Planet Waves Horoscopes: January 28 – February 5, 2018

Planet Waves Horoscopes: January 28 – February 5, 2018

By Eric Francis Coppolino

ARIES — There’s a psychological aspect to everything; and if you’re paying attention, you won’t miss it. Better still, you’ll benefit from the insight into what others around you are thinking and feeling; this will relate to what you are thinking and feeling. You need a concept of motivation that does not automatically involve suspicion. It’s a modern mental crisis that many people assume everyone may be up to something sinister and that we are, at the same time, incapable of discerning what’s really going on. Ponder that for a moment and it may start to seem like a knot that can never be untangled. The bottom line is that you need to trust yourself, which means trusting your observations and assessments of people. Cultivate a calibrated response: that is, dependable inner references that certain feelings and observations mean something, and that others mean something else. Then, leave yourself room to be wrong.

TAURUS — If you remember that your intent is to serve as an agent of healing and service (said another way, love put into action), it will be obvious what decisions to make when the time comes. Once you understand the purpose of your presence, your role will be obvious. You could serve yourself and your situation well by pausing and considering just what that is. You have a role to play; perhaps an important one, which only you can do. You were called into your current situation for significant reasons; and as you connect with them, you’re likely to call forth a stream of vivid memories and what might feel like past-life knowledge. You cannot put this onto your resume, though you can consider it in context. Some of your high-aptitude areas include organizing groups of people, coexisting peacefully with technology, and a rare form of emotional intelligence that’s stable and dependable.

GEMINI – You may become privy to sensitive information over the next few days. This could provide you with a financial advantage, or leverage over someone you know. Proceed with caution; think carefully how you use any such data, and don’t hesitate to stash it in a folder in your mind. You can, however, safely use the information to guide your own decisions, and to inform your understanding of people, without saying anything. You may indeed have something at stake, though study the situation and you’ll see you don’t need to make an announcement. If you discover something that’s directly related to the public interest, that’s another matter entirely. If that is true, you need to proceed with special care, and get the advice of someone who has considerable experience handling such matters. Don’t just blow the whistle. Understand all the potential implications first.

CANCER – What is good for you will be good for others. It may take some experimentation to see that what’s good for others is also probably helpful to you. At least you’re in a position to help define some common ground, and then work to build agreements there. The current state of the world is that just about everyone is camped out in one camp or another, thinking they have nothing in common with any other faction. The most serious issue with this situation is that it’s not based in truth. As humans living on the planet, we have nearly everything in common with one another. Not only do you know this; it means something to you. Once you’re at that stage, it’s relatively easy to act on it. It would be wonderful if humanity as a group could tap into its collective survival instinct. As a representative of the Divine Mother, you can help guide things that way.

LEO – If you proceed with a clear plan for work this week, you will accomplish things that far exceeded what you thought were your abilities — something likely to persist for many months. This will teach you not to trust your doubts so much. I know this can be a fine line, and certain factors of your chart suggest it’s been difficult to muster up your full confidence. The issue, as it shows up in your solar chart, is that lately, you tend toward self-criticism, a little more than is helpful. You don’t need to do this. It’s not making you a “better person.” You can try an experiment, though — based on an aspect in your chart that’s exact this week. When you want to do something courageous, and you take the first steps, what do you experience? Is your self-criticism a reaction connected to your desire to be bold, creative, sexual or adventurous? If so, you can let go of it.

VIRGO – This week’s total eclipse of the Moon takes place in the most mysterious angle of your solar chart, this unusual place called the 12th house. You might think of this as the secret room in your chart, where you keep all of your regrets, your secret desires, and your forgotten dreams. The eclipse will open a door for you, which will help you at once purge any dark emotions you may be holding on to, and also connect with your deepest vision for yourself. If you feel those emotions come up, do your best not to stuff them down. Acknowledge what you’re experiencing, and call in the Inner Light to dispel the darkness. Say it just like that: “I call upon the inner light of my mind and offer my [fear, regret, guilt, whatever] back to the universe. I am sincere, I am clear and I am whole.” Then stand back and allow.

