Planet Waves Horoscopes: January 2 – 9, 2017


ARIES — Your profession is about what you have to offer the world. It’s your way of nurturing the community. Yes, there’s the achievement aspect; yet ultimately you accomplish great things based on the gifts you give. That includes your time, your productivity and your ideas. Focus on that rather than on the power aspect and you will come across to potential employers as a genuine asset to them.

TAURUS — The meeting of the Sun and Pluto in your house of aspirations says it’s essential that you take the long-term view. Even if you must get yourself set up with something immediately, consider the way in which it fits the much longer story-arc of your life. You thrive with proper structure, yet we live in an era when many of the most dependable ones are crumbling. You must provide this for yourself. Work from your highest vision, and plot the steps that will get you there.

GEMINI — Mercury has been moving backwards in your house of contracts and negotiations, and will station direct on the 8th. Until then you may feel like you’re experiencing more alterations than a tailor’s shop before prom week. Be patient with the process. Take things one step at a time, and evaluate everything on its own merits. It’s essential that you make no promises you cannot fulfill, or offer anything that you cannot absolutely deliver in impeccable form.

CANCER — It may seem that others have most of the influence and advantages, though that’s an illusion. When you meet someone, look them in the eye, say hello and remember that you’re both human. This will keep the interaction on level ground. We all have our strengths and weaknesses; we all have our needs and our assets. Remind yourself that you’re a solid, competent person who can rise to any challenge, and proceed with calm self-assurance.

LEO — There are two aspects to any career: the outer play of prestige and achievement, and the actual work that you do in the course of the week. Right now the planets are emphasizing the second. Potent activity in your 6th house of day-to-day business is saying you must attend to the details of whatever you’re doing, and get it right the first time. Get the proofreaders, the fact-checkers and the BS detectors into your game. Run every document past people with 10 years more experience than you have.

VIRGO — Creativity sometimes looks like a fantastic painting or stage presentation, and sometimes it looks like connecting the right idea to the right problem. In your solar chart, art is expressed mostly in practical ways, and you want to emphasize that right now. Keep your mind and your pencil sharp, and look for clever, small adjustments that help you make the connection or get the job done. Do not repeat what others have said to you without verifying it first.

LIBRA — Someone who may seem a little strange or eccentric will offer you an idea worth its weight in pure platinum. Let people provoke you, listen to their arguments, and evaluate their ideas, no matter what you think of them. As one born under the sign Libra, you have a talent for presenting radical ideas in perfectly eloquent terms. One of these seeming oddballs could become a valuable partner in business, enterprise or career.

SCORPIO — Your words have impact. This is especially true now. Measure them carefully and deliver them gently. It would be wise to have someone you know you can trust go over your ideas on an important task and refine your presentation. Keep your ego out of it. Sand down any barbs, and make sure that what you’re saying comes across clearly. Stick to the basics, and use writing as a practical craft to get the job done.

SAGITTARIUS — Mercury will move to forward motion in your sign on Jan. 8, and it would be wise to delay the signing of any contracts till then — later if you can. It will be easy to delay things because everyone is feeling the effects of the current retrograde. Anyone who pressures you into making a commitment before that time, or before you’re ready in any form, is not someone you want to work with. Better opportunities are in the offing.

CAPRICORN — You may be hesitating about making a decision about what you want to do with your life. Hesitate away! With Mercury moving backwards through your sign, you’re on the path to making a discovery; and with the Sun approaching Pluto, it’s going to be a big one. You might start the month with one goal, and then as the days unfold discover that you’re ready for an entirely different career. True, you don’t like to lurch or leap, but you do seem to be onto something brilliant.

AQUARIUS — You must watch the financial aspects of any professional arrangements that you make, and watch them carefully. With so much activity in Pisces, your sign of money and resources, you have a lot to offer — and also a tendency to sacrifice your own interests. Therefore, pay attention to this aspect of the discussion. Career is about a lot more than what you get paid, however, and that’s a reminder to make your next job one that really, truly matters to you.

PISCES — When presenting your talents, focus on what matters to the person you’re speaking to. You have many assets; you have many skills; you can do nearly anything. Yet in an interview situation, or when designing your portfolio, what matters the most is what matters to the person who is taking an interest in you. Tailor what you offer specifically to the situation involved. You’ll soon have plenty of opportunities to be the multifaceted person you are.

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