Planet Waves Horoscopes: February 5 – 12, 2018

by Eric Francis Coppolino

ARIES — Be courageous this week and speak up about what matters to you, no matter now secretive or sensitive the subject matter. You may feel fear around this, or tension, or some unnameable emotion, though you’re also being drawn to express your truth. You don’t need to do this in a public forum; it would be wise to keep the discussion to intimate spaces, with people you’re close to. You might, however, have an occasion to open up some discussion in a group forum. The temptation these days is to go right to the internet. With so much happening in Aquarius right now, the lure is extra strong. When you have something important to say, say it in person. The risk might seem greater, though in truth, the electronic realm is free of any risk and offers very little reward or potential for healing. Vulnerability is what you need.

TAURUS — Mercury, the Sun and Venus are streaking across the 10th house of your solar chart, inviting you to achieve great things. You define the term “great,” though the notion usually includes some kind of stretch beyond the ordinary. You’re likely to be doing just that; though this week, a series of aspects is inviting you to fully engage your awareness and recognize what you’re doing and why. You are tapping into a deep source of motivation and creativity, and you can bring that right to the surface of your mind — right to full awareness. That inner source is directly connected to much of what is pushing, stretching and twisting the world right now, and you’re dancing with it like it’s your best friend, the great python. We are living in a time when the entire universe is vibrating with the message: WAKE UP. You’re one of the people who is ringing that bell.

GEMINI — Your chart is lit right now. As an air sign, you’re especially sensitive to air-sign energy. And there’s a whole lot of that going on at this moment, with the Sun and many planets in Aquarius — and an eclipse on the way. This is a fancy way of saying that you’ve got it going on. You may be concerned that your plans are taking too long to manifest, though that won’t be a problem for long. In fact, it would be wise of you to gather your energy, focus your mind and get some rest before the pace of life picks up rapidly. One thing you can do is carefully size up whose fears (besides your own) have had a way of slowing you down. Do they belong to your mother, your father, both, or someone else? Who, if anyone, instilled a fear of achievement? Take the time to think that over, make some decisions, and clear your mind of what is not your burden. Or, said another way, clear the runway. You’re about to take off.

CANCER — Last week, there was an eclipse of the Moon in your house of money, self-esteem and personal resources. The eclipse was conjunct Ceres, which came with two messages, both ongoing. One involves separating your self-respect from any negative attachments or opinions of you that your mother may have (or had in the past). The second is: respect your own ability to feed yourself. Make a conscious, daily yoga of being grateful for “the roof over your head and the sandwich in your hand,” as the old expression goes. On Feb. 15, there will be an eclipse in Aquarius, which is about shared resources and mutual respect. This is an invitation to up your game. You may feel like you need to proceed with extra caution; which is true, sure; eclipses are powerful. But you must also push the edge, be bold and be strong. Take the chance of standing your full height.

LEO — Eclipses are back in town. It’s likely that your life is still in some way reeling from the Great American Eclipse of last August — the really famous one, which was in Leo. I know that because the whole world is still shaking and quaking and wondering what to do. Last week, there was a powerful eclipse of the Moon in your sign, which had the effect of equalizing the pressure caused by the event last August. You are working your way to a new kind of equilibrium. This process will go on throughout the year, peaking once again with another solar eclipse in your sign on Aug. 11. You are going through an initiation. You may feel pushed to the edge of your abilities, your energy, your strength, your courage, and maybe your will to live. Ride it out. Take the trip. Focus on your one and only life, and remind yourself why you’re alive.

VIRGO — Lots of interesting and potentially weird stuff is going on at work. It’s all leading to something, which you’ll know for sure around the time of the New Moon eclipse on Feb. 15. You’re delivering efficiency and effectiveness. You are a well-oiled machine. You have great ideas. Now it’s time to bring in some heart and soul. Your work-related house, where many events are developing, is Aquarius. That can be chilly or impersonal — or it can be boldly humanitarian. You can do everything you do, as well as you do, and fully honor the necessities of the human realm. Put yourself in the place of others. Listen to what they’re saying to you about their experiences. You know you’re destined for great things, and you provide an amazing service to others. Yet, without heart and soul, it’s all just wires, boxes and balance sheets.

