Planet Waves Horoscopes: December 5 – 12, 2016

By Eric Francis 


aries2015.jpgARIES — Belief is useful to the degree that it’s flexible. It’s even more useful if it’s acknowledged for what it is: a notion of what might be true. More often, belief is like a shield against truth, or the inconvenience of having to find out. This week, make no compromises in this regard; play no games with yourself or with others. You’re likely to encounter information that challenges what you believe, and this is an opportunity to make some adjustments. Be willing to discard what you discover not to be true. Be willing to embrace the new reality that you face. If it seems that precious ideas are being taken from you, or like your bubble is being burst, stand back from the process and open your mind to learning. You are growing much faster than your present beliefs can contain, and you therefore need to expand your mind to embrace who you are becoming.


taurus2015.jpgTAURUS — You’re not being asked to make any unreasonable compromises. The more you resist, though, the less reasonable they will seem. At the same time, your astrology is all about your taking leadership. Your chart is unusual in that your idea of taking charge has a collective or group approach. You will still need to set a clear example, which is one of cooperation and of listening. Let other people provide you with their ideas and their input, and then craft an original response based on what you’ve learned — and on your own best judgment. In a real sense, whenever you’re in charge, you answer to ‘the people’, though the people don’t always understand the necessities you or your organization face. So keep the conversation going; keep the floor open to comments; and remember that nothing you decide will be popular with every last person. Take the word of naysayers with a sprinkle of salt.


gemini2015.jpgGEMINI — In the realm of sexuality, too much emphasis is placed on power and pain. Too little is placed on communication, pleasure and healing. You have the ability to shift the conversation toward loving, creative ideas. You can set the agenda; though if I may give you a clue, here’s how it will feel when you do: like you’re venturing into taboo territory — and that’s because you are. It’s perfectly acceptable to cast relationships and sexuality in terms of victimization. Where people tend to panic is when things get sensitive, and where the only valid path involves honesty. You get to lead the way. In any discussion requiring two or more people to open up, be the one to speak your heart and soul. Take the risk of vulnerability. Admit your desire. Admit what you need. Offer your assistance in any form that you can give it. One such place would be your willingness to let go of jealousy as a form of gospel truth.


cancer2015.jpgCANCER — Lately you’re in the role of getting people together. This is the proverbial herding of cats; of building consensus; of getting people to agree that there is such a thing as the common good. Hey, someone has to do it. Remember, the idea that we all might share some common needs is not agreeable to everyone. Sometimes one person will try to block a plan that benefits many others, for no good reason. Here is where you’ll need to be a master politician. The chances are, anyone who objects to a plan wants more input. Therefore, listen and incorporate their ideas, but only as relevant. Focus on the positive; keep your emphasis on listening; make sure you know what is truly necessary, and gently guide the outcome in that direction. Remember that you can always use power where persuasion won’t work, though it would be better to avoid that. Coffee and sandwiches work better.


leo2015.jpgLEO — If you want to have fun, then you must be willing to push your boundaries and take some personal risks. Don’t worry about your dignity. Go out with your hair a mess and notice how warmly people respond to you. You don’t always have to be seen as someone who has everything together all the time. Your astrology is suggesting that you hang a little loose, and give yourself permission to do what might not please the abundant parental figures that populate the world. Speaking of: who is playing that role in your life? Who, in your mind, might be concerned if you have ‘too much’ fun, or get friskier than usual? Check your relationship agreements carefully. Remember that if you have to ask permission, you’re not relating to other people as adults, nor are they to you. The deeper theme of your project of having more fun than usual is about establishing level ground with the people who surround you.


virgo2015.jpgVIRGO — You have an opportunity to have one of those delicious conversations wherein you bare all and discover who you are in the process. In the midst of such an experience, the inner game is: don’t hold back. Go toward what you might be reluctant to say; rather than running from what might be embarrassing, try going toward it. The deeper truths and the greater pleasures are concealed right behind that veil. There is unusual satisfaction in standing in your truth. I don’t mean the truth of being right, but rather that of being who you are; of owning what you feel. Those close to you will either respond in kind, or they will be frightened. On the long journey to personhood, you will be dealing with those two options fairly regularly. You are, in truth, doing people a service by opening up and being real, as this is a powerful example to set. But don’t do it for them — do it for yourself.


