Planet Waves Horoscopes: February 26 – March 5, 2018

Planet Waves Horoscopes: February 26 – March 5, 2018

By Eric Francis Coppolino

ARIES — It’s good to honor the mystery that is your life. Existence on our planet comes with far more uncertainty than it does assurance. We have no idea how we actually got here; all we have are a bunch of made-up stories. Short of certainty, or false certainty, it’s healthy to stand face-to-face with the mystery of who you are. This will soften the edges of your personality. Your false confidence will soften into a gentle kind of assurance, and you will be less defensive. Your life is a gift to you, though we don’t know from whom. If you live that way, you’ll be more conscious of receiving the gift and taking a positive approach to existence, and a helpful approach to your fellow humans. There’s that aspect of life that’s all about you, and the other, more pervasive idea that life is about existence, which you get to experience.

TAURUS — When there are lots of planets in Pisces, life is usually good for Taurus. Pisces is the 11th house of Taurus, the house of what you might call “all good things.” Right now, Mercury, Venus, the Sun, Juno, Neptune, Chiron and many smaller points are in Pisces, which is your house associated with the people you care about, and the good things in life. This is the time of year to be out among your community, to make new friends and to try on new ways of being. As the Northern Hemisphere starts to warm up again, it’s time to get outside the house and into the woods or your garden or out for a walk next to the river. Though you are good at customizing your digs, you’re not an indoor person at heart, so get your hands into the dirt or at least some fresh air into your lungs.

GEMINI — This is a great week to make headway on career plans, especially if you’re in a creative line of work, or want to be in one. Though Gemini is ridiculously adaptable, your natural tendency is toward creating art, love and beauty. Your idea of power is the ability to help people. This is associated with having Pisces on your house associated with achievement, reputation and responsibility. Now, one thing you should know is that success in the style of Pisces is not the usual kind of thing we see in a capitalist country. You have much more interest in collective progress than most people, and you don’t see your success as necessarily competing with that of someone else. So you need your own concept, and you have your options open. I would propose that you aspire to the life of a dog: bring out your passion for participation, service and community.

CANCER — You have the power to guide events and developments in the direction of wholeness and stability. Let any blips or misunderstandings give you ideas for just how you can make your life a better place. Now is the time to enact certain long-standing plans and intentions that the busy world has made difficult to engage. With the Sun and many planets traveling through the most visionary angle of your solar chart, you are blessed, and you can claim that as a resource. You stand a better chance of success in enterprises with long odds than you usually do, and if you’re reminded today of a goal or aspiration that you’ve long set aside, make some moves to put it into action. This is likely to involve international travel, a publishing project or an endeavor you consider art or pleasure for its own sake (clothing optional).

LEO — Not everyone is into sex. If you are, particularly the deep and intimate kind (or whatever you want the very most), you’re likely to be able to create that for yourself, if it doesn’t create itself for you. Speak to those for whom this would be an appropriate discussion. Wade through a little embarrassment if you have to; that will only make it better. Note that the way your chart is set up, these experiences might not enter your life “the usual way” — rather, the “unusual way” is more likely to be the one. That said, if you have no interest in anything erotic, your chart is set up perfectly for that thing known as sublimation — transferring or reassigning sexual energy into something creative, like embroidery. If you do that, just make sure it’s what you really want. Opportunities like you have now don’t arrive often.

VIRGO — From the look of your solar chart, everyone wants to marry you. Proposals should be coming in like bouquets of flowers flying toward the stage during a curtain call on opening night at the opera. Tinder, Grindr and OurTime crashed and needed to be reinstalled. However, you cannot always take what astrology says literally. It’s true that your relationship house is populated with so many planets you should have no problem getting at least some attention — as in, very positive attention. If you’re in a committed relationship, you might at least expand your social horizons. If you’re in one of those situations where commitment means avoiding socializing with even a potential suitor, you might consider the true, underlying nature of that jealousy. What your chart really is saying is: have fun with people. Be bold about having actual, face-to-face conversations where you say something, and learn something.

