluto in your opposite sign Capricorn). You might say you’re going to do a lot of catching up with yourself in a short time.

LEO — Most of the work you have to do is what might be described as inner work. There may be some outer manifestation, though that’s secondary to the awakening you’re going through, and the choices you’ll be making as a result of it. The thing about inner work is that for many, it’s often elusive, lacking tangible form or substance, or words to describe it. And frequently, the interior described is itself nebulous, and difficult to access. This week’s partial eclipse of the Sun is taking the opposite approach: there is specificity; there’s substance; there is illumination of your inner realm. Yet with that may also come what A Course in Miracles calls “the fear to look within.” This fear is based on the premise that what one will find, if one looks within, is darkness and judgment. Yet what if the opposite were true? What if you looked inside yourself, and discovered that you are made of love, and that love is your only reality?

VIRGO — Art has the power to transcend social and political strife like few things can. Nobody fully understands this property, though we’ve all seen it in action. Whether we’re talking about a novel that changed the consciousness of a population (Uncle Tom’s Cabin, The Grapes of Wrath), an artist who made AIDS awareness friendly and accessible (Keith Haring), or a musical that transcends racial and cultural barriers (Hamilton), the creative process is a transcendent power, and is a force for healing. If you seek to change the world in some way, you might try art rather than politics. This does not mean turning art into a political statement. Rather, you would create art in response to what you feel, or what you witness. The creative process must come first. Beauty and integrity must precede your message, and you must strive to allow your work to change you, before anyone else will change. I reckon you’ve been waiting for this moment a long time.

LIBRA — Make your important decisions in accord with how you want to be known, going forward. This is about more than your reputation, which in our era exists mostly in the commercial realm. This is something bigger: it’s about what you’re known for creating, which is an extension of the deepest vision of who you are. Indeed, your creations are an extension of you, in a way similar to how parents create children. And just as children grow up to live independent lives, so too do your creations, and the results of your work. All you can do is put as much integrity and love into them at the time you have the chance to influence them, especially at the beginning. And even then, things don’t go perfectly. Even if there would seem to be some disturbances around you, trust that your core message has come through. That is another way of saying to trust that who you are comes through your work; you are the message. You set your own example.

SCORPIO — At the heart of any spiritual project or mission must be love and forgiveness. When those are present, there is no need for morality, and there is nothing to teach, and there is nothing to learn. The problem is that love and forgiveness contradict every value of the capitalist system in which we live, which is inherently based on isolation, scarcity, competition and, worst yet, deception. Love and forgiveness are about mutually shared interests, not separate ones. Love is about truth and truth alone. The question you may face is how to bring these values more fully into your lived reality, when you must be a creature of the world. And that is where the spiritual life must evolve into a direct relationship to what you might call “the living information.” This comes through most strongly when you are committed to love and forgiveness as a way of life. This is an act of faith. And through that act of faith, you discover something called soul.

SAGITTARIUS — So much chaos and controversy surround the realm of sexuality, it’s amazing anyone on the planet has a single positive erotic experience their entire life. Yet you long for this. Your sign may be the most exotic of all, in terms of your sense that you’re not “from here.” Whether that is a metaphor or something more tangible, eroticism is one of your ways of finding home on our planet. It’s one your deepest sources of emotional nourishment. This week’s partial solar eclipse is in this region of your chart, the sign Cancer, which represents mother’s milk, breakfast in bed, your home and very the coziest spot in it, and your style of lovemaking. See if you can filter out all the noise and madness that surround something so natural. See if you can go beyond the economic interests, meaning anywhere that money might infiltrate the erotic realm. See if you can find a way for what is loving and natural to be just that.

CAPRICORN — You have a more profound impact on others than you may imagine. The effect of this is to draw you more deeply into your relationships than you may feel safe or comfortable going; and through the mirror effect, you may only notice the depth to which you experience people, rather than how they experience you. It will help you, and the people close to you, to tune in to the effect you have on others. Now for the challenge: what if, for example, someone you care about deeply is a hot mess, and claiming that this is somehow about you? Well, now you have a boundary question of the first order. You might start by taking the claim at face value, and inquiring whether it has any validity. Then, consider the person’s personal history prior to your arrival in their life, and see if you can detect any patterns. You have the ability to work this out. Remember how much of life and of happiness depends upon one’s agenda.

AQUARIUS — Pluto’s position in your solar chart is driving you deeper into your journey of inner awareness. Yet you’ve reached a point where your experience is making contact with some practical matters of health and wellbeing, and that is where your solar chart stands at the time of Thursday’s eclipse. This is a moment of contact, where you’ll be able to recognize ways you can make specific changes to the patterns of your life — adjustments that, with Mars retrograde, have no doubt been in process for a while. What you’ve experienced is composed of many individual decisions, yet it goes much deeper. Life patterns exist on many levels, from behaviors (for example, what you eat, and where) to drives (why you crave certain foods) to something more existential (your relationship to nourishment). You are in a position to thread the needle on all of these at once, though it will help if you’re responsive to your desire to do so; and make a choice to let go of resistance, to the degree that you can. A little willingness will go a long way.

PISCES — You’re a pleasure-seeking being. It would be wholesome of you to remember that, and also to remember that we live in a culture that is, at the moment, having a love affair with a kind of neo-Puritanism. One question you’re working with is the extent to which you’re willing to allow cultural dictates to drive your choices, influence your desires, and externally impose a moral code on you. There’s another way to see this, as well: Pluto’s movement through Capricorn has created the illusion of control and, at the same time, it’s created an opening through which you have a direct path of self-expression. While you might think that this is a crack in the structure of society, the actual potential is within you; you cannot seek it outside yourself. Yet you can navigate the world both through social choices and being fully conscious of your state of mind wherever you are. Notice the ways that your emotional state and your mentality open certain things to perception and to availability.

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