Planet Waves Horoscopes: January 30 – February 6, 2017

By Eric Francis


aries-vq-225.jpgARIES — Mars, the Aries planet, has moved into your sign for the first time in two years, and it’s time to pluck up your confidence. This is not a matter of faking it till you make it; rather, it’s time to embrace the reality of your own courage. What stands between you and who you are? What stands between you and what you want to do? I suggest you check two places. One is your concept of authority: for example, if you think something will happen to you if you are real. Another involves the relationship between religion and sex. Yes, this one is a little like chasing roaches; however, the evidence would be found in guilt about what you want, or any form of approach/avoid behavior. Have you ever wondered about these things? Do you ever have the sense that someone is watching you, in your most intimate moments? If so, that suggests you need to claim your right to exist. That’s confidence.


taurus-vq-225.jpgTAURUS — Keep your cool, especially in group situations. You must be the spiritual presence; the one who demonstrates devotion to the best of your ability. One of the themes of this year is your individual presence: how you relate to the collectives you’re part of, and how they relate to you. As part of this, you have a chance to look closely at the idea of service. Notice the lines of support between you and the people around you. Notice whether you offer help, and whether it’s offered back to you. Note when it’s missing and see if you can get a sense of how that happens. This is advanced spiritual work, because you’re in an advanced phase of learning. You might think of life this way: you are a gift to the world, and the world is a gift to you. That implies an exchange — and in that exchange you get to express your true creativity.


gemini-vq-225.jpgGEMINI — If you haven’t figured out how to gain back an advantage in places where you seemed to keep coming out behind, review the events and conversations of the past few days carefully. You’ll figure out where your power went and how to get it back. This applies particularly to situations where sex and money have been turned into instruments of authority of some kind. You might need to do something radical, like move on entirely. You might need to consistently speak your mind, which means from your deepest truth, not leaving anything out. Those two options might be related. Whatever may be the situation, you seem to have learned that in certain matters, there is no room for compromise. Your integrity is more important than making anyone else happy, or playing anyone else’s game on their terms. You can avoid these situations by telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.


cancer-vq-225.jpgCANCER — Aim your sights on some achievement that’s meaningful to you. Pick one; the one that you’ve wanted to do the most for the longest, or the new idea that you’re passionate about. Then stick with it. That’s the key: follow through. First, though, notice what you’ve already been persistent about, but which has been simmering on the back burner. Choose something you’re committed to: that your mind and body come back to on a regular basis, but which is calling for completion. Let this beginning be the commencement of resolving something, or bringing it to fruition. This will take some muscle, some time and some love, and there will be significant rewards for you, both personally and professionally. Cancer is usually viewed as a laid-back sign. But you know you can give it your full thrust when you want to — and now is the time.


leo-vq-225.jpgLEO — You must set your own agenda. Right now, you run the risk of letting your choices be made or influenced by the people around you. Stop and ask yourself what you want, and why. Be honest about this. There are likely aspects of life that you’ve set aside for the benefit of others, perhaps as a result of relationship or family responsibilities. That’s not going to work forever. At a certain point you need to establish a pattern of your life in which you are fully included, and that grants you some independence. Remember that many of the patterns holding you down are in your mind. They are part of your own psychological conditioning, and that’s more difficult to change than any relationship structure. That’s because your relationship structures are based on your own thinking. If you’re wondering what’s going on or what to do, that’s the place to start.


virgo-vq-225.jpgVIRGO — The main thing missing from sex is talking about it. People do it; they avoid it; sex shapes and drives their lives in many ways. The one thing that rarely happens is a genuine conversation. That, I would propose, is the thing you need. Three factors tend to stop people. One is the lack of words, and experience using them. The second is embarrassment. The third is the potential consequences. For example, were you to say what you really want and really feel, you might fear getting a reaction that you don’t want to deal with from someone. I would propose, however, that the thing binding you into your current and somewhat complicated situation is simply your need to speak up, in plain talk, about what you’ve done, what you want, and how you feel. It’s time for Radical Honesty (which, by the way, is a book written by a Virgo author).


