Planet Waves Horoscopes: January 9 – 16, 2017

By Eric Francis

ARIES — You now get a chance to run with your plan, and it’s likely to be an excellent one. You can presently activate some concentrated, hot idea, probably related to your profession, career or vocation (however you think of it). This involves Mercury stationing direct in Sagittarius and soon storming into Capricorn, your house of success. Here are a few reminders that will help you succeed. One is that you need to focus on the practical elements without letting your vision cool off. This is a skill that you must master; the most important learning goal of Aries is sustained effort over time. Another is to remember that your public presentation is about your reputation and how you deliver your message. The two are related. Stick to matte finish rather than high gloss. Focus on getting the job done, with quality and consistency. A little stagecraft may be necessary, but only a little, at the right time.


TAURUS — You’re past the point of your feelings being negotiable. You feel how you feel; you are who you are. Yet flexibility helps, as does letting go of minor grievances and controversies. Once you have your priorities in order, your actual feelings matter more, and you won’t feel a need to defend yourself. You do need to be clear, as a conscious act. Venus is close to Neptune right now, and you may think that people can read your mind, but most of them need the facts and opinions spelled out. Remember to communicate with each person you’re working with a little differently; tune into who they are and adapt your style. This includes how you relate to friends, who may be seeking out your counsel more than usual. You’re in one of those moments when people are projecting a lot of fantasies onto you, and someone may be idealizing you. Forgive them their illusions and take in the flattery.


GEMINI — Many people around you right now are part of your spiritual family. It’s as if you’re becoming aware that you travel with a soul group, which includes people you’ve been with lifetime after lifetime. This is your real family; these are the people who share similar spiritual goals, who are likely to be people you can count on as collaborators in your seemingly worldly goals. Look and listen for the feeling of ‘common origins’. Tune into the extent that someone lives as if they belong on the planet at this time. Notice the values you share, and what makes you happy. Sometimes, though, people are part of your spiritual family who seem to have nothing in common with you; you just know you’re part of the same soul group. Once you’re there, it’s an easy step to recognizing the common ground and common origins that all humans share.


CANCER — Everything about your relationships is going through a transformation. This is not about the individual people involved. Rather, you’re becoming aware of how the ground on which your involvements with other people stand has shifted. You’re finally catching up with yourself on these changes that go back more than five years. You must rise to the occasion, step up, stand up, speak up and look eye to eye with people. When you’re sincere, you activate a fundamental equality and mutual respect. You don’t have to stand up to people for the sake of standing up, or to prove your validity. Rather, listen to what means the most to other people, and consider what means the most to you. The common ground you share is the place to explore first. Then there’s room for everyone else’s highest priorities. For you, one of them is peace of mind. You need to trust existence, which is not always easy — though people can do a lot for one another in developing that trust as something real.


LEO — You’re on the edge of a creative breakthrough. It looks like you have the idea, and are both prepared and committed to developing it into something real. Keep in mind that ideas go for ten bucks a case. All of their value is found in their development and use. This is where you have a real advantage, because your concept is visionary; and going forward, the emphasis on practical matters is available. Yet you must remember the seed idea at the center of what you’re doing. Remember why it’s so beautiful. Doing the day-to-day work of developing even a relatively small project can completely distract you from its original qualities. You must supply the fuel to keep your passion hot as you proceed through the worldly details rather than visionary ideals. Then you plant a little of that vision into everything you touch and everyone you speak to.


VIRGO — Sometimes events beyond your control can teach you how much confidence you have. When you simply have to do something whether you think you’re qualified to do it or not, that’s the perfect place to build your faith in yourself and in your talent. You don’t get there by doing what you already know how to do, or by managing things under ordinary conditions. So if things get a little weird and you must tap into your deeper resources, be happy for the opportunity. One skill you’ll be calling upon is your political gifts. You actually can handle people who are concealing their motives, or who are trying to deceive you in some way. You don’t even need to let on that you’re aware that’s what they’re doing. Another skill you’ll need is the subtle sense of when to take a chance. Life is not an action film, but there are moments you have to leap without looking.


