Planet Waves Horoscopes: December 9 -16, 2019

Planet Waves Horoscopes

By Amy Elliott


Keep in mind how ridiculously easy it is to wade into a conflict and choose a side implacably, however complex the matter in question actually is. Any subject under discussion can be reduced to soundbites, though generally doing so involves sacrificing much of its nuance and humanity. Resist such temptations firmly, and take extra care with your communications, as Thursday’s Gemini Full Moon approaches. This is good practice for anyone, though for you in particular at this time it relates to your ongoing personal growth. Pay attention to the calling of your higher mind, and resolve to honor the truth no matter what it is.


Recently you’ve been asking some searching questions about your trajectory, which is somewhat due to the ongoing party in your 9th house. Relatively few people end up devoting their whole life to one specific purpose, so there’s no need to feel anxious if you haven’t yet heard a calling in a clear direction. For the time being, it may be most useful to do the work in front of you, and let this lead onward organically, while keeping your ears open for messages and signs. This is not guaranteed to bring fame and fortune, though it certainly answers a desire to be of service in the present, and is as valid a route to self-actualization as any other.


Monday, your ruler Mercury enters your opposite sign Sagittarius; then on Thursday there will be a Full Moon in your sign. Both of these events describe the more profound connections between you and loved ones. That is, how you see yourself as reflected in them, and how their movements and words around you, and yours around them, reveal the shape of your mind. None of this detracts from your sense of self, nor should it; what you perceive merely adds another dimension to what you already know. Recognize your own uniqueness, and that of each person in your life, and notice all the ways you enrich one another’s world.


There is no fast-track route to self-fulfillment. There is no hack, no single action that can be applied in order to bring you in alignment with the divine spark within you. Yet there are many paths from which you can choose. If any one factor unites them, I would suggest it is agape — that sacred, universal love that embraces all alike, and from which derives the Golden Rule. If you’re uncertain where to invest your energies, invoke this love and let it inflame your soul; open your mind to the cosmos, and pay attention for any messages or synchronicities that emerge. This will surely produce some results.


Yours is a fixed sign, which means you sometimes need to watch for stubbornness or a tendency to get stuck in certain patterns. The approach to this week’s Full Moon features themes of this nature. In particular, notice if you’re experiencing reluctance to ask for the help you need, especially if you know your friends would come through. True, doing this means having to admit you’re only human after all. Yet the only person passing judgment on this undeniable fact is you. Take your courage in both hands and speak up. The sooner you get past this point, the sooner you can move ahead at full speed, with the knowledge you are supported.


Remember that the past and its lessons are what brought you here to the present moment, just as what you do now will help forge the future. Even when recalling less pleasant times, how you dealt with circumstances then can inform your understanding of who you are today, just as the strength you’ve gained from past challenges supports you ongoing. Your memories are a piece of the puzzle of you, an essential component of the whole truth as well as a resource to draw on when necessary. From this can come a more complete acceptance of the person you were, as opposed to judging yourself with convenient hindsight.


Though there is still a decided emphasis on the area of your chart reflecting family, home and the past, the Full Moon this week will reconnect you with a desire to look forward and set certain aims. Your encounters with former challenges and emotions have resulted in a new strength, a sort of imperviousness to potential obstacles, and a most healthy determination to celebrate the good things in your life. Why not? Pleasure is no sin; it does not intrinsically harm others or oneself. Spending at least some time enjoying yourself will refresh you, and probably also embolden you to strive for your aspirations more decidedly.


Your charts this week describe the multiple healing effects of intimacy and of allowing yourself to be vulnerable with someone you trust. Physical affection can work many positive changes to your body and mind, and you would certainly benefit from gathering the courage to reach out should you need it. One crucial key with any sort of intimate relationship is to walk the narrow path balancing love and independence. This especially means taking care not to lose yourself in another person’s world, nor to absorb them into your own; yet it also requires a willingness to be open and share the light and warmth of your soul.


The forthcoming Gemini Full Moon describes you learning something significant about a loved one, and most likely about yourself also. Because close relationships tend naturally to involve at least some projection, we might erroneously assume we know how a partner will respond to a certain scenario. Recognizing this, when it happens, can be of significant help toward understanding who you are, because the projected reaction comes from somewhere within. Should you notice anything like this occurring during the week, use it as a sort of flashlight to help you see more clearly into the depths of your mind.


If this week’s astrology has one particular message for you, it’s that you need some fun. Make sure you set aside a reasonable amount of time, preferably daily, for relaxing and enjoyable activities. Get out of doors in the fresh air, and meet up with friends when you can. There’s a lot of pressure on Capricorn right now, as you are no doubt palpably aware. Yet also present in your sign are both the traditional benefics, Venus and Jupiter; they’re helping you open a curtain in Saturn’s dark hall, so that heat and daylight can flood the room. Let their visit sprinkle a little extra charm into your everyday existence.


One of the most beautiful things about creative self-expression is its capacity to bring about emotional healing, in a way that’s both organic and constructive. The approaching Full Moon in your 5th house of art and pleasure affords an opportunity for you to experience that blessing. This process requires you to be vulnerable, which usually feels somewhat risky, especially if your chosen work skirts the edge of what’s considered acceptable, or challenges norms. A lot of good art does this in some way. Yet the payoff is like nothing else; you can craft an entirely new relationship to yourself, to your self-image and to your memories.


Thursday’s Full Moon in your 4th house suggests that the facts you already know are more relevant than you might think. When it comes to answering a particularly puzzling question, your lived experience and previously established wisdom can supply what you need. Said another way, it’s your perspective that’s important here. Make sure you give it sufficient weight, and watch out for the appearance in your conversation of soundbites and talking points peddled by others. The truth is almost always more complex than a sweeping or simplistic idea can allow for. And it’s the truth you’re after, no matter how deep you need to dig.

Planet Waves Horoscopes