LIBRA — This may be one of those weeks when you wish you didn’t have a job. If you love what you do, and look forward to coming to work (breaking news — these people exist), this will be a positively lavish week for getting things done, beautifying the office, and clearing up old, lingering business. It’s worth reminding Libras on a regular basis that you need to be one of these people who shows up every day someplace you actually like to be. This is far more important than having power or making a lot of money — if your happiness, health and sanity matter to you. Every chart element that describes your career and profession comes back to this theme: working in a caring, nurturing environment. Starting where you are, do your part to make it so. Put beauty into whatever you handle. Be a font of good vibes, and help people get through their challenging days.

SCOROPIO — Yours is a water sign, and like your cousins Cancer and Pisces, you feel better when the tide comes in, and there’s a little rain. And right now all three water signs have their cisterns full. One fact of Scorpio is that it benefits from an abundance of Pisces, which you have now on two accounts: Jupiter (the ruler of Pisces) is in your sign, and six other planets are in Pisces. That adds up to a bold invitation to set your worries aside and to have some fun. Do what gives you pleasure, hang out with people whose company you adore, and dive into your creativity. If you feel a touch of “should I really be doing this?” then you’re headed in the right direction; you will benefit greatly from overcoming any pleasure anxiety you might feel. Where work and projects are concerned, remember: a little creativity saves a lot of effort.

SAGITTARIUS — You have an unusual event happening in your sign right now: a conjunction between Mars and the asteroid Vesta. This uncommon pairing brings together the planet of action, assertion, aggression and self-serving acts, with an asteroid related to taking some distance from your passion. Vesta’s influence is often about doing things for their ‘higher purpose’ or some purpose other than what is obvious. You might need to stand guard over someone else’s interests, such as their privacy, or their business affairs. You may need to hold open the space for the right thing to happen, which is a form of protecting others. Set aside your personal desires and let your energy and choices be directed toward selfless service. This conjunction would seem to indicate there’s something specific that needs your attention, knowledge and warrior energy. Take up the task; your personal agenda will not suffer for helping someone else.

CAPRICORN — You need dependable ways to vent steam: physical energy, ideas, creativity, sexual desire, anger and every other form of passion. The usual vent provided by society is swilling down a few drinks. If you’ve ever wondered why so much alcohol is consumed every day, the world over, that’s my theory. However, this is both a special temptation for you now, and something to avoid. I’m not suggesting being a teetotaler, but rather not using alcohol specifically as a pressure release — or as your only one. You need to be able to work that valve yourself, and to direct your abundant energy in sane, healthy and productive ways. It will help if you get good at relaxing enough to have fun with minimal lubrication necessary. It will help if you have the ability to process anger and frustration in ways that resolve them rather than push them back under the surface of your psyche.

AQUARIUS — You’re going through a vitally important growth phase that involves balancing out your life. There are many aspects to this, one of which is seeing the ways that your habits of thought don’t serve you. Part of this is recognizing that you do, indeed, think in patterns, and that to be free, you need to let go of crusty old ones and establish some new ones. This will shift your relationships; in particular, by helping you experience common ground rather than rugged individualism. There’s a potentially helpful indicator in your chart, which offers a clue. As a child, you had to develop certain strategies to deal with the all-powerful adults who surrounded you. Those tactics worked for a while, though they need to be identified and questioned now. The upshot is that you need to respond to people as they actually are, not as stand-ins for the roles of your early caregivers.

PISCES — It’s your birthday season, and many planets have joined the party. Among others, Venus and Mercury are in your sign, which bestow a natural charm and ease of communication. You can say less rather than say more. Notice how others perceive you, and play with that, rather than trying to correct them. All this Pisces energy is likely to have you feeling good, like life is worth living, and like you have enough resources to go around; enough to be able to afford to ease back just a little and have some fun, despite the extremely busy days that have subsumed the world. You will need to do this as a conscious act: that is, as a choice. Saturn and other factors have you in a mode where you’re highly responsive to your calling and your responsibilities. But your ability to do your best work will only benefit from doing a little less of it, at least this week.

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