libra-vq-225.jpgLIBRA — Mars has entered your opposite sign, and it’s time to get a clear policy on how you respond to people who are attracted to you. Guess what? They are! Multiple people. If you take offense at that, or if there is some ‘eww’ factor, you’re clearly not having enough fun. If you feel disempowered when people approach you, then you were already disempowered. If someone is being aggressive, you might try standing up to them and setting a boundary. The single boundary you most need is one that you can possess: a clear yes, and a clear no. Getting there takes spiritual work. It takes some soul searching. Stating a clear yes, or a clear no, means being honest with yourself. If this makes you squirm a little, you know you’re on the trail. Keep pursuing that line of thought, and keep squirming. You will reach the point of breakthrough where the truth is what sets you free.


scorpio-vq-225.jpgSCORPIO — When you focus your mind, you focus your power. Power means strength; that comes from your ability to concentrate. We live in scatterbrained times. It’s almost as if ADD is a requirement for getting anything done. You must do better: you must focus, and put your ideas into words. The reason this might make someone nervous is that the moment you do this, you enter a new realm of commitment. In other words, saying what you truly believe means committing to that idea. That, in turn, means you can be held to it. You’re likely to have some thoughts that you’re just aching to get out, to express and to make real. If you’re feeling a bit edgy, or anxious, that’s natural enough — though let it embolden you. As Jim Morrison said, the time to hesitate is through.



sagittarius-vq-225.jpgSAGITTARIUS — Mars has come storming into your house of art, play and passion, after many weeks in your house of insecurity. Venus is about to follow suit. You can now stop worrying about what might go wrong, and do your usual thing of taking action and expecting things to go brilliantly. You’re being invited to take chances in art, in romance and in adventure. You may have to lead the way for others who are reluctant; don’t let them stop you (you rarely ever do). You will have plenty of company soon enough. Mars changing signs represents a genuine vibrational shift for you; and if you stay alert and notice this change, you’ll also discover there are many other people already on the level of awareness where you want to be. Feel your own creative passion, and notice who around you is awake and aware.


capricorn-vq-225.jpgCAPRICORN — You’re about to figure out what you’re angry about. It’s funny how something can irritate or grate on you, and you don’t even know what it is. Then when you do, you have the choice to act, or suppress your feelings. There’s not much territory between. In or out are the options. However, it’s not healthy to turn anger or resentment onto yourself. While it’s not exactly peace-loving to turn your anger outward onto loved ones, even if they are the ones who provoked you, turning it inward results in guilt and sickness. You don’t need to rage out at anyone. Going to the gym would be helpful — your present state of mind demands some physical expression. The chances are that something in your present environment is referencing, and triggering, something in the past. Ask yourself what this is about. Listen to yourself. Say what you need to say, and do what you need to do. You can.


aquarius-vq-225.jpgAQUARIUS — You seem to have passed a psychic kidney stone. By that I mean that your ‘unconscious’ mind, the one that blazes to life when you dream, has been working out a puzzle or a problem. This may have been irritating you in ways that you have not put words to yet. They will come gradually, as you make the connections. What you’re feeling is likely to speak in subtle sensation before you’re able to translate it into words. If you want to get the meaning or the lesson of what you’re processing, tune into those feelings. Yet as with a dream, you need to honor the internal logic of what you’re feeling, which may have nothing to do with your seemingly waking life. And what is more interesting, this whole experience may be about working out the karma of a grandparent or ancestor. In any event, some part of you wants to crack open and let your juices flow out. Bring your full emotions and your voice to the occasion.


pisces-vq-225.jpgPISCES — It’s time to take charge of your money. This is, in many ways, a matter of confidence: controlling your cash flow, and focusing your energy on increasing your income. You have what it takes: talent, initiative and discipline. And you have these things in ways that you’ve never had them before. Take advantage of this moment. Your chart is bursting with opportunity, though it’s calling for your leadership and your investment in yourself. You have the strength of mind to stop making excuses and to stop drowning in insecurity and uncertainty. Work with the idea that if you need something, you already have it or you can acquire it easily. Most of all, make yourself useful. Put your creative prowess to actual, tangible, pragmatic use. Look around at the world. There’s plenty that needs to be done, and you have a skill or talent to match any purpose. Choose what suits you the best.


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