LIBRA — Keep your mind on the big plan, your larger goals and your more challenging tasks. It will be easy to get bogged down in petty details and interpersonal politics, most of which will take care of themselves. It’s true that the fine points matter, and it’s true that you like to tie up the loose ends. You’ll have a chance to do that, but it won’t be worth much if you’re not grounded in your actual mission. Focus on building foundations and setting yourself up for long-term success. Work with the people you rely upon rather than the ones who cannot rise above the level of personality. You will thrive on adult relationships. This means encounters where people have an investment in being responsible to one another, and express fidelity to goals larger than their individual lives. This is the value to pay attention for; it’s the one you will thrive on, because that deep sense of purpose feels so good to you.


SCORPIO — Who benefits when someone feels stuck, angry or depressed? Who in the environment thrives on the creative and sexual frustration of others? Be sensitive to this question and you will make some vital discoveries about yourself. Your struggle to express yourself and to flourish into who you are may involve your fear of threatening someone when you succeed. You might say that in the politics of your relationships, there are ways in which you keep your strength (whether erotic, artistic or other) in check because it’s politically expedient. This does not help you in any way. You don’t work out the relationship and you don’t get to express yourself. It’s clear that you’re deeply craving certain experiences, even if only to try and see what happens. If this makes anyone prickly or jealous, you need to evaluate the relationship and what you’re doing there. Small indicators (such as how you’re treated, or treat others) point to much deeper problems. You must decide if you really want that in your life.


SAGITTARIUS — You may be feeling edgy, though your life is pretty stable at the moment. You have your options open, and you have some excellent ones to work with. Treat this time in your life as a point of maximum leverage. Tune into the goals that seem important to you now. They are likely to be the same ones that will be relevant in 10 or 20 years. You know what you want, and you have the passion to make it real. Now comes the long journey of investing in yourself: in cultivating your talent, in directing your finances toward your personal business plan, and most importantly, in focusing on what is really significant. The beauty is you know exactly what that is, and you can actually do it if you want. If you don’t focus on instant rewards, the ones that develop over time will seem that much more worthwhile.


CAPRICORN — You have every reason to feel confident. You can push and stretch and exploit your capabilities. You can take charge, you can test limits and you can hold people to their commitments. Yet in order to truly feel alive, you must allow yourself to be vulnerable. This is what will give your life meaning, and what will allow the inspiration to flow into your experience of work or accomplishment. The way to start is with the words you say. Speak from your heart and make sure people know how much you care about them and how much you appreciate them, and remind them that you value their presence and loving support in your life. No matter how successful you are, you won’t feel human until you can home in on the human experience of trusting the people you love. This will teach you to trust yourself, which is the basis of all true confidence.


AQUARIUS — You’re moving a whole lot of karma. It’s as if something old and stuck is giving way, cracking apart and leaving you free to think and stretch out. This process is going to go on for a while. The theme of the next four seasons is about you going through a spiritual transformation where you burn off the residue of the past. You will emerge as a clearer, more open person, with greater access to your talents. You seem intent on wanting to make an impact on the world. The process you’re going through is deeply personal; and, at the same time, there’s a connection to your community. It’s as if you must go through a certain kind of change first, in a rather open and transparent way; and this takes some people along with you. Rather than worry about your impact, focus on the sincerity of your personal transformation, and keep others involved in the process. That is indeed impact.


PISCES — Trust your feelings and where they guide you. This is worth writing on the bathroom mirror of any household that includes a Pisces person. However, it’s especially true now. You have little else to guide you, which is actually fine, because you’re so sensitive at the moment. Even if you’re one of those rare but amazing extroverted Pisces, keep your awareness focused inwardly. Tune into each situation and bring out the talent, skill or personal gift to suit your circumstance. You have ready access to every facet of who you are. And at the moment, you’ve got no reservations about presenting yourself to the world as the distinct individual that you are. Let nothing distract you: not the opinions of others, or how they may respond to your passion. The way you will activate the considerable healing power that you have available is by pushing limits and violating taboos, regularly.

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