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Planet Waves Horoscopes: July 16 – 23, 2018

By Amy Elliott



Self-discovery is ultimately a process of trial and error; while society as it is now seems loath to forgive the latter part of that formula, false starts and restarts are a factor in being human. You are outside your comfort zone and feeling your way around this unfamiliar territory; this is how people grow. Consider any blunders or scrapes as learning experiences. Also, note that the answer to the question of who you are cannot be crowd-sourced. Friends, family, lovers and the spider in the corner of the ceiling can offer their thoughts, and you can by all means listen; remember, though, that you have the casting vote.



Everyone has creativity, however that manifests, and it seems you’re about to take some steps forward in claiming and expressing yours. The astrology of this week and the next in particular is offering you a special forum in which you can bring your love of beauty into the world in an especially tangible and immediate way. One possible medium for this is writing; another could involve moving your body. On one level, this may be a culmination of years of growth, at least some of which will have been about learning to be unashamed of who you are. Let your light shine, and stand in it proudly.



If you’re noticing any form of challenge with bringing your ideas into manifestation — that is, getting concrete results — you may need to revise a certain process. This would seem to involve letting go of a particular habit of thought or communication, which is somehow holding you back from expressing the full splendor of your vision. If you don’t see a way at present to realize a specific concept, I suggest you don’t sweat it too much, or try to push the river. Any needed revelations will likely emerge during the next few weeks; be patient with yourself and let your mind work in its own time.



The season of eclipses in your birth sign, which comes around approximately once every nine years, began last week. This is likely to be an important period of transformation in your understanding of yourself and your closest relationships. We often inadvertently imbibe ideas from our elders (and those in our present lives who represent them) who had particular views on who we were, and who we should be. The current set of eclipses may give you a way to subvert what might feel like an immovable diktat. There is no such thing; as an adult, you have ultimate control of your personal narrative. Find the one that’s real.



Over the next week or two, you would probably benefit from putting forth your best, in a behavioral sense. Treat everyone you meet as if they might one day be your boss, because at some stage you’re likely to run across at least one person on whom you’ll want to make a good impression. Keep your communications as gentle and polite as possible; if you wish to persuade anyone of anything, try doing it with kindness. Taking an inflexible position means that others are just as likely to be unmoved. Instead, be prepared to listen and be open to what you hear. It’s an important ability, and will undoubtedly distinguish you.



Next week’s eclipse on July 27, in the most private house in your chart, takes place with your ruler Mercury having just stationed retrograde in the same region. This points to a powerful shake-up that has the potential to move some deep material; possibly you’ve already glimpsed the extent to which you can transform your way of thinking. Keep going. You may have to revisit some difficult former experiences in order to understand them in a new light; yet this is a means of extricating yourself from their influence in a way you might not have known before, and thus becoming free to go on with the business of actually living.



To say the least, you may be starting to experience some broad changes in perspective regarding your career path. This is one of those times at which you are most sensitive to messages from the unseen realms, so pay attention to what comes to you in dreams, as well as in flights of fancy. Yet at the heart of this shift is the basic truth that your job cannot simply be something you do for pay. Ultimately, you need a profession that inspires and encourages you to develop the skills that mean the most to you, to a level of artistry. There are various ways of making that happen, and you’re discovering some of them now.



Mars retrograde has precipitated something of an internal revolution for you, helping you to see and understand alternative perspectives to beliefs you have perhaps held firm for a long time. This may feel unsettling; however, it’s a process vital to personal growth for anyone. As the eclipse zone prepares to move into your place of spirituality and higher learning, give yourself the space to change your viewpoint — especially in the direction of greater compassion and of thinking in more dimensions. You may find whole new ways of being that you hadn’t previously considered, or possibly even imagined.



Recent weeks (or possibly months) may have felt unusually intense for you, such that you might feel challenged to recount your experiences in a meaningful way. Yet it’s worth trying, especially with friends you trust. Even if what you have to say sounds unbelievable to you, those who know you well are aware you don’t make things up or exaggerate too wildly. Naturally, it will help if you talk while in possession of your faculties; preferably entirely sober. You need the relief of letting go any inhibitions you might be harboring of your own free will. Those who love you best will surely listen and offer their support.



If you have a particular ambition that’s close to your heart just now, you may be anxious to view your chances in what you consider a realistic light. Yet, if the fulfillment of your aim requires movement from you, it’s important that you allow yourself to dream and imagine in as wide a field as possible. You can trust your sense of caution; the effort needs to go into keeping up your spirits. Draw on whatever resources you have available, including the encouragement of those you love best, and the guidance of your inner compass. Be determined that you will succeed, and success should not be too long in coming.



Recent experiences may have you feeling as if you’re being rebuilt from the ground up, to put it mildly. Yet this transformation is giving you the opportunity to celebrate the person you’re becoming. It’s almost as if you’re enjoying a new romance, but with yourself. In fact, it might be a good idea to respond to yourself as you would to a new lover. Get in a good deal of ‘you’ time. Go to favorite places, or where you’ve never been but really want to see. Perhaps take in some fine food and wine. Above all, simply be willing to love yourself — and to receive the abundance others are offering, also.



You don’t need to think of the concept of seeking pleasure and fun as an impossible or hopelessly extravagant luxury. We all need these things in our lives. While some will no doubt turn pale with horror at the very thought, you can get busy eating, drinking and being merry. In case you actually need an excuse, remember that most people are brought up amid a miasma of existential guilt and shame. Accepting your right to enjoy life is a way of hacking that code, and paving the way for a more reasonable way of being. Loving life means loving all that lives; and there is nothing the world needs more of at this moment.

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