Planet Waves Horoscopes: July 27 – Aug 3, 2020

Planet Waves

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By Eric Francis

ARIES — The Sun has moved into the most creative and expressive area of your chart — Leo, your 5th solar house. Here is the thing: creative and expressive are not really the way of the world. Bored and stressed out more typically are. Yet what you are likely to find is that if you take the advantage that your astrology is giving you, you can stabilize in a place where you can have some real fun with your most inquisitive and artistic side. The key concept here is some ability to be consistent, and that is the nature of a fixed sign. If you are personally committed, all the distraction in the world cannot get you out of your zone. To the extent there is distraction described, it is really the potential for activity that you can focus in the direction you want. So step one is wanting. In my philosophy, curiosity is a form of desire, so wanting to see what you can do or how you might feel, or experimenting with what you might unexpectedly desire: these all count.

TAURUS — This has been a tremendously unstable year for much of the world. While in general unpredictability has a torturous quality for you, Uranus in your sign suggests that either you like what is happening, or at least you’re able to make some advantage out of it that you might not normally have. As strange as the world has been, most of the twisting and turning has come through your ideas about life rather than from life itself. This, too, may have a few potential modes of action. One is recognizing that beliefs are a poor substitute for seeking knowledge. Said simply, a belief is what you adhere to before you’ve gone on your quest for truth — and at its best, that’s what your current astrology is driving you toward. You are so dependent on all things familiar, from your home to your friends to what you do every day, that to go anyplace else may seem like wild, unknown country. That is where you need to be. Other factors are granting you emotional stability and a sense of security that you can draw on like a battery.

GEMINI — Mercury’s recent aspects to Mars and to Chiron may have provoked you into either a crisis or a deep reevaluation of just what you’re living for. That may have come through either anger or recognizing some past hurt you’re carrying around: and one will have a way of substituting for the other. Underneath all of that is a recognition of how sensitive you are, how emotional, and how receptive. The world has been in assault mode lately, and feeling open might not seem to be a logical or sane approach to existence. I would propose it will serve you well at this time: that openness and vulnerability will be more liberating and less painful than any other way of being. Resistance is sometimes a necessary adaptation, though it cannot go on for long. In order to influence the flow of events, you need flexibility; and most of all, you need your senses on and available at all times. Then you need to think. There is no inevitability as long as there is a willingness to contemplate what is happening.

CANCER — Mars is doing something unusual, which is spending six months in Aries, your career house. This is due to the Mars retrograde between Sept. 9 and Nov. 13, a time that will no doubt stir the pot of history. One thing that’s fair to say about you is that you take your work personally. You must do professionally what is personally relevant to you. For some that is a tall order: all those relevant things are not usually associated with a paycheck. However, I suggest you set that requirement aside in place of something better, which is responding to a calling. There is a connection between what is happening in the world, and what you want and likely need to be doing. As chaotic as it is, the planetary condition is the perfect place for you to find your passion, your mission, your true intention in life. Yet for that to work, you will need to allow yourself to get involved. That means consumed, invested, interwoven, committed, intertwined: anything but an abstract relationship. There is work to be done, and that is good news for you.

LEO — For you, the best astrology of 2020 is yet to come. While everyone else is getting swirled around like a malted in the blender, you are watching from the sidelines taking notes. It will also help to take care of yourself, by which I mean the very basics of food, air, water, rest and movement. Yet you will also benefit from focusing a turning point in how you manage your health and other facets of your wellbeing. You know there are changes you need to make, and now is the time to get those into gear, and hone them into habits. Positive habits take longer to form than negative ones (which seem to grow overnight). Yet you have motivation: you understand why you need to do what you need to do, and by now you’re feeling the internal drive to connect with those necessities. Take this seriously. Listen to the ways you’re being called. Do what you need to do, and allocate the resources you need to make it happen: time as well as money, and mostly, mental and emotional bandwidth. Major progress is in motion and you will want to be ready.

VIRGO — Do not let others dissuade you from your calling, or blow you off course. This is not the time to allow your desire for a romantic relationship to take priority over the work you feel called to do. This may not be a case of overt competition, or even something you can give a name to. It’s more like how your idea of a partnership is shaping your idea of what is possible. It’s essential that you see this for what it is. At this time in your life, you simply must prioritize your purpose, which translates to your vocational calling. We all must be a little leery that a relationship is the “pearl of great price.” Usually, the price is a little too high. One essential metric for the quality of your interactions is whether they support your need to invest yourself in your work. Any that does not is probably not the right involvement for you to invest yourself in. Right now, the support needs to flow toward you, not away from you. There is a binary involved; it will be one or the other, and it’s up to you to discern which is which.

