Planet Waves Horoscopes: December 4 – 11, 2017

By Eric Francis Coppolino


ARIES — It may be difficult to articulate what’s bothering you. Yet it’s more difficult dealing with the consequences of not speaking up, which are both short-term and long-term. So do what you can to put your thoughts in some form that others can understand, which will also mean putting them into a form that you understand. Note that once you do that, you’re responsible for what you know (and that, incidentally, is one of the main reasons people keep quiet). Though there are many possible ways to define the theme of what you’ve got on your mind — such as emotional, relational or sexual — the core issue would seem to be spiritual. What exactly does that mean? I would propose that involves your relationship to existence: that is, how you feel about your life, why you think you’re here on Earth, and the most basic and elemental values you possess. For example, are people or things more important? What is more powerful and why: love, or jealousy?


TAURUS — You will need to keep your agreements flexible, and evaluate them frequently. This is different from the usual way of the world: rigid expectations, which are rarely thought about, and not grounded in reality. There’s little you can take for granted right now, and if you don’t make the mistake of doing so, you will be in much safer and more solid territory. The easiest way to run into trouble will be turning your back on your commitments, or shutting down communication (for whatever reason). If you stay open and available, you will discover that people are only too happy to help you and offer whatever support they can. It would be wise of you to return the favor, and keep the emotional energy moving; make sure everyone around you has what they need. Check in regularly, debunk all your assumptions, and keep the important issues right where you can see them.


GEMINI — What is your relationship to your sense of injury or to what you think of as your wounding? Is it something that you live with, something that you strive to heal, or something that drags you down? If you’re suddenly experiencing any turbulence in your life, or if old issues have surfaced, these are the questions to ask yourself. Injuries have many possible uses. They can motivate people to become healers, whether or not they attend to their problems. They can serve as a means to keep others at a distance. They can be used as weapons. They can serve as agents of change. I suggest you take the latter approach. It’s easy to use pain in ways that delay or derail progress. It is more difficult to connect yourself to your healing process and stick with it; not only until you get some results, but rather until it becomes a fixture of your identity and life purpose.


CANCER — Focus on work, and keeping things going smoothly. Nip problems in the bud, before they grow larger. Then make sure you’re keeping on schedule, and maintaining your core priorities. As part of this, it will be essential to take care of your health and wellbeing. That may mean, over the next week to three weeks, less emphasis on play and romantic activities, and more on making sure that the basics are covered. For example: an evening in and an early night, so you get a good start on things in the morning, may be much more important than going out. Eat real food, and drink actual water. Keep your work and food-preparation spaces tidy. Make sure you have clean laundry. Make sure the people closest to you understand what you’re up to, and sidestep or avoid those who don’t feel a need to cooperate. If you mind the small stuff, you’ll keep a handle on the bigger things, and the minor points won’t escalate or go out of control.


LEO — It’s essential that you calculate the physical risks you take during the next few days to a week, and that you err on the side of caution. It’s especially important that you play it safe wherever alcohol is concerned, and that you actually know and trust anyone you have sex with. Your chart is bubbling over with the potential for mistaken judgments. However, you can compensate for this by raising your awareness level and not letting anything impair your intelligence or power of observation. Do not let yourself be persuaded by people. Delay decisions if you feel pressured, particularly financial ones. Mercury retrograde just began today (Dec. 3), and it’s developing in an especially sensitive angle of your chart: a crossroads where your business and professional lives intersect. It’s not possible to say how much is on the line, though this is one of those rare instances when an abundance of caution in all matters, even seemingly minor ones, is appropriate.


VIRGO — If you’re addressing family matters, don’t be fooled into thinking that it’s just about what people are saying and doing now. The origin you’re seeking is likely to be somewhere in your great-grandparents’ generation. This is not designed as an excuse to blame current circumstances on the past, but rather as a means of orienting yourself on a discernable cause, and identifying a functional solution. Recognize that people have been dealing with the same problems for eons, and that families in particular hand down emotional, genetic and karmic baggage. Then, the less conscious among us act out that material in various dramas, which seem to have neither end nor beginning. You might count who that serves: whose interests are protected, whose mental habits, whose alcohol abuse or inability to have some self-control. The important thing right now is that you concentrate your wits and on your commitment to growth, and not let yourself get dragged into what is not your issue.


