Planet Waves Horoscopes: July 22 – 29, 2019

ARIES — Notice whenever you hesitate. By that I mean pausing before you want to do something, the reluctance to try something, concern about someone you’ve met, or not wanting to respond to a question. There are several different reasons you might do so, though you might not distinguish them. Each has its own message, and you need to know what it is. Typically in the course of human events, people either allow their hesitation to stop them, or power through it and do what they want to do anyway. I am suggesting you explore the wide middle ground, which involves tuning into your feelings and getting beneath them enough to have a sense what is going on for you. You want this information, though it may be subtle, and responding will compel you to ask yourself how you really feel, what you really want, and whether you actually trust yourself, or someone else. And there will be rewards for doing so.

TAURUS — Changing one’s mind is an art form. The term, in English, means something akin to “deciding something different,” “changing one’s opinion,” or “accepting an idea previously rejected.” I think it goes deeper than that: when one changes one’s mind, there is a change to the mind itself, not just related to the topic. It’s about reconsidering one’s thinking process. Most people are quick to take a statement and agree or disagree. It is rare that someone pauses and assesses what a statement might mean, or imply, and what the permutations are, and whether for example the opposite might be true. It’s rare that one actually traces the path one took to arrive at a conclusion. I suggest you practice doing this. Size up your own viewpoint or opinion on any issue you seem to care about, and ask yourself how, exactly, you got there. Then, question each step along the way.

GEMINI — Be careful not to make your financial decisions on emotional grounds. You might think you’re making perfectly rational decisions, though they may not seem that way in a week or two. Good ideas are not enough; the thing you will benefit from is analysis that is based primarily on columns of numbers. By that I mean the actual financial facts, in which so few people take an interest. Yet what you’re experiencing at the moment is just a sub-sample of a much larger scenario where a lot is at stake. Apart from any facts or outcomes specific to the short term, or to your more deeply entrenched scenarios involving partnerships and shared investments or resources, there is the matter of how you are able to handle yourself, regarding both cash flow and more complex elements of finance. There are the numbers in the spreadsheet, and there is the human factor.

CANCER — Sunday, the Sun aligned with Mercury in your birth sign, which was also the indication of Mercury retrograde being halfway over (the midpoint was exact July 21 at 8:33:55 am EDT). Plenty else is happening on the Cancer-Capricorn axis, which has been a primary focus of astrology going back to May. It has been intense and dramatic, and you’ve probably had enough of all of that. However, with Venus in your sign now opposing Pluto, you’re likely to be more sensitive than you want. This may also translate to being driven by some passion or deep need, though be aware of how you can get yourself out of sorts under these conditions. Mercury retrograde is cautioning you to keep your mind on the present, rather than obsessing over the past, or planning for the future. Do your best to stay loose, limber and focused on what is a priority now — and set yourself up for the next few moves. Make sure you have food in the fridge, gas in the car and your batteries charged, so you can go about your business smoothly when the time comes.

LEO — Mars in your sign is urging you to push ahead, though other factors may have you feeling like you’re caught in a slog. In times like this, the thing to do is be happy with even modest increments of progress. I call it moving the ball forward, just a little every day. The correct mental posture is gentle persistence rather than storming the mountain. Mars may be giving you little bursts of that kind of conquering ambition, but the practical realities are likely to run contrary, until you gradually work them out. Two other factors are present: one is your sense of being overburdened by a responsibility you may need to let go of. Another is missing information about a critical matter. Whatever clue you received Sunday, you will learn a lot more on or around the 31st when Mercury stations direct. Keep your ears on, and your mind open.

VIRGO — You will know something intuitively, no matter what someone tries to convince you of, and no matter what you want to be true. If you’re not in a position to defer to your inner voice, then place a delay on the situation and give yourself a day, or two, or three, to think about it. You will know something is amiss when someone says something that seems untrue, and someone else swears to it. This could easily leave you doubting yourself, which is why you need time to sort out the situation. Meanwhile, where public perceptions and opinions are concerned (by which I mean anything from gossip to Facebook to the way a particular news item is tending), you must be skeptical, and take a policy of waiting for additional facts to come in. That requires two things: one is patience, and the other is being willing to stand in the face of the unknown, at least for a while.