LIBRA — The thoughts you hold in your mind matter. The ideas you accept affect your life more than you may recognize. You need some extra filtration right now, so that you may discern what is relevant for you and what is not. You also need to do some work on what is valid from an objective standpoint, meaning having nothing to do with you personally. This is particularly important where matters of your health are concerned. On that topic, the single most important thing for any Libra Sun or rising to know is that your state of physical health is greatly determined by your emotional state. More than anything else, how you feel determines how you feel. Whether or not you decide to seek any sort of physical remedy, in the end, when you feel better emotionally, you feel better all over, and much of the time it has little to do with medicine. There is a connection between your state of mind and whether what you believe is true. So this calls for some effort and even more reflection. Reading books will be helpful.

SCORPIO — Art is an excellent way to process whatever you’re moving through emotionally. Whatever you think of as creative process counts, though I do mean active rather than passive: making something personally, rather than consuming or experiencing something that someone else did. A little of that might be helpful, though you want your experience to be from you, about you, and centered within yourself. In 2020, that is the tricky part: this notion of ‘centered within oneself’ barely exists, because so much has been externalized. We tend to live so far outside of ourselves, and are in a sense never alone due to our phones tagging along with us everywhere we go, connecting us to everyone we have ever known. Give yourself some time and space offline, alone with your thoughts, your paints, your notebook and/or your musical instrument. Go someplace you have never been. You will benefit from this kind of exploration; it is the essence of inner work.

SAGITTARIUS — Something called the South Node (or the Moon’s descending node) has entered your sign and will be with you for the next 16 months or so. This is a time of deep personal clearing: of letting go of all that is no longer true about you. Sagittarius wants to expand constantly, and this is a time of pruning back, focusing, refinement, and most of all, of sorting out. Your sorting process must be conducted on one basis only: what is helpful to you, and what is not. This is the time in your life when you will learn what “helpful” and “unhelpful” mean. This goes for everything from the food you eat to who you relate to; from what you do with your time, to what you choose to own and what you choose to let go of. Remember that there is a lesson in each decision you make, and each will contribute to your total, gradually developing understanding of how you decide what is good for you.

CAPRICORN — You are now at the end of a major Saturn transit — the return of Saturn to your birth sign. This was also your official “Saturn return” if you’re approaching age 30 or age 58, though the effect is similar. You either finish the transit, or you get stuck there for a while, until you do (and that is not easy). Saturn will be in your sign for just a few more months, through mid-December. Think back to what you started in late 2017. What learning process did you enter? What changes did you start to go through? In particular, what shifts began in your professional or vocational life? And finally, what about your relationship to your family? That’s the big one: the one you cannot escape reckoning with. Is there some way you feel like your family is holding your identity hostage? Is there some way that you’ve sacrificed it to them? Now is the time to get it back.

AQUARIUS — The notion of “psychological material” has gone the way of the eggbeater, the balsa wood airplane and synchronized swimming. However, you might want to key into the idea, and ask yourself what you’re actually grappling with — and whether you want to set a healing agenda for yourself. Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto remain in your solar 12th house, where (symbolically) we sweep all of the stuff that it’s not convenient to address. It’s also the attic full of stuff from the past that all humans sooner or later encounter from their karmic and ancestral lines. People used to care about this thing. I suggest it would be a very good idea for you to do so, as this alignment will not happen again while anyone currently alive is walking around on the planet. For Aquarius Sun and rising, you have a rare window into your psyche. You have an opportunity, in a sense, to travel back in time, and resolve matters with people who are long gone. Start the dialog and keep it going as long as you can. Learn as much as you can — there is plenty.

PISCES — You can put the friction in your chart to good use. Usually people see minor conflict or the bump and grind of life as an annoyance. For you, it’s a source of heat, light and the sparks you need to light your fire. You don’t need to provoke conflict, just notice it. And then tap into the little power sources that you discover. This will only work if you have a sense of humor about it. Nearly everything is at least a little funny, and many things are a total scream. So keep the gleam in your eye as you look and listen to the world going round. See the irony in the contradictions, of which there are currently plenty. People count on your point of view, if only as a way to measure their own. Therefore, remember your influence, and offer a playful but sincere presentation of your ideas. The world is a mess right now. People are afraid of their own shadow, and you can smell the agendas from all the way down in Antarctica. Stay high above the scourge of seriousness.