LIBRA — Mars in your sign is urging you to take a diplomatic approach to whatever you do. This is your usual style, though your chart is particularly assertive these days, and you’re not in the mood to brook anyone’s nonsense. However, you would be well advised to find a way to do that without ever going blow for blow. Things could easily get out of hand, and even a minor disagreement could enlarge into something disproportional. Therefore, back away rather than engage, and be particularly cautious of anyone under the influence of alcohol. Note that you have two main channels of thought you can subscribe to: one is chaotic and contentious, and the other is calm and easygoing. The difference will be like that between a thunderstorm and sunshine. Take note that many people are looking for a fight at the moment, not knowing where to direct their angst and hostility. You are often a people pleaser, though this is not the time to give them what they’re looking for.


SCORPIO — You need to do very little to have your life go well. The main thing you must do is stay out of your own way. Another way to say that is to feel good about yourself and who you are, despite the prevailing turmoil of the world. Thankfully, you don’t need to feed at the trough like so many people you observe. You’re also blessed in that you don’t need people in quite the way that others do; you have the ability to hang out alone and keep your own company, which you most likely prefer to the company of those who are inappropriate or unfriendly. Use or develop that skill now, if you need to. As a general rule, notice how you feel about yourself when you’re with someone else. If you start to dislike or distrust yourself, you’re in the wrong company. There’s one other point, which is to be careful with money, your possessions, your wallet, your keys and your phone. Keep your belongings close to you. Read any credit card slip (or anything else) that you sign.


SAGITTARIUS — Mercury is now retrograde in your sign, and this will be an unusually revealing, perhaps complex, week. For you, Mercury is the planet that represents both relationships and partners. Questions of attachment and commitment are likely to come to the surface. Discussions might verge on going out of control, and you would be well served to wait three or four days before engaging people on intense issues, or letting them engage you. You have a right to keep some distance, and you happen to have that skill as one born under your particular sign. Take the distance you need, gather information, and figure out where people are coming from. You may decide that certain individuals have a good point, and that others are being truly ridiculous. Within the sphere of your own life, you’re the judge of that. You must be, because nobody can do it for you. One other thought: you might consider avoiding alcohol for a few days, and the people who use it.


CAPRICORN — Over the next few weeks, you get an opportunity to sort out a diversity of personal matters prior to Saturn entering your sign. You may feel a need to make important decisions as a result of that, though I’ve developed what I call the “Saturn rule” in the course of my long astrological practice: Let Saturn make the first move, then respond. For you, this means delaying any action until Saturn has entered your sign on Dec. 19; then add a couple more days for solstice and Mercury stationing direct; and then a few more days for Mercury to come out of storm phase, right around New Year’s Eve. This is a roundabout way of saying take your time, gather information, make decisions and give yourself a chance to revise them before putting them into action. A lot is about to change in your life, which in many ways means improve. But not if you rush matters, or make irreversible moves with incomplete information.


AQUARIUS — You may have noticed the ease with which you can find yourself in the middle of utterly meaningless controversies. There’s a little storm brewing around your ruling planet Saturn, and it’s taking place in one of the most visible parts of your chart. Rather than go into hiding, I suggest you practice your mastery and learn how to handle yourself in public situations like a pro. Be mindful of all the misinformed weirdos scampering about, pretending to be experts in everything until they blow up the neighborhood. Keep calm, and make sure everything you say is put into language so clear that there’s absolutely no mistaking your meaning or your intent. Stay focused on your purpose. You have made many gains the past few years of your life, and now the age is about to turn. Other priorities will soon take over, though it’s important to preserve every last bit of what you’ve gained. Do so gently, intently, and mindfully.


PISCES  — Stay on top of professional plans this week. Pay attention to communications: emails, phone messages, your social media accounts and the ones you forgot about. While there’s seemingly some turbulence in the air, if you’re a skilled pilot and remain alert, you’ll be able to work with the movements and the changes. Therefore, it will help if you focus on what matters: what is timely, what’s the most important, and what directly relates to your reputation. A minimalist approach through the end of the year would be fully appropriate. Complete your outstanding commitments. Check in with people and make sure you’ve fulfilled your obligations and responsibilities. Tie up the loose ends that may remain from the many projects of the past year, and ensure the quality is up to your standards before you affix your signature and professional seal. Note that your higher-ups have problems of their own. Don’t add to them. Be impeccable.