Planet Waves Horoscopes: February 12 – 19, 2018

By Eric Francis Coppolino

ARIES — One reward of this time in your life will be new friends, new groups to hang out with, and new social patterns. If you find yourself among people you don’t know, go with it. However, this could be enough to cause panic among the younger generation, which prefers everything to be familiar and somewhat scripted. So if you suddenly find yourself among people you’ve never met, and don’t know much about, what do you do? Start by introducing yourself. Pick someone who looks friendly, walk up to them, and say hello, and tell them your name. You can even ask their name! It’s totally OK. Social circulation is good for the universe, and making new friends is good for you. A gathering may have a specific reason, though this is not necessary. No matter what the stated purpose, the underlying motivation is likely to be social. You don’t need an excuse to have fun.

TAURUS — This week’s solar eclipse in your house of reputation and achievement will wake you up to the role that you’re serving. Most likely this is through some professional activity, though it’s not necessarily associated with your formal role. It could be, though every person serves a purpose in a social environment. For example, if you answer the phone all day, you spread your vibes to everyone you talk to, and by extension, everyone they come in contact with. Locate yourself within the social network you contact through your profession, and notice the ways you can tune up the role that you play. If your work specifically involves messaging of any kind, whether sales, or politics, or media, you are part of establishing a new pattern of speech and thought. You may not see yourself this way — but then, you might want to look, in such a way that you do.

GEMINI — What is the future, really? Is it a thing that already exists, and we wait for it to reveal itself? Is it something we create, and aspire to? Or is it an experience that’s creating us right now, as we proceed in its direction? Every one of these possibilities is conceptual, and unproven. However, some have demonstrated that it’s possible to envision something, to aspire to it, and to have that thing happen. It’s also noticeable that many have a fixed view of the future, or seem to ride along a path that’s set down like train tracks. (Take the local, or take the express, but don’t get off till you find success!) This week’s eclipse of the Sun in Aquarius will shake up your concept of the future, and free some bandwidth and energy that will help you make decisions. More than anything, you need an open mind, and to be aware that you’re not living your parents’ life — therefore, you’re not subject to their beliefs.

CANCER — A deal is a deal, right? Well, it is, if everyone keeps their promises. In the business world, that’s called good faith: everyone trusting that everyone else means what they say, is willing to come through, and is able to deliver. It doesn’t matter whether this is a verbal contract or is in writing; the sincerity of a promise is all that matters. On any pending business or financial matter, check in with yourself, and make sure that your promises are in good faith. Evaluate the track record of those you do business with, and size up their intentions based on what they actually deliver. In this realm, peer pressure usually comes in the form of blaming an organization for delays, lack of flexibility, or the failure to deliver. If you notice a shock to the system, or some unexpected change, take advantage of it. Utilize anything out of pattern, or where there is some disruption to the usual social order.

LEO — This week’s eclipse of the Sun takes place in your relationship zone, Aquarius. If you keep an open heart and mind, this aspect — a conjunction of the Moon, the Sun, Venus, Mercury and asteroid Juno — will teach you something about the potential of your relationships. The old Flock of Seagulls song “Modern Love is Automatic” describes the reality for many, who struggle with a seeming lack of choice, with incompatibility, and with lack of freedom. This may emerge from not seeing one’s options, or not choosing consciously. You’re being encouraged to open your eyes and notice who is available, and on what terms, and to engage in a real conversation. Beware of seeing yourself in others; make sure that the commonality you notice is not a projection. Pause before doing something you’re supposed to do, or that’s expected of you. You are free. Proceed in manual mode.

VIRGO — The changes at work are coming on fast and furious. Yet you would be wise to slow down, and notice that what’s really happening is that new patterns are being established as the old ones break down. Rather than dealing reactively with the confusion, create something that works better, particularly on the human level. With so much activity in Aquarius (including Mercury, your home planet), one might make the mistake of thinking this is all about technology. But Aquarius is more about human design than it is about anything else: those group relationships that often prove so challenging. The more you honor the voices of individuals, the less the group dynamic will dominate. And though we’re all drowning in technology, the world was, is, and will always be about people. So listen to what they say, and feel what they feel, and help create a world where everyone is welcome.

