Planet Waves Horoscopes: January 22 – 29, 2018

Planet Waves Horoscopes: January 22 – 29, 2018


ARIES — If you find yourself making a mistake you’ve already made, particularly at work, pause and reconsider your actions. You may not know until you start to see some negative effect, though the sooner you draw back, the better. The most important thing to remember this week is that your words have impact, particularly in a professional context. It will serve you well to be respectful, to the point of being a bit courtly. Take a formal approach; stand up when someone important enters the room, shake hands, be polite and strive to make less of an impression, not more of one. As the week progresses, you will be booming out at 50,000 watts, and what you whisper, people will carry across the airwaves. As the evil genius Frank Luntz said, it’s not what you say — it’s what people hear.

TAURUS — You have the ability to bring people together, and you probably have good reason to as well. Put the two together, and have a real meeting of the minds. In person would be much preferable, even if these are one-on-one meetings. If that’s not possible, meet in real-time, such as by video conference. You will want to stay a few steps ahead of the game this week, so make sure you’re watching trends as they develop, listening to gossip without saying anything, and keeping your eyes on the horizon. You can act on factors you’re aware of without revealing to others what’s motivating you. These very days can bring out your best leadership qualities, which you have in abundance but rarely get to use. Even if you don’t think this is your style, give it a try. You will learn something about yourself.

GEMINI — You may have a tendency to overreact this week, so moderate your responses to the situations you encounter. If you find yourself experiencing strong emotions, pause and step back. A little detachment will go a long way. A variety of factors could lead you to feel like a powerless child in the presence of all-powerful adults. That’s not true. Your ability to take some distance and observe matters with a touch of objectivity will be helpful. So, too, will your ability to communicate. There is no situation in which you don’t have the right to ask questions or assert your needs. If you have an opinion and feel uneasy about stating it, that’s probably a good reason to do so. Most power dynamics are in your mind. Remind yourself of the many ways you actually have power, particularly over your own affairs.

CANCER — You will need to be patient with people, particularly in intimate or partnership situations. If you find yourself reacting to someone (for example, if they keep making the same mistake), that’s the time to slow down and take a different approach. As the week develops, you might notice that certain individuals are pushy, argumentative or seem determined to convince you something is true by writing it on your body with a tattoo needle. Rather than push back, the thing to do is dance with them. Play along rather than resist. This may take conscious thought on your part, though once you start to move with the energy, you’ll notice that you’re successfully de-escalating the situation and can then turn it to everyone’s advantage, starting with your own. There is plenty of room for mutual gain. You just need to see the opportunity, and work well with the human factor.

LEO — You might rid yourself of the idea that people are equal, and instead, work consciously with power imbalances. This is not a slight on your idealism, just a practical suggestion that will help everyone be at their best. All people have power differentials, whether we’re talking about the ability to do calculus or bench press or wealth or a skill at strategizing. Who is good at what? You may attract people who far exceed your abilities in certain areas, and you can work with them. You are gifted in ways that others are not, and you can make those assets available to others. Usually these differences are overlooked, or are the subject of jealous competition. They can also be a source of strength. In physics, voltage is also called “potential difference.” The greater the difference, the more voltage you can have.

VIRGO — You’re heading into an unusual week that will be distinguished by a creative breakthrough, probably related to business. This is about something obvious, something that was always there, only suddenly it’s appearing in a prominent way. If you already know what this is, focus your thoughts sooner rather than later. Work out some of the details in advance. Once this idea picks up, there will be work to do, and time will be of the essence. So, too, will accuracy. The creative potential needs some substantiation, and a meticulous approach even if things must move quickly. Look back over the past and notice what errors you’ve made more than once. Those are entirely avoidable in the future, if you’re aware of the history. Most of that seems to involve lack of imagination, something that’s easily remedied.

LIBRA — An important family matter is on the horizon, and this may be the week you finally resolve the issue. Your solar chart describes two competing tendencies. One is to get wrapped up in the situation. The other is to be ahead of, and a little bit above, the situation, and therefore to be available as a facilitator. You can use the aspects that describe your getting drawn in, but for something better: gaining an understanding, particularly of elements rooted in the past. You’ll be much more helpful if you’re not emotionally invested, and you have the power to do that. This will allow you to guide people to being on the same level; that is, to see eye-to-eye and maybe even hear one another out. However, as the week progresses, the lure of jumping into the fray will increase. Beware of temptation.

SCORPIO — You need to be so careful with your words this week that you develop a new relationship to them. The most important thing you can do is slow down. Interpose delays between what you feel, what you think and what you express. You may feel righteous, and who knows, you may even be right. Yet you won’t help the situation any if you repel others with what you say, or incorrectly demonstrate that you don’t have a clue. You actually do have a significant understanding, though it won’t be till Wednesday’s meeting of Mercury and Pluto that your thoughts fully come into focus. Once they do, you will understand and feel something so strongly that you will want to stop the movie and make sure it sinks in fully. Therefore, pause, listen, rethink and revise. And hold your fire.

SAGITTARIUS — You may be called upon to make a financial commitment of some kind, though if you can at all avoid it, don’t sign anything before Thursday. There’s plenty of information that will come out over the next few days, information that you need. As this astrology develops, you’ll also become more keenly aware of your value to whatever organization you’re serving, and can work your relationship grounded in the mutual financial realities. There’s no need for urgency, only for deeper thought. The more intimately you are connected with your purpose, the more closely you can bring that into someone else’s purpose (that’s the idea of a contract or agreement). Remember that this is about partnership. For that to work, it has to work for everyone. And that is certainly possible — in ways that will reveal themselves in the near future.

CAPRICORN — Your solar chart this week is a study in understanding the mistakes you make repeatedly, and how you can avoid doing so. This calls for careful self-reflection, and you may find yourself mixed up in one such error before you decide it’s time to hit the brakes: and better sooner rather than later. Here’s something you may not have considered, which is the context of your family. It would seem that the kinds of problems you run into involve in some way trying to please your family, such as attempting to meet their expectations. This may go back a long way; so far, in fact, that it’s considered a normal and natural part of tribal law in your family, despite the obvious problems. And further, you may feel that you’ll be opening Pandora’s box if you try to shift things — all the more reason to do so.

AQUARIUS — The Sun and Venus are in your sign, and you’re probably feeling a lot better than you have in weeks or even months. You know that positive changes are on the horizon; there’s excitement in the air. A forthcoming total eclipse of the Moon in your opposite sign Leo occurs on Jan. 31, and that’s an invitation to look at a relationship situation. In fact, it’s an opportunity to consider the total environment of your relationships, and see what they have in common. Questions to ask yourself might involve whether any given relationship is good for you, and if not, what about that relationship reflects your total environment. For the next week or two, you have the ability to make changes that might otherwise seem impossible. Use this time well, to choose what you want, and to un-choose what you do not want.

PISCES — Take a conservative approach to what you say in public this week. Public means on any platform you have, from Instagram to a network television program to what you say in the presence of any group. By conservative, I mainly mean reserved and thoughtful. You cannot demonstrate too much evidence of consideration and deliberation. Aspects describe a kind of sixth-sense about what’s happening in the public sphere, which will be useful for both social and business purposes (and for you, these are often closely related). Underlying all of this is the fact that you have impact on your environment, and you want to use that impact consciously. That means proceeding with awareness of what you say and why you say it. You won’t get to take your words back; you may or may not get an immediate response. That does not confirm or deny anything. In any event, be precise.