Planet Waves Horoscopes: February 19 – 26, 2018

Planet Waves Horoscopes: February 19 – 26, 2018


ARIES — Don’t worry if the week gets off to a stormy start. Take a day to reorient yourself consciously now that the Sun is in a new sign, Pisces. You’re now living between the dream world and the real world, even a little more than is usual these days. The message is that you must stay grounded, which means orienting yourself in the physical world of place and time, of your commitments, and your physical surroundings. You will inevitably be drawn into the cosmos of fantasy, and you must draw yourself back out, and plant yourself down to the ground. If you can do that, you will get to experience the abundance of creativity that’s flowing into you and through you — though this is not so useful if you can’t engage it in the world. Part of engaging with ideas means to dance with the unpredictable, and that’s the best approach to any changes of plans today.

TAURUS — You may be feeling restless or anxious, though you won’t show it. That’s a good thing, as you’re at your most visible and social at the moment. Just so you know how others are likely to perceive you, dreamy is the word; and people might project their fantasies. This is true to some degree all the time; we tend to see one another as we are. Yet with Venus and Neptune glowing in the social universe of your 11th solar house — the one where you mingle with the world around you — people see you as shining that unusual invisible light of beauty. You might just dance with this and have some fun. You don’t owe anyone anything for being seen however someone wants to see you. And you have your options open; though, of course, the fantasy of who someone thinks you are is different from the reality. If you engage with someone, you get to take them from one place to the other.

GEMINI — There’s a place in every chart called the 10th house, and it covers both reputation and responsibility. You would think the two go together in the world, but not in these tough times, where many people want all glory and no accountability; power and no rules. Your 10th is where the action is now: your ruling planet Mercury has just arrived, as has the Sun. Venus is there, and so too are Neptune and Chiron. This is a moment of leadership for you, and that means leading by example as well as by your words, thoughts and plans. You may need to overdo the responsibility/accountability angle. This is not just about your reputation; it’s about the longevity of your work, which is based on whether people trust you in the long run. Living “in the moment” is all the rage; however, you will benefit greatly from aligning the past, the future, and your mission and calling right now.

CANCER — The Sun has entered your sympathetic water sign Pisces, which has a way of making you feel better about life. For those of us who live in the northern climes, winter is losing its grip, the Sun is coming back to warm us, and the possibilities are opening up. You have a life, and you have more than that: you have faith in yourself, which has come through many trials and tribulations, large and small. When there are many planets in water signs (which currently include Mercury, Venus, the Sun, Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron), your life flows. Rather than push the river, you need to guide your vessel. It’s true that we live in what seem like horribly uncertain times, though that’s a reminder of how life has been in most times and most places during the human experiment. We are not guaranteed certainty; there is no such thing, and the illusion of it never works in your favor.

LEO — If you want depth, you will need to open up a little and let it in. You might feel like if you open the gate just a crack, the unknown will rush in and flood you. You may feel like there will be too many demands, or that you’ll lose your individuality. None of that is true. The sky is dominated by planets in the water signs right now; and when that is the case, everyone has to learn how to swim. You move differently in water compared to how you do on land, though there’s nothing like it. It used to be that fire was the element hidden away, replaced by electric stoves and microwave ovens; smoking has become vaping, and who exactly has spent time sitting next to a campfire? Today, however, water is the “secret element,” portioned in little plastic bottles, mixed with flavors and colors; and, in our times of rising seas, it is considered the enemy. Turn up the heat. Dive in. Water is your best friend.

VIRGO — Planets are gathered in your opposite sign Pisces, the one that represents your intimate relationships and work partnerships, and which describes your environment. This tells me you may have a lot of suitors showing up. While everyone loves attention to some degree, this might be a bit much to manage. However, actively resisting is not the best idea. It’s a little like when you’re at the beach and a big wave is coming: the best thing to do is dive right into it, and you emerge safely on the other side. If you retreat, push back, or hide away, you’ll only feel the tightness of your own defenses. Take this opportunity to engage people openly. Have the courage to speak, to ask questions, to share your thoughts, and to decide what you want to do with whatever attention comes your way. You remain in control of the decisions you make. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise.