LIBRA — A diversity of aspects, and worldly events, are conspiring to liberate you from the past, and open up the future. The main element of freedom from the past that you’ll benefit from is freedom from your insecurities. You’ve turned a corner here in recent months, as if you suddenly have a more stable foundation. Now you get to test that out. You may be familiar with the dilemma: do you do what you want because you’re making enough money, or do you do what you want, and figure out how to have that support you? These days, it seems like the second one is more valid for you. Time is precious, and you’ve crossed enough thresholds to prove that you can make progress toward your goals. At a certain point you have to claim that progress and seize an opportunity when you have it.

SCORPIO — You’ve reached a point where it’s time to ask yourself how much involvement with your family is appropriate. Even asking this question can send shudders down the spine, which means it’s worth considering boldly. You may rationalize your involvement on the basis that they all need you, and if so, that’s the first thing to question. It makes a convenient excuse, in part because it may be true. However, do you need them just a little more? You may be trying to cover what you perceive as a psychological weakness that prevents you from being more independent in your choices. The way to heal this is not to cover the weakness but rather to reveal it for what it is, and get an understanding of how it may be serving you in some way. For example, do you use it as an excuse in any way? You want real confidence, not a substitute.

SAGITTARIUS — Mars in your sign, or anyone’s sign, would usually describe being in a self-serving and competitive mood. Yet due to the presence of other planets, you’re more in a self-sacrificing state of mind. This could inspire you to serve others, or at least to put their needs first. The world could use more of this, and it’s likely to be a dominant force in your character for a while. Just two cautionary thoughts, though: One is to pay attention to whom you’re serving, and to what end. The other is to make sure that you’re not avoiding intimacy, using work or service as an excuse. It’s one thing if you’re actually involved and invested and need to get a job done. It’s another if you’re avoiding something. You’ll have a better sense of this by next weekend, and can evaluate your situation then. It’s likely that you are, in fact, working for the good cause, not as a sacrifice but as a gift.

CAPRICORN — The theme of financial reorganization is all over your charts, and it’s going to happen one way or another. Get a grip now, while the gripping is good. Take charge, which begins with a breakdown of the numbers. Know exactly where you stand. As you do that, notice how you’re keeping track of both the figures and your documentation. This really is a paperwork question, though it’s ultimately about the framework of your financial life. There is a psychological element to this, and a maturity element. Freud said that challenges around money involved father issues. Jung said they involved mother issues. We can speculate and say that when we’ve resolved the lingering baggage of our parents, the matters of finance are both easier, and more personally meaningful. If at this moment you don’t have ease, go for meaning. Your income potential is significant; you have every reason to involve yourself in an improved approach to the subject.

AQUARIUS — The bigger your plans, the more they may evoke your insecurities. This is typical even of high achievers, though you may want to gain some insight into the issue. Consider two possibilities: one is that you’re confusing your potential success with your self-worth. This is easy to do, in a world where little attention is paid to human factors (such as feelings), and much is paid to externals, such as the appearance of success. A related matter is whether you feel you’re of value to a spouse or other intimate partner. The all-too-sad truth is that many people do indeed value their partners based on success, which translates to how much money they make. If you can account for both of these factors (which involve confusing self-worth with success with financial success), what does it mean to “accomplish something”? What does it mean to make a contribution? Is that even important to you? This week’s eclipse in your birth sign is a fine occasion to sort some of this out.

PISCES — This week’s solar eclipse will let off some psychic pressure, which you may not have known you were even experiencing. You have plenty of responsibility at the moment, and a good few aspects of your usual life seem to have gone missing. So it’s not surprising that you would be feeling some tension. However, once you experience what looks like an equalization of your inner atmosphere, you’ll be able to breathe easier and have more room to maneuver. When the Sun arrives in your sign in about a week, you’ll feel even better. Start stretching out now — your body, your traveling range, and your mental outlook. Remember how much music helps lighten your spirits. You’re feeling restless, and your solar chart describes a classic case of cabin fever, which usually gets you this time of year. It’s true that the dark, damp winter is not especially appealing to someone who would rather be on a Caribbean beach, though this would be a good time to go out exploring and see what warm places you can find, wherever you can find them.

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