libra2015.jpgLIBRA — You may find it challenging to say what you want to say. A few things may be happening, one of which is that you’re having some difficulty putting your message into words. You might feel it’s too large or encompassing to communicate accurately or meaningfully. Consider that you won’t ever get it ‘perfect’, and that you don’t need to. You mainly need to capture the spirit of what you feel and relay it as best you can. Then guide the conversation onward, even if it takes several days or a week to get there. You’re working your way through some layers, down toward something that resembles a core truth. Rather than being some concept or abstract idea, this is about you discovering who you are in the process of trying to describe who you are. Follow your feelings toward that core inner truth rather than your words. It’s true that words count, but not as much as what you’re feeling.


scorpio2015.jpgSCORPIO — It will help if you take a diplomatic approach to family or household issues. You’ll save yourself grief, time and effort if you sidestep any contention or controversy, and avoid provoking it as best you can. The fuss leads nowhere, and you have it in you to take a clear-headed approach to the question. The thing to remember is that you’re not a child. This is something that it would help all people to remember all the time, as most negative reactions come from the perspective of being powerless (like a child). Remember that people value your presence in their lives for a reason. Keep that reason in mind, and quietly, subtly, use it as leverage. If you’re going to explain to anyone why something is in their best interests, only do that once. Anyone who doesn’t get it the first time needs to be approached differently.


sagittarius2015.jpgSAGITTARIUS — Be conscious of where you direct your energy. Your words and your ideas have more impact than you may imagine. Resist the temptation to argue on your own behalf, especially if you know you’re right. In that case, let the power of truth do the work for you. You might say, “I don’t think you’re correct,” or, “Let’s take a deeper look at the facts,” though that’s not quite arguing. Stay in control at all times. Your vibes are more persuasive and have more impact than your words or your ideas at this particular point, and that’s very persuasive indeed. Given that, you might take up the causes of those who don’t have your voice or your power. This can include in your intimate relationships, where you recognize subtle (or not-so-subtle) injustices and speak up on behalf of the underdog. Take the occasion to notice any way you might be being unfair to others and correct that first.


capricorn2015.jpgCAPRICORN — You would be wise to address the notion that you must be pure, or perceived as pure. You know you’re not; everyone else knows you’re not; and there’s no such thing as purity except maybe in an air-locked laboratory or in the mind of the pope. But purity is different from integrity. And someone as intense as you are, with opinions as strong as yours are, needs integrity. But what is that? I think of it as having the various parts of yourself in agreement with one another. It’s about noticing when you contradict yourself. There’s the bit about having the same expectations for others that you have for yourself. And it’s about letting your deeper truth out into the room rather than having to stuff it down into the dark. There seems to be something you absolutely must reveal about yourself, and it will prove that you might not be ‘pure’, but you possess genuine integrity.


aquarius2015.jpgAQUARIUS — It’s probably not worth fighting with others, though it’s a temptation. Instead, proceed with your agenda. You are your own master, as long as you maintain the standard of basic responsibility to others. That’s different from doing what they want, or even thinking you have to stop and think about it for too long. It’s also different from trampling over anyone. You must carefully find the middle way, and then proceed with confidence. Part of that confidence is trusting yourself. That seems to be a sticking point lately. Confidence is based on understanding your motives. This one theme is perhaps the most challenging aspect of your current astrology, and the issue isn’t going anywhere soon. However, you will respond to a process of seeking an understanding of why you do what you do, and making peace with that reality. Self-deception is toxic in any form. Once you get clear on what’s driving you, you will be more compelling to everyone around you.


pisces2015PISCES — You must make your definition of success. Once you do, you’ll know what you must do to get there. Make sure you have a definition that encompasses not just financial success (which is actually the easiest kind to attain), but things like peace of mind, and your ability to bring your true being into your work. Until you get there, I suggest you define success as covering the basic necessities of life, of art and of business. Do you have space to live and work? Do you have food to eat, and to feed your kids and critters? Do you have water for washing, drinking and tea? Do you have an internet connection? Can you get through the day? If you answered yes to these questions, you’ve made the top 10% of the human condition. Now, play your advantages. Use your ideas, your wits, your commitment and, most of all, your time.

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