LIBRA — Use care when handling professional matters this week. You are likely to be driven by deep emotional forces that don’t comport well with relating to higher-ups or managing people and projects. Mercury retrograde has also entered your 10th house of work-related subject matter — particularly the most important stuff. Though it may sound like dime-store astrology, when an email goes missing or when someone doesn’t respond to you in due time, be polite about it — particularly if that person is your boss or in any position of authority. Be the smart person who picks up the phone, asks how they’re doing, and then wonders out loud if your email (or whatever) arrived. The approach is the friendly, gentle inquiry, making no assumptions. Then work to solve the problem. Other people around you might not be so magnanimous, so you may need to contain fires, control the damage and clear all vital information before it goes further.

SCORPIO — Professional jealousy is a serious issue. It holds back progress, wastes energy and destroys careers. So too does unmitigated ambition, or taking too much pride in one’s work. As Mars moves through your 10th house of profession and reputation, tread lightly, and do your best to collaborate rather than compete. In fact if I had to sum this all up in one sentence, that would be the one. Mars is in a long conjunction to Juno, who in some of her manifestations is the every essence of one-upmanship and scorekeeping. Be gentle, and generous in your interpretations of events. Put up with a little bullshit. Not a lot, just a little, and gently remind people that they need to stay within certain boundaries, though without seeming too bossy about it. Mars in Leo in this position is not given to self-effacing modesty, so you will need to work for that. It’s the kind of astrology that makes you seem big and bad even when you’re cleaning furries out of the break room fridge.

SAGITTARIUS — Are we all sitting around waiting for Jupiter in your sign to go direct? That happens on Aug. 11, with Jupiter in a conjunction to this crazy thing called the Great Attractor. Actually, this conjunction is alive and kicking right now, and it’s offering some caution that your words, deeds and thoughts have impact far greater than you may imagine. The way the Great Attractor works, this reaches into the realm of what you cannot perceive, usually because it’s too many degrees of separation from you. Or the results of what you do land in some (seemingly) entirely removed quarter of existence — a little like the Coke bottle tossed from the helicopter window landing amidst the island natives in The Gods Must Be Crazy. Still, aim your thoughts and actions carefully. Refine your message to the degree where you’re more likely to be understood, and survive a few rewrites.

CAPRICORN — Take the next couple of weeks and carefully re-evaluate your goals. Bring them up to date with who you are now, and what you want to be doing in the reasonably immediate future (say, two to five years). It looks as if you’re clinging to some old goals that you need to consider carefully, and may need to shed. The thing is, these are deeply intertwined with your identity. Letting go of an outmoded goal may feel like giving up part of yourself. I propose that’s the very thing that will help you. This enmeshing of the obsolete goal with an element of your psyche is the essence of your situation. Address the goal and you will get to address something within you that’s getting in your way. Making matters more complex, it may not even be your personal desire that’s lingering around: someone else may have set that agenda for you. So in truth what you may be doing is claiming back an aspect of yourself, which really means yourself, rather than giving something up.

AQUARIUS — What exactly is motivating someone’s desire for you? You’re not going to find out overnight, though if there is any hint of hostility in a new relationship, you had best let it go. Getting along with people is a mutually supported endeavor. Take note if you find yourself not getting along with someone. Track the transactions and notice where things may be going off-kilter. Pay special attention to your own actions and motives. If you don’t like someone, then avoid them rather than provoke them. If you like someone, engage them rather than tease around the edges. It’s vital that you listen to what people say to you, particularly the first thing they say, if you want an idea where they are coming from. Listen to their actual words, and their inflection — though the words, in this case, are what really count for the most. That’s how you will know where you stand. And of course, if there is some conflict between words and actions, take note.

PISCES — Take your time when it comes to reaching for your most cherished goals. Prepare the ground. Make contact with people you want to work with. Keep your desk in order. Return phone calls and maintain all routine business. You must also continue to be cautious with money as you get accustomed to the entirely new financial territory you’re in, largely described by Chiron in Aries, your 2nd house. The scale and shape of the re-evaluation you’re going through cannot be understated. It will reach into the core of your being, and the sooner you let yourself go there, the better.
Ultimately the question relates to the value that you put upon yourself, from which stems the value that you place on everyone and everything else. This is a process that must originate entirely with and within you. Certain obstacles you face may assist you in going in that direction. So take those cues and prompts and let them guide you. Be patient with the process, and quietly claim your victories and your breakthroughs.