LIBRA – What you think others think about you says a lot about how you think of yourself. And once you know that, you can start asking questions. For example, where did you get those ideas? If you read them like tarot cards, what do they say about your thought process? How does your perception align, or conflict, with what you know from factual data — for example, the gratitude that people express to you? One of the most dangerous facets of consciousness is projection. It’s vital that you learn how to recognize this, and adjust your thinking. It’s also not as hard as it seems, if you keep asking yourself what is real and what is not. Make it into a game. The people who love you really and truly love you. Yes, there are those who would instigate doubt, but once you know that, you can gently sidestep their influence.

SCORPIO – Your sign is one of those most obsessed with psychology, trying to ascertain people’s motives, and to understand their responses. Your solar chart suggests this has been at a peak lately. You’ve probably been turning this onto yourself lately, and I have a couple of suggestions to make it easier, and to give you some objectivity. When you hear yourself speak, do you usually talk about the past, or the present? Seen one way, that’s all the psychology and all the spirituality you need. If you vigilantly watch that one particular binary, you’ll have a lot of information to work with. Second, what do you think is funny? Do you laugh at things said that are at someone else’s expense? Here’s a very short summary of the psychology of laughter: Bottom line, we laugh when we feel like some danger is gone. That never needs to be at the expense of another.

SAGITTARIUS – Mars moving through your birth sign would normally be read as a selfish impulse. Mars is usually shamelessly self-serving. However, it’s also approaching a conjunction to Vesta, an asteroid representing devotion and self-sacrifice. Under Mars-Vesta, your flame of love and kindness is burning bright. Allow yourself the freedom to be passionate. You can also turn that down a little, and focus on the task at hand. Just beware if you ever feel yourself getting cold; that’s the one risk of Mars-Vesta. And if you notice that, pause, contemplate how you feel and reconnect with love, passion and devotion. On the other side of this, monitor your relationship to the idea of sacrifice. That’s the most cautionary note of Vesta. Doing what’s right, you may give something up — though it won’t feel like a sacrifice. It will feel more like a gesture of offering. Proceed in that spirit.

CAPRICORN – It’s been an interesting couple of weeks, with Mercury in your sign making aspects to the most powerful planets in the sky: Chiron, Uranus, Pluto and Eris, all within a few days. This is one way to say there’s been a lot on your mind. You’ve probably made some important decisions, and you’re wondering when and how to act on them. You can afford to coast a little on this; the operative fact is that you know what you want, what you need to do, and why. You don’t want to act until you feel the direct inner guidance to do so, which will feel like momentum. It will feel like a wave rising within you, and that wave will carry your will, and whatever action you take will be easy. In the end, this is a matter of values. You know you’re beyond investing yourself where your values are not in alignment — and that where there is an alignment, that’s the foundation of a sane, honest way of life.

AQUARIUS – This week, there’s a Full Moon eclipse in your opposite sign Leo. Think of this as a tune-up of your relationships, particularly on the emotional level. It might feel like a pressure release, as if two spaces with different atmospheric pressures are being equalized. This will help you catch your breath and ease some of the stress that’s been silently building, much of which is described by the eclipse. Two weeks later, the Moon comes back around and forms a conjunction to the Sun, in your sign — that’s an eclipse in your sign. At that point, you’ll have an opportunity for a personal reckoning of some kind: an assessment of what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. Let this inner discussion encompass every aspect of your life. However, there’s no rush at the moment; when eclipses are in the vicinity, the thing to do is to steer your craft gently downstream, flowing with the current.

PISCES – This week’s eclipse of the Moon will remind you that you need to invest your creative energy in endeavors that fully support you back. You tend to give everything to what you commit yourself to and, as a Pisces, sometimes you forget to send an invoice. Think of this in terms of food. The effort you put into tilling the ground, and the seeds you plant, must ultimately feed you, and leave you enough to plan for the future. It’s one thing to let your talent shine out, and that’s one of your specialties. You will do that no matter what endeavor you choose. Now you must hold your own on making sure the refrigerator is full, that the bills are paid and, most of all, that you stay healthy in the process. The health piece is essential; without that, you have very little. Therefore, support your own strength. Support your growth. This is really possible.