LIBRA — Roll and sway with your environment, even as it changes, minute by minute. The world is chaotic and churning, everywhere from Washington DC to Washington Heights to the back hills of Washington State. Our environments are full of interruptions and intrusions. The only way to deal is to adapt consciously. That means learning how to ride the waves; a kind of psychic surfing that, while not entirely free from risk, is a much better option than getting churned in the chaos. Your creative energy is bursting right now. You have nearly every other advantage, including being curious and restless. Some of the best astrological advice I ever got was from a surfer, who was wearing a tee-shirt that said, “Look where you want to be.” By that he meant that you steer with your eyes, by resting your gaze on your intended destination.

SCORPIO — You can take a detached view from any family or household dramas — let yourself be drawn in by good vibes rather than chaos. People will figure out that’s the reward for your being there, especially if you tell them. You don’t need agitation; you will benefit from cooperation; you are just fine going on your own. Therefore, associate with people only when it serves your purpose or, alternately, when you know you can actually be of some tangible assistance. You are reassessing old patterns of relating that have their roots in your family. This is a rare opportunity to drop many of the dysfunctional ways of thinking and relating that no longer work. You want to listen for when people are acting in automatic mode, like robots. That’s your cue to wake up and step back, or to disrupt the scene in some minor way, to shift the energy — such as dropping a dish on the floor.

SAGITTARIUS — Society is now pretending to be embroiled in all the conversations it’s been avoiding since the last Women’s Lib protest in 1975. The thing is, very few people want to get the discussion to the depth where something actually moves, grows or changes. That involves taking a personal risk, which remains unpopular. You, however, are walking along the edge of feeling your entire emotional history in a keen and palpable way. There will be moments when the whole past comes back to you, with all its corresponding vulnerability. Work that energy for all it’s worth: like a performer on stage who is willing to bare all for the sake of an excellent performance, having no clue whether it’s even working, suspended between exhilarated and terrified. That’s the place where you can be real with yourself and with everyone around you. You will learn a lot about yourself, and everyone else.

CAPRICORN — Your sign is usually associated with doing things the old way rather than the new way, though at the moment you can bring the perfect blend of the two. In times of change, that’s an essential combination, the hybrid of tradition and innovation. There are ways the human condition changes, or seems to change, rapidly, and there are ways that it does not change at all. Look around you and see the difference. People still have an emotional need for affirmation and contact. They have a need to socialize together. We need to express common values and long to fulfill common needs. You have an unusually vivid psychic opening into the collective mind right now. You share many priorities with the people around you. Use this ability — it will serve you well, for any purpose you want. Remember that service to others moves spiritual energy much better than service to self.

AQUARIUS — Planets are gathering in your sign, welcoming an eclipse of the Sun that takes place in about a week and a half. You have resources. You are moving energy. You are about to take a tremendous step in your growth and your maturity. It’s essential that you set aside both naïve views of the world, and cynical ones. Much of your purpose in life is the gaining of experience, which is the test of theory and, in fact, the ultimate test of reality. You’re being compelled to change in ways you’ve long resisted, which includes seeing the patterns that you follow, and doing whatever you can to change them. Put your mind into manual mode. Stay awake for every waking hour. Pay attention to your environment and every bit of feedback it provides. Look for patterns in the chaos. They are calling your name.

PISCES — Several unusual influences are simultaneously calling you deep into yourself, and at the same time calling you take action in the world. The order of operations would best be inner first, outer second. This of course necessitates your not getting lost in your inner reality like it’s the only one there is. Important responsibilities are calling on you to participate in the world. Yet you have the distinct advantage of inner guidance. This is a gift you must learn to use, and to trust. It’s not a plug-and-play kind of thing; it takes skill, more like piloting an airplane than sending a message on Twitter. You need to understand all the dynamics of your environment — which means your inner world, the space and energy around you, and the delicate place where the two meet. If you make a mistake, correct it quickly, and move on. If you make a discovery, note it well.