LIBRA — Work may be the last thing you want to do this week, especially at work. If you have some extra vacation days, or personal days, this would be an excellent time to take them, and do something rather un-21st-century: nothing special. However, if you have work to do, or if you must show up and take care of the tasks at hand, find a way to make the experience as pleasant as possible. One thing about Libra and its affinity for beauty is your biological need to work in a fresh environment: with lights and plants and some artwork. You are not the cubicle type. You’re not the chicken factory type. You are very much the work-at-home type, or the one who takes on the unofficial role of beautifying the office. See if you can find other “Venus types” (Taurus and Pisces come to mind), and get some help tidying up, washing windows, investing in plants, and bringing some art objects into your work space. And whatever you may do, do it beautifully.

SCORPIO — Yours is the sign associated with sex, all the way back to the earliest days of the astrology that we use. This is associated with biology, and it can be described using evolutionary science. But you don’t need books, studies and reports to know this basic truth, especially now, with planets collecting in one of the most sensuous and erotic regions of your chart, Pisces. Here’s the thing: your imagination may be all kinds of freaky right now, though your true calling is to translate this into physical form. With Mercury in the picture, this is more about a conversation and less about getting lucky or seeing what happens. Use a wide definition of sex, which includes a spectrum of sensual experiences, from food to music to the atmosphere of the space you’re in. However, the presence of Pisces is calling for private rather than public spaces; making your own food rather than paying someone else to do it for you. Find out what partners and loved ones want, and what’s on their mind — and make the very most out of their creative ideas.

SAGITTARIUS — Mars (the planet of desire) in your sign is conjunct an asteroid called Vesta, which is making a long-term visit to Sagittarius. Vesta is one of the most interesting elements in astrology, in that it describes unusual relationship scenarios. The ordinary interpretation of Vesta is about people who try to distract themselves from intimacy by staying at work. However, on a subtler level, Vesta suspends the usual rules of love and romance to make room for the many other kinds of desire that people feel, including those that are lesser known (or understood). You might say that Mars-Vesta in Sagittarius is offering a direct connection to the most spiritual elements of sex and relating. For you, the suggestion is to hold space for whatever is happening. Stand back a little, and observe rather than judge. Make sure you account for the fact that you and anyone you relate to need a kind of sanctuary, where anything can happen. Let that be a quiet space, free from electronics, interruptions and time limits.

CAPRICORN — You may have a lot to say right now, and no idea where to begin. You could start with describing the weather. Keep a weather journal for a few days, as an experiment. Do this in a little notebook, which will remind you that old-fashioned tools are the ones you like the best. Describe how the air feels, how the sky looks, and how you relate to the temperature. Start by restricting your report to just describing the conditions of your environment as you experience them. Then gradually let the entries get longer, and expand, just a little, into how you feel about the prevailing conditions. Then, notice what being so observant is doing for you: how it’s changing your perception, and what else you notice. You have an important mission, which includes developing your awareness and your power of observation. This can be done in the very simplest of ways, all of which start with being in tune with your senses, and the part of your mind that receives the information.

AQUARIUS — Last week’s solar eclipse in your birth sign is gradually working its effects on you. When an eclipse is building, it’s like an invisible storm is blowing in. The psychic air pressure changes, there’s tension in the atmosphere, and a sense of things running out of control. Now that the eclipse has passed, you may have noticed a drop in the pressure, and a sense that you have more influence over your own affairs. Take a deep breath. You are involved in a clearing process, one that’s taking you deep into some problem areas, compelling you to reorganize, restructure, and expand your awareness to every facet of your life. This also includes your relationships, which may seem out of sorts or in transition — though you can trust that this process is leading you somewhere you can actually place your feet on the ground. Make the changes you feel called upon to make. Clear out space in your mind and in your life. Set your priorities, and act on them.

PISCES — In astrology, the 12th house is the one that is usually said to correspond with yours, the 12th sign. This is the most mysterious house, which is about all things invisible, and not available to the normal senses. How have your dreams been? Have you noticed that you’re doing some kind of deep working out? Have you noticed that the air feels a little cleaner, like in the morning after it’s rained all night? Last week’s eclipse took place in your 12th house, which was like a psychic purge. Periodically, this house needs the pressure equalized with the rest of your life, your mind and your chart, and that’s what happens when there’s an eclipse in this area of your chart. Notice your new clarity, feel it, and pay attention to what you notice. Make sure you do that Pisces thing and keep your point of view moving rather than fixed. One benefit to this event was that it’s helping set you free from thought-forms that had grown too rigid. Look at everything and everyone, including yourself, from as many angles as you can.